Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The individual journey became a lost horizon shrouded in heavy fog after the fall of Greece. Highly sensitive stone occilators were thrown into ruin, as their secrets were lost to the common understanding of the species. Once the destruction was complete, the true depth of what took place in ancient Greece bled into the dust beneath the fallen collums of stone. Greece was the last civilisation to share the secrets of Egypt with the world. As the Roman Empire grew out of the desire to control the earth through secret manipulation of an ancient 'spiritual technology', the Time^Travellers withdrew. Obsession for power is as dangerous as abuse of power.

Independent Time^Travellers were able to evolve through an inner devotion to integrity. It is impossible for cultural restrictions to overwhealm a divine spirit intent on applying universal truths of freedom. The war intent on destroying a unique genetic prescience within the Celtic tribes failed to understand the soul journey, which transforms genetic DNA at birth. The war machine DNA was losing its coherence as the divine DNA applied its skills to unique understanding.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time^Travel Magnetic Egg

Time^Travel Coherence is created through the inner resiliance of the spirit shield, where resiliance equals integrity of the higher mind.

Ancient Arrow WingMakers paintings could represent the colour, depth and texture of the Time^Travel spirit shield when viewed through the inner third eye. Celtic knot designs float across the surface of the T^Traveller magnetic energy egg. The magnetic field surrounds the physical body, created through intent, where intent equals sacred geometric design.

The Celtic shield design is a T^Traveller encoded signature designed to navigate the elusive time flow that connects us across the bridge of reality. We are time travellers, always have been and always will be. The cave dweller activities dull down the mind, deactivate the soul awareness and divide man against man. What and who are we other than reflections of greater cosmos, in smaller form? Why would we forget this? Through lack of inner discipline, where discipline equals awareness.