Friday, November 28, 2008

I Observe Everything

The three light-ships hovered above the hills opposite, maintaining the same height and distance, swaying imperceptibly - like fish floating in a sea of magnetism. The commander of the surveillance group was tall, his eyes were bright blue and his blonde hair swept down to shoulder level. He stood at the center of the larger light-ship extending a powerful psychic current through all three ships.

Far below, on earth, green leaves were turning yellow. Under the pine trees small mushrooms were pushing through the soft earth. Across the evening sky, crow families flew out from the fields to return to the South. Blackbirds shifted pine needles around the mushroom floor looking for insects and slugs. The air grew cooler as the sun set below the horizon.

"I observe everything..." he appeared to say, from his vantage point at the center-point of the light-ships. On closer observation it was not the thoughts of the Nordic commander, but the thought of Cosmos. Observation is creation. Creation is observation.

The commander stood at the center of the light-ships, at the center of his existence, at the center of his universe... mirroring the presence of a force from whose body all of life is created. "I observe everything," he said "I am everything."

There was a compassion for all things. Especially, for those who turned their back on immortality of spirit. Free will and free consequence in a universe upgrading itself. "I see, feel and hear everything." he said.

I wondered where was the Goddess so loved by the Native Celts, the children of the Nordic wanderers. Nature, the earth, oceans, trees, rivers and mountains are the Goddess. I am in him and he is in me, creating the creator. Beyond creation, there is no create and created, no division, no loss and nothing to gain.

The living operating system called Earth, the Galaxies and the Universe are a dual system created from the combining of magnetic force: yin and yang, male and female, north and south, east and west, dark and light... At the lower end the intelligent operating system is a playground, a circus, an entertainment. At the higher level the minds creating the system are observing their own creation.

"I observe everything." He said. "I am part of everything and everything is a part of me."

Pull yourself together and ...? The universe will end.

The crow families landed in the tall fir trees at the edge of the forest. The blackbirds stopped rustling among the pine needles as a black cat prowled around the garden wall. All creatures, microbes, fungi, bacteria and living cells have a built in sense of survival. It is part of life. Built into every cell. End the lowest life form and you end the highest. Even planets are built from the smallest particles. It is all magnetism.

Beyond survival there is simply the "current". Positive and negative no longer exist. The force of Aether is the Alchemists secret. The unifying force. Sauron sought it for his own power (one ring to rule them all) in Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, and the Elves respected it. Desire its power and the Aether is showing you your own nature. Understand its power and your own nature is showing you who you are.

"I observe everything." He said.
Inside those words the walls of the house seemed to come alive. The path ahead was filled with its own light. The door, the windows and the view outside were transformed.

Every atom in the universe seemed to be filled with a sense of survival. It was natural that differing though forms would compete and seek to protect their own identity, ego, perception. It was overkill that differing thought forms would seek to actively destroy each other, as this breaks apart the first principle of "survival". Nothing can be wiped out, it can only be transformed. Therefore the lower forms, fearing transformation, sought to maintain their position through elimination. This is how we eliminate our own place in the greater order of things.

"God does not destroy you. You destroy yourself." Would be the imagined line from a Dune series sequel, if Frank Herbert were still alive. Or perhaps his words come from another universe where he has begun to write his off-world sequel to the Dune sagas... on Earth.

- Zen Su

You Are The World

Student: Sir, you said you must change the world. How can you change it, sir?

Krishnamurti: What is the world? The world is where you live - your family, your friends, your neighbours. And your family, your friends, your neighbours can be extended and that is the world. Now, you are the centre of that world. That is the world you live in. Now how will you change the world? By changing yourself.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Preserving Powers of Transformation

Independent Time^Travellers strive to attain their inner consciousness awareness within each incarnation. Birth, for Time^Travellers, is a doorway into worlds through which the soul manifests as the spirit traveller experiencing cosmos.

Being awake within each incarnation is essential to creating a greater awareness for the spirit making its journey lifetime after lifetime. Humanity is consciousness travelling through the material universe. The universe being an egg which will give birth to a new form of life. This new form of life is not confined to the material universe, and so mankind shifts to a new dimension.

Time^Travellers are aware of the souls multi-layered journey across space-time. The future and the past communicate and effect each other in the now. During each individual space-time journey the spirit naturally connects with past and future elements necessary for learning and understanding. All energetic elements create a web the native people called the web of life. The individual weaves their own spirit personality across the illusion of time and space.

Independent Time^Travellers create freedom to know who they are by looking into the eyes of their own existence across the bridge of time. The native peoples called this the "Rainbow-Bridge". The teacher is oneself, the guidance is the frequency of the heart, the pulse of intelligence - the light of awareness.

"One of the truths that will shake humanity in some not-too-distant future will be the realization that our future collective interacts with our present form much more than we realize." James - WingMakers Interview 3

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Rainbow Sea

Sorrow is a sobering wave.

crashing over the rocks of events,
crashing over physical events,
crashing over the emotions,
bubbling between the rocks on the shore.

Sorrow appears suddenly,
uncoordinated, unexpected, uncontrollably effective...
Powerful waves submerging the rational mind,
tears brighten the trees and mountains.

The wave hits the shore,
salt tears well up.
The wave soaks deep into the sand,
the mind soaks into the wave.

Waves of light hit the soul,
the soul hits waves of light.
The wreckage of human lives litter the shoreline,
as emotions wash over the rocks of rational existence.

The spirit looks into the mirror,
seeing the rainbow spirit reflected in the ocean wave.
A blue pebble sails in a sea of darkness,
with waves of undetermined light crashing on the shores.

Sorrow is a sobering wave,
when the wave strikes the soul.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Soul Journey in Celtic Mythology

by J. Liter

This is a brief, precursory, and by no means complete or comprehensive examination of the soul journey as shown in Celtic mythology. This subject could easily fill several volumes, and perhaps, one day, I will further develop this into a book...

Celtic Mythology
The human soul is dynamic. It is ever expanding, growing. It longs to connect with other souls. It is the nature of the soul to evolve; to move closer to its goal of belonging; to journey. The soul has many memories that we are no longer aware of. Most people have forgotten to listen to the guidance of the soul as it journeys through space and time, and look instead to temporal and material things, or substances, to ease the longing they are only subconsciously aware of. We have lost our connection to the memory of our souls.

The human soul is constantly in a state of oneness with the divine. This too, we have forgotten. Many avoid the memory. Many avoid the closeness of the divine out of fear; out of ignorance; out of weakness.

The human soul is merciful. When a spark of the divine fills us when watching a sunset, witnessing the birth of a child, or feeling the warm embrace of a loved one, our souls forget that we have forgotten. We know forgiveness. Our souls embrace us and we are one with it, and with the Divine in a beautiful and sacred triad.

The human soul knows no animosity. It does not judge or condemn. It wants to pass its memories onto us. It longs to be with other souls, to help them be remembered, even as it longs to be remembered.

The Human Soul is ancient. The spiritual questions that we concern ourselves with today have been part of humanity throughout the ages. They are nothing new. The need to understand the Soul Journey - the longing, the need for belonging, the search for beauty, the need for a connection to the divine – these things have been with us forever.

Through the millennia, by visions, intuition, shamanic journeying, or insights gained through experiences, certain people have been able to find answers to these and other questions. Further, they have been able to articulate these questions and at least their version of the answers into the tales that have been passed on through the ages, through the sages, shamans, and wise men. What we today call mythology exists in every corner of the globe. Every tribe, culture, or civilization has their own mythology. Mythology was, and is, a map for the journey of the soul that is as valid today as it was when it was created.

In the Celtic world, these stories came through the centuries, from many sources, to the bards, and eventually to the medieval monks that ultimately committed the stories to writing. These stories, poems, and tales are the immense body of work known as Celtic Mythology. The soul journey as described in Celtic mythology is the same in all mythologies. It is universal. It is different from other world mythologies only in the fact that it has a distinct Celtic essence. The values, way of living, and the powerful poetics of the Celts imbue their mythology from beginning to end. No other mythology in the world calls to me as Celtic mythology, especially the Irish tradition, does. It is as the roots to the tree. The Druids

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fluid Consciousness

General paradigms of thought overwhelming any culture, at any time, on any planet, in any space; tend to attract the masses like sand to a riverbed. The water of consciousness, the waters of life, flow over the embedded sand - perhaps churning up the riverbed in a storm. Consciousness is fluid, and set paradigms seek to establish concrete long term durability set against the fluid nature of reality. Was the human soul designed to inhabit and modify its nature to conform to fixed reality paradigms? Or, is the reality paradigm designed to serve the intelligence of the human soul?

Coherent Time^Travellers are aware of their inherent ability to form functioning fields that interact with fluid intelligence in ways that bridge the riverbed, waters of consciousness mystery. The soul (as a time traveller) is faced with the bizarre dilemma of vast intelligence confined to the physical/material experience, and is challenged to understand and make sense of it.

The density of paradigm conformity within a planetary consciousness is equal to the mass of populations falling into an easy option of riding out their existence within an already structured field. Independent Time^Travellers are able to navigate these monolithic thought structures through a heartfelt awareness of the true energetic background field, out of which everything else evolves.

The greater audience (seeking entertainment) watch the play, while the Independent Time^Traveller moves behind the scenes to observe the setup and the structure of the presentation (current paradigm). Once the paradigm becomes aware that an individual has wandered into its operating system, and understands the code - it begins to produce diversions and illusions pertaining to higher forces, Gods, Masters and supernatural phenomenon. The Coherent Time^Traveller observes (rather than reacting), and in that silent observation the illusion comes to an end.

The sand packed riverbed, the rocks and stones embedded in the sand, the flow of consciousness (water), all come to make sense when the mind observes what is from a totally new perspective outside the conditioned human brain. This observation transforms the mind, heals the physical brain, and creates a light vehicle to better serve the soul's true purpose.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Space-Time Illusion

The coherent Time^Traveller understands that inner resonance does not depend on whether their spirit is incarnate on Mars, on Earth, walking with dinosaurs and bison, struggling through the brutal colonisation drive of the Roman Empire, or experiencing the wonders of Mu, Atlantis and Egypt... the resonance is inner balance.

Once the coherent Time^Traveller realises that inner spiritual awareness is the key to understanding individual realities, they free themselves from the illusions of the dominant paradigm. A free society is one in which individuals cooperate with each other and with the planet to create... beauty, understanding, peace and harmony.

Observing time-lines manifests within the consciousness of the coherent Time^traveller, no matter where they are in the space-time continuum. The traveller can observe the holographic field from the beginning of time... depending on whether they are awake or not.

There is no Esoteric rule that says the earliest humans cannot understand the nature of reality, while the more technically advanced can understand the nature of reality. In fact, it is often the case that the more technical races become myopic in their understanding - due to the technical restrictions of their instruments.

The human mind is designed to interact with all levels of reality, at the levels the observer can understand. Observation is a clear mirror designed to reflect the unique levels of understanding of the incarnate spirit. When the coherent Time^Traveller shifts beyond the restrictons of linear observation, the mind of spirit (the third-eye) opens.

Direct observation ends division between the observer and the observed. Free observation is the fuel powering the journey of the awakened Time^Traveller. There is a subtle essence, known by the Celtic and Tibetan masters-of-reality. This essence feeds the heart/mind of the coherent Time^Traveller. Listen to the inner coherent heart. It is the guide and the light-house of the mysterious journey of the soul.

Friday, July 18, 2008

You're Just In Reach

"Cos everytime it rains....
I just know that something good is going to happen..."
[Kate Bush - Cloudbusting]

Special makes it dangerous... The coherent T^Traveller is aware that time is an illusion. Space-time is the manifestation of the mysterious. However, the mysterious is so perfectly tuned that it allows each variation in conciousness to see only what it can deal with at that moment in time.

Truly great T^T minds manifest in cycles, on planets, in planetary cultures, over planetary cycles in perfect timing, in the moment that they are most needed... as T^Travellers recall... across the bridge of dimensions and across the bridge of time all is ONE.

One individual may transfer a vision from the creator that moves through all things, but it is each individual of planetary consciousness that manifests the purity of the vision dream. The forces of creation are dreaming us awake. The cohesive Time^Traveller is that awakened dream.

The interdimensional, interplanetary soul is a Time^Traveller.

Spirits do not necessarily go forwards in time [linear], and they do not necessarily go backwards in time. The ESSENTIAL lesson manifests in the situation one is in, equally across the bridges of space-time. The spirit experiences the purity of life in native cultures wherever they incarnate. The purpose of the jourey is ONE.

Fear, division, distortions (of space-time) are the self imposed illusions of ego, in such a way that the consciousness is unaware of the complex realitites the spirit-soul is inhabiting at any point in the space-time continuum. Joy is the freedom to know you are who you are, regardless of location.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Beyond The Matrix

The coherent Time^Traveller knows that logical-linear rational explanations of ancient alchemy are the illusory walls of the linear matrix (thought). On picking up a simple hand made wand, the Time^Traveller experiences the pre-history and the future of man as one event. The ancient travellers do not move in straight lines, they shift through the dimensions in curves and circles (where the circle interconnects the dimensions).

The wands in Mu and Lemuria connect to the wands in Arcturus, Sirius and Mars. The wands connect Egypt, the Toltecs and the Celts in one simple vision. Trees, birds annimals and humans share a universal vision. We move silently within it's path. We experience it's breath. For the Time^Traveller the wand becomes its own interdimensional antenna, when the spirit is connected to the oneness that exists within all that is.

The children of the one create tools, and recall why they created these tools (beacons). Rituals and belief dull the mind to truth. The cutting edge of a tempered mind slices through the tangled knots of ritual and belief, leaving the vast horizons of the unknown within.

The coherent Time^Traveller touches and recalls the vision (the egg) from which they emerged and began their journey. Across the ages tools of their vision are scattered among the sands of time. We pick up those tools and they affect us in a different way than our fellow man. The tools put us in touch with our origins.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Time^Travel Integrity

The awakened Time^Traveller is aware that life moves in cycles, and that planetary cycles are part of the greater spirit world cycles (of which we are a part). Seen through the eyes of the general masses the ending and beginning of these cycles generate fear and a growing panic as the exterior world seems to offer little continuity. The focus is generally one of external survival through an external experience.

During cyclical shifts in space-time independent Time^Travellers are aware of the need of an essential focus on inner frequancies, rather than focus outside, fearful of events. Integrity, honesty and heart felt alignment to truth are far more important to the earth based experience of transition zones, and outer events are secondary to these inner frequencies.

There is a tendancy for corrupt, self serving individuals, to fragment and increase their negative behaviour in times of great change. Fear is magnified, as is the desire to create even greater fragmentation, due to a self serving environment. However, the Time^Traveller uses this time to increase vibrations of goodness, integrity and compassion. The outer planetary changes are a background for the more powerful inner consciousness shifts related to the spirit world.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Heron - Bennu

The independent Time^Traveller must find a way to remain detached from the complex energy draining dramas compiling the library of programmed human behaviour loosely known as relationships. In higher terms all of life is relationship, moment by moment. The human drama described as relationship is rather messy and non-coherent. Based on ego-thought I want, human interactions often dissipate in a crisis of negative energy bursts rather than being an experience of HEART centered ONENESS of being.

Heart felt compassion is the skill of seeing beyond the daily noise of the drama of human existence, and expressing that deeper understanding as a field of awareness. The inner awareness of the independent Time^Traveller protects the heart energetic coherence vital to the cohesion of spirit and our deeper soul-journey through life.

Earth based dramas grow from a confusing pouring of immature spirit (I want) flowing into the stored genetic memory of human existence. If the spirit is unable to create fluid inner discipline true to heart based coherence, then all experience becomes a chaotic mix of DNA patterns and spirit (past life) attachments. In reality there is no PAST there is only the ATTACHMENT.

To the independent Time^Traveller LIFE is like a river. The attachments of the past, present and future co-exist NOW - in this moment - each moment. The independent Time^Traveller learns to side-step the attachments and live in the now.

Patterns of behaviour form from attachments, and these thought forms are faithfully recorded within the genetic memory of mankind. DNA is the interface aligning consciousness and stored patterns. When the Time^Travel spirit renews the coherent energy signal all illusion of self falls into the abyss of TIME (illusion). We create it and we undo that which we created.

The Bennu bird serves as the Egyptian correspondence to the phoenix, and is said to be the soul of the Sun-God Ra.

The visionary perception of the independent Time^Traveller knows the physical and non-physical planes equally. The physical heron also has a spirit (archetypal) co-creator. Both the physical DNA and the spirit (archetypal) DNA co-exist and both are interrelated. The archetypal (spirit) heron is as real as the physical heron.

As the sun fell below the horizon and darkness spread amongst the early summer trees, the grey heron sent out a piercing cry as it flew silently across the night sky. The heron is the sign for enduring patience. Events unfold like water flowing across the surface of the earth, but the heron remains poised, watching, observing, in touch with the flow of energy beyond comprehension.

The independent Time^Traveller knows that the heron is the master of TIME. When a heron cries out the effects can last many years. In some cases many lifetimes. Being aware of this fact the Time^Traveller remains centerd within the HEART, just as the heron remains centered in KNOWING.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Sometimes a child of the universe will approach the window of reality wishing to see what is on the other side. Pressing their face against the dark glass of cosmos they see their own reflection looking back at them. Independent Time^Travellers look into the eyes of cosmos through this eternal reflection.

Universal Crow's Nest

High above the human town the crows had built a nest of twigs on the lowest part of the steeple. A thin metal snow fence drew a subtle line between the grey slates covering the tall steeple, and the black crows (loved by the Celts) woved tree resonance between metal and stone.

Time^Travellers see ancient truths in present harmonic cultural interactions.

When the human mind looks up at the crow's nest (from below) they see birds flying on air currents with unseen chicks hidden in an ancient fabric of woven bird-trees. When the independent Time^Traveller looks at the wings of crows on magnetic winds, they see nests within nests, chicks within chicks and their own birth and death [beyond time] - dividing the illusion of space.

Two chicks flying from the nest merge with four chicks flying from the nest, and then we must not forget the one chick who survived the cold extended rains of May 2007. When eyes look up at the nest in 2008, the sky is an intense blue and the air is hot. The crow parents swoop down from the nest searching for food as the heat intensifies.

And as you watch, the eyes of your own ancestors look down upon you within the nest. The twigs from the trees are woven into your own mind and the steeple is the plumb line connecting your mind with your heart. In this way the coherent Time^Traveller remembers who they are and why they are here.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stewards of Humanity

"We have been planting in you the seeds of light - since the beginning."

The Time^Traveller discovers and validates their own coherence through interactions with The Guided Ones. The birth of the child, and of every child on earth, knows the presence of the guided ones. They planted their seeds of light within the fragile soul, and they watch their gardens grow. Gardens of light, protected by darkness. The most powerful force, the twin of the light, protects the gardens of the guided ones. People fear them, because in the darkness they appear so bright.

The unknown [darkness] is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Without darkness [the unknown] the light is without protection. It is the neutral darkness [the twin of the light] that decides who passes through into the light. Light and dark are one. The illusion of the darkness of mind is a powerful filter, guardian, protector.

Those who fear the darkness fear their own reflection - mirrored back to them as light. We see ourselves [as we are] mirrored back in the cosmic reflection of black obsidian. The enlightened ones have no enemies, because the enemies of the light are opposing their own self-image.

The presence of the Stewards of Humanity is as old [even older] than the universe itself. They plant the seeds of light - allowing us to travel in and beyond time. Either the flame of compassion grows or it does not grow. The Guardians return from time to time to observe which seeds grow towards the light, and which seeds wither and die in the deserts of sorrow.

Coherent Time^Travellers focus their intelligence within, while having a powerful sense of compassion for all living things. Even the Earth itself will die, at some natural point, for the earth [like us] is a living being of light. Love for the earth is love for oneself. We are indivisible. Time^Travellers know that one day [in the future] we may meet the soul of the earth face to face, as we travel thought cosmos. When old friends meet respect is the signature we use to identify each other.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Biological Time^Travel

The winter was mild and dry, very little frost and no snowfall. The winter temperatures were not so cold, considering that many other parts of the world were receiving heavy snowfalls, extended blizzards and extremely cold freezes. There is a vortex here that generally maintains a sort of micro-climate. Severe storms can rage all round this area, and yet something deflects the severe weather from this small oasis. The storms swirl around the magnetic outer layer of the vortex. There is a small, but central field where the vortex turns. If you think your weather is local, there is no local weather... The weather systems are governed and guided by key vortices. These giants create the local weather systems. There are primary and secondary vortices and all are linked to the Sun.

The almond shaped portal of light opened inside the primary violet coloured vortex. Two figures seemed to merge with the inner light portal. Behind the secondary portal the night stars filled the sky. People are born and people die, but few of us realise the inner hardware and connections we have to the universe.

Born into a 19th, 20th and 21st Century paranormal matrix type belief/dependence in technology (masculine in nature), means that few people on Earth realise the true bio-tech resonance integrated within the human energy field.

The desire to create an external time travel technology applies partly to interactions with other life forms who lack the abilities earth humans have (by birth). What can they do? They can only build what they build, an extrnal passage with little understand of the internal passage. They lend us this external technology paradigm, which does not suit us.

Independent Time^Travellers do not rely on this external extraterrestrial technology. This is because the inner light knows immediately what is true and what is false. We do not need to build a technological field to travel in time. The ability is encoded into our imagination, and what is imagination other than the skill of manifesting our dreams within the physical-material sphere of existence.

The biology of Time^Travel is equal to the skill of movement without resistance.

Thought can be used to build the most complex technological devices (based on material substance recognition), but thought itself cannot bridge the dimensions. Ultimately all Time^Travellers come to realise that the physical/material is an illusion. Ships of light appear and disappear within the vortex. Who is to say they are material. Perhaps they are our own future, travelling within the inner vortex of light. A superiour biological technology of the higher mind.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Planetary Evolution

Time^Travellers live to preserve the surrounding natural environment, as they have millions of years awareness across the dimensions in understanding the spirit of planetary evolution. Once you have journeyed across the void, you see how other humanoid species live in different dimensions across the planes of existence. Incarnation and reincarnation are not a terms conscious Time^Travellers would use to describe their journey through cosmos. Time^Travellers morph through zones of consciousness from lifetime to lifetime. The mind of an independent Time^Traveller is capable of seeing through the veil of time and space, and of understanding what they see.

The physical and energetic (magnetic) resonance of planetary existence is the ground upon which Time^Travellers morph and change as they make their journey through this universe. Destruction of the physical environment damages the potential for emerging Time^Travel spirits. Independent Time^Travellers work to preserve and harmonise the physical and magnetic environment. Once you become aware that your journey spans across the mysterious evolution of the planets you inhabit, then you appreciate the environment - your future. No environment equals no future.

The whole history of independent Time^Travel has been buried under the sands (the desert) of world religions. However, even in the desert animals and plants adapt and live. Hidden artifacts and tablets of knowing remain hidden beneath pyramids and sacred megalithic structures all over the world. Earth humans have the capacity to explore the universe, but the requirements to do so are a shift into applied sacred spiritual enlightenment. Time^Travellers know that by taking care of the planets ecology one takes care of the future.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The individual journey became a lost horizon shrouded in heavy fog after the fall of Greece. Highly sensitive stone occilators were thrown into ruin, as their secrets were lost to the common understanding of the species. Once the destruction was complete, the true depth of what took place in ancient Greece bled into the dust beneath the fallen collums of stone. Greece was the last civilisation to share the secrets of Egypt with the world. As the Roman Empire grew out of the desire to control the earth through secret manipulation of an ancient 'spiritual technology', the Time^Travellers withdrew. Obsession for power is as dangerous as abuse of power.

Independent Time^Travellers were able to evolve through an inner devotion to integrity. It is impossible for cultural restrictions to overwhealm a divine spirit intent on applying universal truths of freedom. The war intent on destroying a unique genetic prescience within the Celtic tribes failed to understand the soul journey, which transforms genetic DNA at birth. The war machine DNA was losing its coherence as the divine DNA applied its skills to unique understanding.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Time^Travel Magnetic Egg

Time^Travel Coherence is created through the inner resiliance of the spirit shield, where resiliance equals integrity of the higher mind.

Ancient Arrow WingMakers paintings could represent the colour, depth and texture of the Time^Travel spirit shield when viewed through the inner third eye. Celtic knot designs float across the surface of the T^Traveller magnetic energy egg. The magnetic field surrounds the physical body, created through intent, where intent equals sacred geometric design.

The Celtic shield design is a T^Traveller encoded signature designed to navigate the elusive time flow that connects us across the bridge of reality. We are time travellers, always have been and always will be. The cave dweller activities dull down the mind, deactivate the soul awareness and divide man against man. What and who are we other than reflections of greater cosmos, in smaller form? Why would we forget this? Through lack of inner discipline, where discipline equals awareness.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Event Horizon

As the sun set in the West a thin and fragile crescent moon hovered in sub-atomic space. The blue-white horizon held the thin line of silver in its orbit as the earth rotated in a new field of space beyond time. How can a human being fail to see this event horizon?

The pale blue horizon faded into a darker space of deep dark indigo-blue. Silver stars began to appear in the sky above the small field. A silver disk flashed overhead, and the future shimmered for a moment in the sky beyond the horizon we see each evening.

The tall T^Traveller appeared within the oval energy vortex superimposed above the newly ploughed wheatfield. The sun had set below the horizon and the surrounding air was cold and damp. "Never take the world around you for granted, always observe your surroundings, the quality of the air, the light and the atmosphere. Be aware of the world you inhabit. Observe it. Be part of its mystery."

Friday, February 1, 2008

Dynamic Frequency

For the accomplished T^Traveller the duration experienced within physical reality incarnations is irrelevant. For the T^Traveller the focus and intensity of awareness is the key resonance sustaining their inner coherence regardless of the frequency of dimensions, physical world, spirit world, interplanetary, galactic or intergalactic experiences.

Time is a convenient illusion.

The T^Traveller uses the magnetic currents of time in the same way a sailor uses ocean current and wind speed to navigate the oceans of planet earth. Joy and intense observation of what is create an aura of extra-dimension around the energy field of the T^Traveller. Adapting to the extra-dimensional realities is a unique skill learned and applied by the spirit force in the T^Traveller's journeys through space, time and the eternal spirit realms.

The Elves are many levels beyond the human ability to T^Travel. The Celtic people were aware of this unique skill of the Elves and they learned extensively from observing them...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Frequency Layers of Reality

Accomplished T^Travellers are able to view all layers of reality through multi-dimensional spectrums of consciousness.

Moving out from the heart [the central portal], the T^Traveller is aware of the golden thread frequency connecting the heart to physical and non-physical realms.

The heart frequency beats [spins] like a magnet, holding together physical, magnetic, aethric, astral, energy and spirit. Therefore, the T^Traveller always listens carefully to their own heart(s).

In meditation the magnetic heart extends its beat to the physical, and to each finer energy layer [aura] surrounding the physical [energetic] vehicle. The sonar echo rebounds back to the heart out => <= and in <=> out=> <= and in .. eternally so.

Pranic breathing accompanies these heart rhythms in undulating waves of frequency and sound. The accomplished T^Traveller can breathe and walk between the worlds. T^Travellers learn to free themselves from linear thought attachment, and in this way recall the totality of themselves, heart-beat-by-heart-beat.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Inner Smile

The accomplished Time Traveller learns and applies the most ancient wisdom of Inner Smile. The time marker for the applied quantum physics of Inner Smile Meditation to the T^Traveller is time itself.

What is time?

Time is movement!

What is movement?

When you [as a spirit] are born into your body lifetime after lifetime, there has to be a state of reference. Perhaps you are born on a planet diametrically opposed to the way things happen on plant earth. How then can there be a point of reference connecting you to the frequency and dimension of a totally different lifetime experience?

The connection is Inner Smile!

The ancient ones encoded a series of bridges across time and space, an internal navigation system for the spirit/soul... This was also known in Taoist practice as The Way. It was also know in Celtic and Gaulish practice as The Borderlands.

Imagine you are a time traveller of source spirit. How will you know the self-empowering codes that connect you to the natural world and to your universal experience across time and space, across the dimensions?

All cultures on planet earth were once connected as one. The variety and the unique differences did not matter. The subtle differences did not matter, because human beings have source intelligence. The connector/navigaor to all universal realities is Inner Smile [love]. But human beings, lost in the cave, do not realise this is the navigational signal coming from the heart.

The basic navigational time travelling frequencies are honour, integrity, love, intelligence, awareness, co-operation, sensitivity, observation and compassion.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Astral Parasites

One factor astral travellers and time travellers become aware of when interacting with the astral world/physical world relationship is the existence of atral parasites and parasitic entites. The astral traveller can observe astral energy parasitic relationships between those worlds and the physical/thought world of man. These negative forms interact with our world through thought.

I could have focused only on my own work, a sort of mind related sanctuary similar to going to live in the mountains. This singular focus would have meant that I have success for my own projects, earthships, guided time travel - and nothing else.

My own energies are highly creative. When people take on a negative spin all that creative energy flows into negative state of emotions, power struggles and ego related issues. These negative states of mind and conflicts fuel the lower astral entity strata, causing many problems in the world.

The need for the ego to feel powerful also makes people sick, and these people can be suddenly exhausted, tired, drained of life force energy - and the parasites have all the energy, as the power struggles are a major artery of the entity game. The reason many people are attracted to this kind of negative behaviour is because their unseen relationship with astral parasites is like a drug. People get high on this adrenal-energy drug and they become addicted to the desire for these frequencies.

When T^Travellers deal with parasitic forms and the relationships these forms develop with humans, we see that humans are attracted and attached to this false sense of power the entities inject into their glands, triggering a surge that eventually controls the mind of the human being who enters into such a relationship. The glandular system is the key switching point between the finer astral ethric body and the physical material world.

People on earth who are addicted to these kinds of astral parasitic entity interactions do not care for the human beings they interact with. These people use their fellow humans as a connector to the entity surge, and in return they lower the frequency of relationship to conflict, or to trigger fear so that the negative state of mind feeds the energy parasites floating around them.

Sexual parasites are individuals who connect to the entity relationship through interacting with humans. Sexual vampires are individuals who have an addictive relationship with invisible astral beings, and they use the human relationship to plug into the astral parasites they are interacting with. Such individuals will rather have the astral entity feeding off their partner, than that the entity drains them.

Individuals who swing from one extreme to the other, playing into the exiting adrenal game - will open a door to these astral energy parasites to try and create dramas, to feed from this energy. Those kinds of conflictual behaviour are rooted in sorrow. Desire for exitement, power, danger and the adrenelin surge go together with inner fragmentation and fear - the root of thought - the root of the matrix. People show signs of depletion, exhaustion, are suddenly without energy, no vitality; they are drained, feeling sick and show signs of not a good frame of mind.

T^Travellers protect themselves through being aware (also third-eye awareness). Continually manifesting the emotional frequencies of goodness. Smiling energy, gratitude and honour all create a strong protective field that repels parasitic forces. Astral parasites cannot feed off happiness energy, signatures of goodness and sending out gratitude to life.

Visualising a blue or a deep turquoise blue protective field, golden bright white light, inner smile energy, layers of indigo blue energy repel astral and energy parasites.

Manifesting an aura of conscious divine awareness, staying focused on the invisible realms coherenct frequency, altering the nature of heart resonance to beat in harmony with divine inner light. A white lotus flower of energy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Shifts In Seeing

The mind of the Time^Traveller has to be fluid, relaxed, aware and non-attached. As soon as an individual becomes aware they are travelling through interdimensional space [and time is an illusion], the traveller immediately interacts with reality in a new way. This is essentially what makes us who we are: Namely how we interact with our ground reality.

Individuals who abuse the background reality matrix receive [in terms of awareness] what they give out. Such individuals remain caught in an invisible energy sphere of low vibrational clouds. As energy is vital to awareness, such individuals never attain the clarity of mind and purpose to do anything other than interact with the mirrored walls of their own prison. The dellusion of self grandure is, in reality, that the emperor has no clothes. They stand naked before the veil of reality, unseeing, lacking in spirit awareness and losing out on the real wonder and riches of life around them.

Time^Travellers quickly realise they are welcomed guests in an amazing world of mind-body-spirit, and they pay careful attention to their surroundings - consciously acting to stay aware and stay awake. The struggles of mankind take on a grotesque form, as the T^Traveller realises the world around them is not real. Reality is something else, and it takes a silent mind and persistent awareness to understand the true nature of reality: The truth lies within.

The state of the mind remains balanced and pure as the T^Traveller shifts into seeing what is, rather than indulging in the persistent thought chatter of the undisciplined mind.

The sun rose over the field as the crows gathered together in the tall trees bordering the old farm house. A small tree nursery of poplars drew fragile lines across the earth. The large vortex rotated slowly around the primary magnetic field.

There were secondary magnetic fields rotating in clockwise and counter clockwise dimensions. However, the seams connecting the worlds were perfectly sewn with invisible threads of orgone. The transiting vibrations, through a mysterious stillness, could not be detected [even though they were powerfully present].

The rotating vortices were extremely powerful and yet their source presence was undetectable. Elongated egg shaped ripples would appear and disappear like ocean whirlpools indicating source presence of the vortices. The T^Travellers had discovered the entrance and exit to
The Cave.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Troll Labourer

IN the year 1660, when I and my wife had gone to my farm (faboderne), which is three quarters of a mile from Ragunda parsonage, and we were sitting there and talking a while, late in the evening, there came a little man in at thà door, who begged of my wife to go and aid his wife, who was just then in the pains of labour.

The fellow was of small size, of a dark complexion, and dressed in old grey clothes. My wife and I sat a while, and wondered at the man; for we were aware that he was a Troll, and we had heard tell that such like, called by the peasantry Vettar (spirits), always used to keep in the farmhouses, when people left them in harvest-time. But when he had urged his request four or five times, and we thought on what evil the country folk say that they have at times suffered from the Vettar, when they have chanced to swear at them, or with uncivil words bid them go to hell, I took the resolution to read some prayers over my wile, and to bless her, and bid her in God's name go with him. She took in haste some old linen with her, and went along with him, and I remained sitting there.

When she returned, she told me, that when she went with the man out at the gate, it seemed to her as if she was carried for a time along in the wind, and so she came to a room, on one side of which was a little dark chamber, in which his wife lay in bed in great agony.

My wife went up to her, and, after a little while, aided her till she brought forth the child after the same manner as other human beings. The man then offered her food, and when she refused it, he thanked her, and accompanied her out, and then she was carried along, in the same way in the wind, and after a while came again to the gate, just at ten o'clock.

Meanwhile, a quantity of old pieces and clippings of silver were laid on a shelf, in the sitting-room, and my wife found them next day, when she was putting the room in order. It is to be supposed that they were laid there by the Vettr. That it in truth so happened, I witness, by inscribing my name.

Ragunda, the 12th of April, 1671

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Looking Back

The city was covered in thick smog. The water was heavily polluted. People living inside the city were rich in the human money, but were poor in health. The children of the city people breathing the smog year after year would pass on inherited genetic defects to their grandchildren and to their grandchildren's children. Future generations would look back on this time, and would consider themselves to be the grey-zone inhabitants. Focal T^Travel units allowed people to look back and understand who they were, the mistakes made and why they did nothing to change the way they lived in the sleeping masses incarnations. This education was important for the awakening of the greater awareness of mankind.

Jana turned into a small garden, activated the parameter field and stepped back into his own world closing the primary vortex behind him. He scanned the smooth crystal floor to make sure that nothing had returned with him [usually an insect or two], he liked to collect return objects against the T^Travel Institute Advisory Guidelines. As he walked back through the light-sound resonance field portal the inside of the egg shaped room shimmered with various sequences of spectrum light-tones. The T^Room was clear of all contaminants.

Jana fingered a small white shell he had collected on a journey to the Northern Highlands of Scotia. His mind entered the visionary view from the tall rocky shoreline as he gazed out to sea. It was a time when no humans inhabited the island. The pure vision of the sea cleared his mind of his return to the grey-zone polluted earth of 2010. He placed his study card in the holographic crystal and viewed scenes of dense smog.

The people on earth seemed to be unaware of the coming health catastrophe triggered by the collapse of the global planetary ecology as each unit struggled for its own survival. Jana would have to lead a team further back in time to gather DNA signatures capable of repairing the cultural damage. The root genetic codes were maintained by shifts consciousness. Jana sat back and activated a tone revival of one hopeful inhabitant of earth in the 2010 zone. The sleeping astral form was shaken from his body and immediately appeared inside the interaction field operated by the T^Travel team.

The man appeared shocked and afraid, believing he was still in physical form. Harmonious sounds were automatically activated as the resonator read the astral field undergoing the out-of-the-body experience. A series of psychic tests would evaluate if the astral form was capable of sustaining its own sovereign state through the subsequent interations. The astral form altered its colour and form, the individual had woken up to the background reality.

Jana began sequencing a number of light-sound frequency beat tones. The astral form entered a series of natural shifts. All the dreamer would remember of this encounter would be the sounds mirroring their own journey. The proceedure was successful, the first of the grey-zone occupants had begun to waken up.

Copyright © 2008 by Zen-Su

Monday, January 14, 2008

Aliens or no Aliens

The fundamental question of aliens or no aliens is irrelevant to the community of T^Travellers, because once you get out there the whole cosmos is full of aliens of one kind or another...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Out of The Body Travel

As a child I would have consciousness shifts occuring where I would naturally experience astral or out-of-the-body travel. Sometimes I would find myself floating free mass out in deep space, surrounded by sounds which would merge with the oceans, mountains and land mass of planet earth. These powerful and mind altering sounds would repeat harmonious beats and frequency tones altering and forming matter, the material universe, stars, planets and living plant, animal and sub-strata life forms.

The harmonic melodies, music and background sounds would penetrate my mind. These elemental sounds would communicate with giant planets, galaxies and cosmic space, while filling the smallest molecule or atom - creating space.

The astral sounds cannot be described. The spirit body hears the complete tone, feeling the sound as a direct experience. From earliest childhood these elemental sounds altered the way I perceive reality. They laid the foundation for my existence, my art, endurance, creativity and visions... Anyone can at any time hear these sounds, if they so wish. The codes are integrity, love, perception and the ability to see-hear-feel-touch the source of life. Love is the unlocking code, connecting to all codes, tones, sounds. This is a universal alchemical science of the soul.

A great oneness connects all life forms, all realities, all forms of consciousness and all hearts. A planetary race matures onto higher levels of being when the people inhabiting the planet realise that all life is ONE. Not higher, not lower, but perfectly aligned. The alchemy of space-time is a non-directional listening to the sound of sounds. Light encoded sounds harmonise into the listener. Fear becomes light. The meaning is hidden. The discovery is illuminating.

Human beings are time travellers. This has been our reality since the birth of the soul. There is something beyond time space. That is the heart resonance - sound - light - love. Then the time traveller is a master of time. No longer limited. No longer restricted. Alive. In love. Enlightened. Pure. It is pure sound...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Past or Future?

The land through the vortex appeared pristine. A breeze swirled the long stalks of grass into ocean precision waves. In the distance bison roamed free, and under the trees to the West almost perfectly formed hogans bled into the flat landscape under a clear blue sky.

"Normal rule does not apply in the Other World. A year may seem to pass in the Otherworld, but in the real world centuries may have passed. Time seemed to have stand still. Nor does the people who live there, aged like mortals. They seemed to remain forever young.

"The Otherworld also seemed to be able to move from one location to another. Or there may be only one Otherworld but it exist everywhere. In another word, the Otherworld is a paradox. Entering the enchanted place, may be close by or it could be a place far away."
- Timeless Myths.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


From the time I was born my mind must have been rich in ethnogens... or the DMT spirit molecule must have been my guardian and spiritual guide.

Elves and faeries guided me throughout my life. The blessing of the little folk was upon me. The gold of wisdom flowed from the invisible realms into the earth world magic realms of my existence. Without ingesting any substances or mind altering drugs, I seemed to breathe the ethnogenic substances of nature into my mind, as nature's spirit became part of my awareness.

The music of the Celtic Ancestors moved my mind onto higher levels.

The art of the Celtic Ancestors was my art. I walked alone in the Highlands of Scotland and heard the music of the earth singing its existence, the musical tones, harmonics, frequencies and geometry formed the mountains, rocks, rivers, lochs and streams. Our history lies beneath the peat and the moss awaiting our return.

Halfling's Leaf & The Green Dragon

Su: You were saying that our forefathers were accomplished Time Travellers?

Ancestors: The mind of the artist understands the true origins of human history and development. Man is part plant and part animal. Your early ancestors were closer to the origins in this respect.

Su: Were they more developed?

Ancestors: They still are!

Su: Why Dragons and mythical creatures?

Ancestors: You see symbols of a very ancient mythology inscribed in every modern religion, belief, form of worship as well as within ancient alchemical texts.

Su: What do those symbols represent?

Ancestors: Your artistic creative mind has drawn a hieroglyphic form of the historical dragon culture, the Celtic culture before it was destroyed.

Su: I walk in the forests and the plants, trees, mushrooms and animals speak to me of the ancient world in which we live.

Ancestors: As you see from your drawing, green dragons are also part of the hemp plant...

Su: Once I drew the guided symbols in the form I was shown, much more information came to me. It was like opening a door into a timeless knowing. Having never taken and kind of substance, I am able to connect to the higher realms through music and art. It became clear to me the Celtic Ancestors were sending me a message... of sorts.

Ancestors: Dragon gold is green gold, the luck of the Irish is embeded in this strange mythological truth...

Su: The holographic vision that the Ancestors sent me is that the Green dragon - hemp - is also the worm [wormhole], and that the Dragon's Lair [the cave entrance] is the time portal.

Ancestors: The fire-breathing-dragon is indeed the smoking of hemp, as well as the smoke of the hemp buds [altering the mind of the T^Travellers], while the entrance to the Dragon's Lair is the portal [or passageway].

Su: Yet, in some ways Dragons are real!

Ancestors: The journey is real... The Dragon Gold is the illuminating Leaf Tolkien described in Lord of The Rings. The smoke is the breath of the Hemp plant. The entrance to the Dragon's lair is the passage into the wormhole [flight], and yet who is flying?

Su: The human being, or the human mind...

Ancestors: Saint George and the Dragon is the official proclamation to the populations of Europe announcing the religious and political control of the buds. Your ancestors fully understood the meaning of this faerie story.

The princess, sacrificed at the entrance to the wormhole [the dragon's lair], was the virgin flower [buds] of the hemp plant - consumed as part of the ritual sacrifice [illumination]. Saint George represented military control [might of the sword - wielded by the church-state]. Saving the princess at the entrance to the dragon's lair, was the handing over of control to the church-state of the flower-buds, the hemp plant and every other ethnobiological substance known to the tribes of the Celtic homelands and beyond.

Su: I see...

Ancestors: Dragon-gold [green-gold] was the life blood of the hemp plant in association with the consciousness of man. The Celtic cultures sacrificed the virgin bud as part of interdimensional flight, out through the entrance of the fire-breathing dragon's lair [cosmic mind], leading through the wormhole [flight]... it was the essence of Time Travel, the illuminating flight of the Shaman.

Su: I see...