Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Signature ...

I was born in the Highlands of Scotland .. in 2011 BC .. but I remember my life in Japan, in 1333 AD .. or was it earlier?

Time^Travellers cross the dimensions beyond time!

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

All my life .. I was fiercely independent.

Lifetime after lifetime .. I was fiercely independent. The Masters seemed to approve .. they left me alone .. guiding me though their silent Zen Awareness.

With crystal vision .. we travelled effortlessly through time and space. We Time^Travellers were the dolphins of the cosmic seas and oceans. The deep waters of consciousness are our pathways.

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

We Time^Travellers never asked for guidance, and yet we were guided.

Our Signature ...
Deep in the darkest part of the night was light... There was light in the darkness and there was darkness in the light. How can this be?
The Master smiled...

As an Independent Time^Traveler I never asked for Guidance!.

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

Our signature was "The Source".

Navigation relies on guidance .. guidance is navigation.

Within light is darkness .. and within darkness is light.

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

Our signature was the source.
Individual consciousness is the key.

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You Are ... My Power!

The symbol INCUNABULA was chosen for our company for its shape-cocoon; egg-like, gourd-like — the shape of Chaos according to Chaung Tzu. Cradle: beginnings. Sleep: dreams. Silken white sheets of birth and death; books, white pages, the cemetery of ideas.
- Ong's Hat: The Beginning, Joseph Matheny
"It's been a long time... "

Well! Who is to say how long it has been since the death of ideas? Who can calculate the distance? Time^Travellers never really notice the quantum blips and loss of cohesion between civilisations.

"As I was saying ... It's been a long time."

Incarnate Earth humans always tended to dramatise the scope and depth of interstellar shifts in consciousness. Each shift was experienced as though the traveller has consumed an excess of magic mushrooms .. out of the fertile egg body and into the spores. Earth humans behaved as though they were drifting eternally as Cosmic spores through infinite time and space.

The Galactic Federation turned a blind eye to the drifting, and yet important shifts, made by temporal humans across the time-set of space and time. They ignored us because our unique dimensions added to the creativity of the Universe.

You Are ... My Power!
The small white eggs mysteriously appeared from the woodland soil under the conifer trees, the Hindu Kush, sometimes growing under the silver birch trees and sometimes under the giant beech trees.

Brought to Earth from other Star systems, these strange red disk like domes would open their canopies and seed the fertile soil with active compounds. Did the tree roots extract their fertile enlightenment from the spores of Amanita Muscaria?

"Yes! Perhaps it has been a long time... " I replied.

They were enigmatic .. mysterious .. part of us .. difficult to identify. Mostly cloaked in long grey-silver robes, these guardians of eternity appeared sympathetic to genuine human travels within the space-time continuum.

Our ancestors looked back at us across the fabric of space. They watched us with keen eyes .. like watching the bright flash of a trout reflecting rainbow bands of sunlight from deep within a mountain stream.

"It has been a long time... "

You are .. my power! Who among us know that today? The rainbow trout flashing its power carried by the mountain stream .. free to move .. fast .. alive .. aware. Who among us know this truth today?

A Time^Traveller has to be aware of this truth.

Ordinary humans can ignore this Universal truth - but a Time^Traveller cannot ignore: You are .. my power! As we swim across the eternal cosmic streams that carry and create life.

From the deep body of leaves on the forest floor a small gathering of white eggs pushed their way towards the filtered light. Invited to participate in the harmonics created by the trees.

Giant beech trees listened to the wisdom of the spores .. their roots drew in the interstellar particles of magic. The trees shared their enlightenment with the rest of the forest as passing deer ate the open mushrooms .. You Are ... My Power!

The rainbow trout carried by the stream .. the giant conifers, silver birch and beech trees carried by the energy of the spores .. our time shifts carried by cosmic streams connecting all time and space.

... The human race slowly spawned back to their origins, over tens of thousands of years, as the brightly coloured wings of the dragonfly sent reflecting shafts of light back out into space.

As we Time^Travellers .. swam the infinite currents...

"It has been a long time... Hasn't it!" I said.