Thursday, February 18, 2010

Obsidian Secrets of The Sacred Archetypal Knives

The sword in the stone .. ancient obsidian knives sharper than a modern surgeons scalpel and the earliest folding knives of the ancient Celtic tribes...

We were scientists from the future, studying layers of rock embedded with obsidian knife blades and flint arrowheads .. at a time where dinosaur bone fossils were layered above our find. We would enter the historic zone, making sure that our immediate physical presence would go unnoticed, as we quickly scanned the area for signatures of our past.

Quantum field laser extraction would allow us to quickly isolate and remove valuable spear points, arrowheads and stone blades, before returning to our original space-time local. The importance of these early tools were highly regarded in our society. Those of you living in the 21st Century cannot imagine how important these tools are .. 'The Archetypal Knives' ..

11 February 2010 - We saw them enter our time zone, extract the flints and blades, and elegantly disappear from our Remote Viewing team with the use of superior cloaking techniques. We did not know where they came from (other than it was our future), and we were unable to locate the coordinates of the entry and exit fields. It was a subtle intrusion into our time zone with an even more subtle extraction of elements from the earth, before they returned to their own local. Our experienced team of Remote Viewers were unable to follow or locate them beyond that.

"This is their third intrusion since the beginning of the year. Why are they picking up flints?"

"I have no idea," I answered. "Have our scan team go out and see what they can find there." It was already late afternoon as I walked back to the resting area, set aside for on-duty teams. I sat for a few moments on the edge of the rest couch, trying to image the situation we had viewed. I knew this was our own race from the future.. that they had allowed us to pick up aspects of their visit into out time zone.. but why?

On the wall opposite was a life sized reproduction of cave drawings from Lascaux, France. I stared mindlessly at the perfect reproduction of the paleolithic Paintings, when a silver sharp glint of metal caught my eye. This has to be a 'witnessing event'. I lay back on the couch as I entered my natural Remote Viewing state.

The man in front of me was tall and unusually thin. He seemed to be a perfect model for many of the humanoid forms drawn on cave walls around the planet. I viewed him, but he did not move. He stared at me with an almost ironic smile on his lips.

I sat up quickly, this was not Remote Viewing, he was standing in the room. His smile broadened with my reaction. I looked at him, trying to assess his intent, but his telepathic skills were so refined that he was able to convey to me the whole connection in less than a nano-second.

Obsidian Secrets of The Archetypal Knives
It was amazing .. they were highly advanced and yet they were carrying knives. In my report I could only describe them as the 'Knife Artists'. They did not carry the knives as weapons, they carried the knives as Spirit and personal tools. We later discovered that this Inter-dimensional race was behind the skilled intrusions of the scientists from the future extracting arrowheads, flints and obsidian blades from out local time zone.

He noticed my nervous reaction as my eyes identified the precision blade in his left hand. He immediately conveyed to me that this was not a 'weapon' and that I need have no fear. In response, I barely relaxed, although some part of me was studying the design of the blade. It appeared to be a finer crafted model of a collectors hand blade from our current time.

"This is our ART," was his telepathic response in reply to my curiosity.
He seemed to use the hand knife as a spirit force collector. I could feel the alteration of energy in my locality and the slight distortion of magnetic flux. The power of the field alteration was coming from the blade.

Lord of The Rings? The ancient power of the Elves? The image of The Sword In The Stone was projected into my mind. He was a 'sword archetype', from an ancient lineage much older than the Earth. They exist on other levels of reality and have interacted with mankind since the beginning of time.

With one hand he elegantly closed the blade of the folding knife, which looked like a stylized form of a Heron. The knife fitted perfectly into his hand, and I had the feeling the knife was designed exactly for his hand and his hand alone. Even closed, it radiated an astonishing power. He conveyed that the power of the sword, the power of the knife is sacred and never to be abused.

This race were the earliest archetypes, architects of Earth humans working with stone and metals. They gave mankind the forms and the designs. They were the enlighteners of sword and knife form from the Obsidian blades to metal and beyond .. light lasers are a form of energy sword and this race were the Guardians of these tools.

As a download of information poured into my mind, he began to shimmer and fade into the painting on the wall behind him. His folded blade became part of the lines shaping cave animals from the most ancient times.

This was to be the first meeting from a race whose existence mankind forgot, as the Age of man dwindled into the darkness of the Kali Yuga - the time when the Light within should lead the way through the darkness .. but man was too weak to walk the inner path of light ...