Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leprechauns .. & Lots of Them

It was December 31st, 2011 .. and I was dreaming of leprechauns .. lots of them... I thought to myself that my Scots and Irish ancestors must have been seein' these strange beings all the time .. an' way before I was born.

Since November I had not seen nor heard from Seamus .. and I thought that at last I was free from having a little leprechaun in a green jacket wearing a tall black hat landing with a bump on top of my head. Peace glorified .. until I saw him (and all of them) in my dreams.

The returning leprechauns were not out hiding in some old oak tree in the middle of a field .. but they were hiding in plain sight right in the middle of our human world.

People were wandering around with eyes to see the material world .. but in the dream all the humans were 'blind' and the leprechauns (who could see everything) were dancing and laughing .. unseen by humans in their dense and 'righteous' three dimensional world.

I woke up to an apartment filled with various sizes of leprechauns...

"Seamus!" I exclaimed, "what are you all doing here?!!"

"Haha! Hahaa!" cried Seamus .. "An' may the rainbow shine forever on your path... " he exclaimed.

"What ar' all these leprechauns doing in my apartment?"

"We ar' movin' in .. don't ya know!!"

"But don't we need fields, an' oak trees, an' special cairns .. with squirrels and acorns and maybe a mountain or two .. for leprechauns?" I asked.

I mean .. it's embarrassing to have the magic people of the ancient world without having a magic setting. I always imagine something like out of Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, with Hobbits and Elves and Wizards.

Well, Seamus jumped right bang on the crown chakra of my head.

"An' where do we all live?" he asked.

"On the Earth?" I answered sheepishly.

"An' where does the Earth live?" asked Seamus.

That was a tough one .. where does the Earth live? How should I know where the Earth lives?!!

Seamus did not wait for me to answer the question.

"The Earth lives in yer heart..." was all he said.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shift In Frequency

A shift in frequency is all it took...

By 2150 we were already accomplished in various levels of time travel.

Still, no one could figure out who was watching us use the "corridors of time" ...

We would catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of our eyes. Tall beings, cloaked in long grey robes or sometimes rarely in robes of translucent light. Their robes of light did not shine brightly; but appeared to shimmer faintly, merging the beings with the walls of the vortex we were using.

No one felt comfortable seeing a glimpse of the silent observers.

At that time we were like reckless children, running through a tunnel for a dare to show we were not scared. Once inside the tunnel, we carried all our fears with us - no matter where we went.

A shift in frequency is all it took...

I thought of myself as being pretty advanced. We were an elite team using an organic technology to travel instantly through time and space. Looking back at our primitive ancestors of the 20th Century, we could not imagine anything worse than living through that chaotic time. We avoided contact with them just so as not to get contaminated by their insanity.

We were unaware that embedded in the corridors of time are future and past axis that meet, and there stand the silent watchers - those forgotten timeless sentinels of our soul journey.

We call it a time-glitch. I was thrown back to December 2011 .. an era we tried to avoid, because of the powerful vortices merging into a new cosmic cycle. The ending of the old cycle and the beginning of the new cycle has a fifty year disruption range either side of 2012. I knew where I was, because it showed on my watch.

I knew I was looking at myself. These are strange facets of time travel hard to explain. Crows were playing in the turbulent air, the day was overcast... the scene was familiar.

That was all it took. I was instantly back in the corridor returning to my destination.

I knew then I was finished. I would no longer be used for the elite team. The old teams warned us about "meetings". Those glitches that could change our understanding in less than a nano-second.

A shift in frequency is all it took...

Once it hits you .. you are never the same .. animals, fish and other creatures inhabit a defined band of frequencies; but humans inherited the ability to shift across a wide band of frequencies. The DNA in relation to the spirit could rise to the highest frequencies or could fall to the lowest levels. It was all vibratory levels.

By 2150, our fear of certain zones was the chaos and contamination of conflicting vibratory levels. Human populations en mass were inhabiting extreme zones of differing frequency. A shift in frequency is all it took to create balance.

On returning I was moved to a new unit I did not know existed...

The Watchers, silently observed the corridors of time, protecting our shared "future".

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Entities of Fear

To gain control of the Earth and control of the human Earth populations the "Entities of Fear" spread their intoxication among the different races over thousands of years. Fear did two things to the minds of people infected with this manipulation:

1. It caused psychological sickness in people.
2. It caused physical illness in people.

The psychological Arrogance of Fear
Really the people who fear most are the people who are only out for themselves. The fear takes root in these people, because they are enslaved to the petty ego. Well, the reason is simple... That is, the petty ego makes itself out to be a big fat powerful greedy arrogant get-what-it-can-get type of 'protector'.

Protector! You say!
Yes, 'protector' - the petty ego serves to protect the selfish fearful little human who wants so much and does not know how to get it all. Pay close attention! The key to the psychology of protection is 'fear'. Your fear comes from wanting. Your fear leads to greed. Your greed leads to fear that you cannot easily get what you want and the ego tells you: I will help you get it no matter what...

The psychology of fear is a strange selfish arrogance fed by the petty little ego of the self. Where 'protection' is that the ego will help you to get what you want and therefore add fuel to the fire of your fears.

Add fuel to the fire! You say!
Yes, the petty ego feeds your wants and desires - and what you want never ends .. the more you get the more you want .. the more you want the more you get. This is rooted in an inner sense of starvation. Your wants are the wooden sticks to build the fire and fear is the fuel that lights those sticks. The 'Entities' are the match that lights the fire.

Most human populations are trapped in psychological fear.

The physical illness of fear
Psychological illness generates physical illness out of 'ectoplasmic pollution'. When humans are strong enough to see through the psychological restrictions created out of fear (ego), they are attacked by the Entities of Fear [who themselves fear those humans].

This is why the original spiritual teachings of the Ancestors (before religion) taught their apprentices about the true nature of energy.

The Entities of Fear will attack anyone who sees through the illusion of ego (fear) and moves outside of their petty control. Imagine fear as a doorway to a passageway. If you walk through the door you enter the passageway and move beyond fear.

The door to the passageway is where the Entities of Fear hang out big time. They cannot pass through that door as they are a personification of the energy of fear. If the Entities of Fear pass through that door they cease to exist. That is what they are afraid of... Therefore, they can never pass through.

Human beings can pass through the doorway, enter the passageway and go through into another state of mind (another realm). This is what the Ancient Ones taught Earth humans before organised religions began serving people's minds up to the Entities of Fear.

The Entities of Fear began attacking people who pass through that doorway and who might change things on Earth. These people might change the vibration and a lot of dumb humans may begin to see through the illusion and just pick up the courage to go through the inner door into the passageway of their own light (inner wisdom).

The Entities of Fear
It's a bit like a mosquito .. the Entities of fear seek to penetrate the energetic immune system of people who see through the illusion of ego and make those people physically (energetically) sick. The way they do it is that they inject the ectoplasm [the psychological disturbance] of the people hanging round the doorway in all their various states of 'wanting', which is fear.

The Entities of Fear mostly do this through large social gatherings called 'entertainment' or 'fun' or 'festival' or 'circus' - which is a general gathering of self-indulgence of the petty ego.

These petty gatherings of self-indulgence of the ego create a toxic ectoplasmic pollution. You gather the biggest crowd of idiots into the smallest space and inject psychological illness of the ego into that dense ectoplasmic energy. They have been doing this for centuries. The biggest entity based 'entertainment' being 'holidays' and the New Year. Extreme fasting or collective suffering has the same effect.

The real reason for wars are to make healthy people sick!

Beyond The Illusion of Fear
There is a state beyond fear, beyond ego, beyond service-to-self - in which the spirit reigns supreme and the Entities of Fear dare not tread. The doorway/passageway is October/November 2011... At that point a gradual separation of the wheat from the chaff will take place.

The wheat grains will fall onto a new Earth and sprout while the chaff will return into the cycle from which they have just come. Another round of 36,000 years sitting at the door of fear with the Entities that form from the minds of those who are in fear. [It does not get more complicated than that].

Fear is selfishness and selfishness is fear.

The doorway is always truth... The passageway is oneself...
To oneself be true!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Leprechauns With Green Hats

Oh! No! Now they are attacking, 'little men in green hats' !!

"Ah! Haha.. " laughed Seamus the Leprechaun... "and how do you think those fat humans look from our world? Don't ya know!" he added with a smile.

"I don't know how they look, cos I'm here.." I answered. "Look at the trouble you got me in, you little Leprechaun .. now they are going to say I am taking things called substances." I said as he laughed with a back flip roll.

The Leprechaun, all dressed in green and wearing a black hat, tumbled a triple back somersault and landed on top of my head. Like an ancient Japanese Zen Master he liked to bop me on the head whenever I wasn't paying attention.

"Look at them now! Blabbering about somethin' they don't have a clue about!" Said Seamus laughing.

I had to admit the Little Leprechaun was right. The Catholic and other religious belief priests of the 'established order' common-day-propaganda really were simply following a set system of controls established as the energy cycle fell to its lowest order.

"An' what have you ever takin' in yer entire life?" asked the little Leprechaun.
"Nothing! Not-a-thing," I answered... "but who is going' to believe me!"

Yep! He was right! I was born like this. I had no choice in the matter...
Well, that is not exactly true! I did have a choice .. and I refused to turn my back on the forces of nature who gave birth to my spirit and who gave me a home on this Earth.

With the established religious hierarchy spreading across the entire world, colonizing one culture after the next .. destroying unique cultural perception over thousands of years .. the lowest point was established with the spread of the Roman Empire expanding cultural genocide across the Planet.

"There's nothin' yer can take on this entire Earth that would get the mind as close as ye' ar' .. " said Seamus the Leprechaun.

"An' sure they are gonna try as much as they can .. " he continued, "But that is what religion is, it's a drug alterin' the mind's O' people."

Yep! The Leprechaun was right, sure enough! They are more addicted to their conflicts than they are to peace. Each human family fighting the next, addicted to the adrenaline drug of division, opposition and conflict.

"But! Ya know! It's all fear.. " said Seamus .. "Each human family does not see that the other is themselves and that nature is the key... "

"And what is it they are all afraid of?" I asked.

"Truth!" said the Leprechaun .. and he wasn't laughing at all!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leprechaun Elixir

"I'll drink to that!" said the Leprechaun dancing on my head...
"Let's have a little dram!"
"Ouch!" I shouted .. "That's my head your treadin' on Mr. Leprechaun."
"Just call me Shamus!" he shouted as he pulled a small gold flask out of his belt.
"Don't you mean Seamus?" I asked, hoping he would not bop me on the head.
"Sure, that too..." was all he said, in reply.

Oh! How can I see the golden flask when he is right on top of my head?
"It's magic," said Shamus, "magic!"
"Could you get off my head if you are goin' to drink a dram."
I asked, trying to sound polite.
"An' what ar' ye afraid of?" asked the small Leprechaun.
"Surely, not of a little dram!"

"Sure! What if you get drunk and affect my crown chakra!" I said trying not to sound worried.

At that, Shamus laughed so hard he almost fell off my head .. I felt him tug at the back of my hair as he caught himself; but he did not stop laughing. I tried not to get a headache and like a cat who has fallen off a wall, I tried to appear calm and dignified.

"An, what is this with yer whining?" asked the Leprechaun tugging on my hair.
"Hey, stop disturbing my crown charkra up there! I could lose my enlightenment!"

Shamus just laughed and took a drink from his gold flask...

Oh! No! Knowing the reputation of Leprechauns with their music, dancing and drinking .. it had to be a good dram of whiskey he was drinking down. What influence on my mind would a drunk Leprechaun have - I dreaded to think.

Shamus laughed out loud as I waited for a crown chakra equivalent of a hangover; but instead of that I began to understand...
"What are you drinking?" I asked sheepishly.
"Spirits," said the Leprechaun.
"What kind of SPIRITS?" I asked.
"Haha .. It's an ELIXIR, don't ya know!!" was all he said.
"You mean it's not Irish whiskey?" I asked.

The Leprechaun did not answer, he simply took another dram from his gold flask and then he put back the top and carefully tucked the flask back into his black belt.

From way far away I heard: Elixir was an important part of the Philosopher's Stone, used by alchemists to transmute base metals into gold. Generally, this is not to be confused with the more powerful Leprechaun's dram, which was considered an act of fluid magic in the more fixed 3D world. The Leprechaun's dram remains a secret until today despite attempts by the church to extract and steal their green magic...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

From The Deepest Darkest Corner

The old sage was watching us from the shadows; but we did not see him. Behind him, a group of zone shifters observed us and the old sage as we focused on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant.

High above the plant, unseen by mankind, a beautiful array of light-forms took positions around the quantum space fields. Our group had vectored in from quadrant 2113. We were observing the series of blowouts and the devastating consequences to the Earth. The light-forms took the strain and vectored the stress onto a neutral level. The worst of the radiation dispersed; but there was still enough 3D contamination around to destroy many lives... too many lives...

We brought the golden disk into place and positioned the harmonics between 3D space and sub-space. In our time Fukushima came to be known as, "the time heaven came to Earth". We had to stay focused .. to do what we can to help.

Too many lives echoed in my ears...

In 2011 Earth humans still did not understand the basics of interplanetary travel and its relationship to the soul. The lights-of-beings across the dimensions of space-time are the seeds of the universe floating in a sea of love. The human soul is a time-traveller surfing the infinite oceans of cosmos.

Our team got ready to intervene. Some of us had worked at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011 when the water pipes snapped in the earthquake, some had lost their lives as a direct result of the radiation. This intervention was 'personal' but our people remained calm and focused.

We picked up the vector radiations and shifted them. Too many lives on the periphery of this disaster for us to lose our focus now... Tan Che had lost his life in the disaster. With a big smile he waved us a thumbs up.
"Let's pick this one up," he said.

Tan Che had trained most of his life for this 2011 correction.
The disk swooped down and altered the time vector.
Earth was not going to 'end' this time around ...

From the deepest darkest corner the old sage watched us with no sign of emotion. If we failed he and his friends would burn up in the aftermath of multiple level reality meltdown's. We only perceived his presence in the few seconds where our laughter revealed that we had succeeded in our mission.

I turned my head to see the cloaked form of a medium hight Caucasian male hovering in the twilight zone between the worlds. He and his friends had taken the wrong path. They sought unrestricted power and all for the wrong reasons. We had recovered the Daiichi disaster by 2113; but the old sage had worked the last thousand years to recover his sanity again.

We travelled back in time to Fukushima Daiichi as he travelled back in time to us... It was our laughter that caused his tension to melt away. He was free, at last. He nodded slightly in gratitude and took a deep breath as he disappeared into an oval portal of indigo light. A bright twinkle of realisation sparked from the portal as it closed behind him.

What was the thought that freed him?

The elite and the masses are one and the same. The elite does not like to think it is part of the masses and the masses do not like to think they are part of the elite. The head, the body and the tail are fragmented and at war. The mind is divided and in conflict with itself. The casualties of war are all parties. They are all at war with themselves.

I laughed when I realised the past, the present and the future are one. The Zen Masters laughed because they are the totality of themselves across the illusion of space time. I awaken myself and myself awakens me...

From the deepest darkest corner the light shines brightest of all.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Leprechaun Sanctuary

There he was again - the little Leprechaun; but he had grown to almost three times his size and then some again. I thought Leprechaun's were small little people... He was sitting on my shoulder with his arm lounging across the top of my head. All dressed in green and laughing to himself as he watched my reaction...

"How did you change your size?" I asked the Leprechaun.
"Ha, haha, ha... don't ya know!" was all he said.
"Should you be leaning on my head like that!" I said telepathically.
"Haha .. " he laughed as he changed back to a little man sitting cross-legged on my shoulder, and I wonder how he did it!
"What makes yer think we are small?" he said, statement like.
"Dunno!" I replied, as I walked under the blossoming pink cherry trees.

"All ya need to focus on is the Leprechaun Sanctuary .. " he said looking pretty serious and all. "Because, all my friends from the Emerald Isle will be joining us soon .. and that's to be true."

There he goes again about his 'Leprechaun Sanctuary', although I thought it was a pretty good idea. I mean, why not? I wondered how many friends he had all waiting to leave Ireland...

"Just you get it ready!" was all he said.
I guess if they inhabit quantum space then I should find a place with a good harmonic resonance where the Leprechauns can easily come and go between our world and theirs. "And then there will be the Elves and the Faeries too, just so you know." he said without laughing.

Elves and faeries? What does he mean?
I have to admit that a good place full of Leprechauns, Elves and Faeries is a fine place to be. "And what will happen if the locals see you?" I asked, just so I could be prepared.

"Locals!" he shouted at the top of his voice... and then he quietened down again. "Ach, they kicked our human friends off the land a long time ago... and they have nothing left because of it."

I wonder where our people are? I thought. Did the Mayan's predict their return? Does the whole planet only belong to 'humans' or do people have to learn to share the planet with other life forms?

"Will the Sanctuary make a difference?" I asked the Leprechaun.
"Just you wait and see..." he said.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Renegades of Atlantis

We were renegades, travellers in time .. having to obey the rules of interstellar passage - we walked a fine line between responsible action and the sacred geometry of space-time.

The 'rules' were there for good reason. The elders had found out through tragic trial and error how badly things can go when you disobey the geometric laws of time and space. They taught those fragile laws to any aspiring discoverers of remote viewing and other forms of time travel.

Solon called us "The Renegades of Atlantis". Yes! He knew of our existence and he is still alive and well inside our time field. The ancient Japanese and Chinese civilizations called us "The Immortals".

When you travel through time and space you see what the Japanese and Chinese laid out in their accounts of mankind, civilization, the emperors, the god-kings and the immortals. You travel though many layers of reality and for the time^traveller all layers are real.

When coming from the future, interference in man's past is not an option. The effects are felt immediately in all realities. Time is an illusion - all space and time are now.

Buddhas, Zen masters, inter-dimensional teachers and extra-terrestrials devoted themselves to cleaning up the 'dharma' of too many mistakes and of too many glitches, that potentially could mess up the 'future', and mess up the balance of other realms.

As on Earth, there always were 'renegades' who feel compelled to bend the rules and who see this skill as a unique form of creation.

We left Atlantis long before its collapse and failure to apply the highest principles of consciousness. Yes. Atlantis did fall to the high priests of darkness. Those fools who seek power above all else and who pay the price.

We left long before the decay and collapse.

The masters of reality and the immortals cast a blind eye to our renegade culture because we were an advanced form of intelligence - an undivided part of the Tao. Revolt through isolation (ego) is merely the actions of a clumsy fool without guidance, those seeking power. We were too intelligent to fall into that trap.

All traps are merely a restriction for those who cannot transcend to the next level.

Our renegade group left Atlantis when we met those we call the 'ultimate renegades'. A higher intelligence so old and so advanced no rules apply to them. They are one with the universe.

It is difficult to say if they seeded us on Earth and other planets or if we simply entered their frequency. As soon as we met them all attachments ended and we left Atlantis as though we have never been part of that culture.

For tens of thousands of years our travels have become legends in worlds where the Tao is rarely seen or understood; but that is not why we travel the way we do. Compassion is also a misunderstanding of our renegade nature.

A sandstorm that protects a small band of warriors intent on maintaining the laws of 'one', is different than the gross interference of ET cultures intent on imposing their rule on colonized planets and younger worlds.

Few knew of our presence, no one saw our faces. We were so skilled in our actions that we barely altered the frequency of the past-present-future continuum. But the people whose hearts we touched altered the now transforming the future.

If you are not of the Tao, don't act
If you cannot see the way, don't move
If you desire to change, don't want
If you know who you are, listen

The old men in flowing robes and sandals raised their cries above the desert sands, as the younger men in over-sized boots ran zig-zag across the rocky terrain. A sudden wind blew a storm of dust around this small band of men, protecting them from harm. Our children safe, we renegades of Atlantis entered the storm of the Tao. We sank beneath the oceans of cosmos. We disappeared from view.

Part of all that is. Changing the future without changing it.
[Taoist discourse on Remote Viewing and Time Travel Skills]

Friday, January 28, 2011

Leprechaun On my Mind

Keep walking... he said... [with a small leprechaun Irish accent]
But what are you doing up there on the crown chakra of my head?
I though, but did not ask!

The small leprechaun all dressed in green, wearing a tall black hat and a small black belt with a .. was that a gold buckle? (I did not ask...)

Why is the leprechaun sitting on top of my head?
But, would change and appear like a beautiful swirling green flaming lotus bud cone.

I thought leprechauns were little people. I did not know they could change into geometric energy forms! Maybe they are more advanced that we realise! Maybe the Picts, the Celts and the Gauls were more advanced than we realise!

I kept walking...
but I was nervous about the green light vortex hovering above my head.
"Should you be hovering up there over my crown chakra?" I sheepishly asked.
"And, isn't this the perfect place to be sitting!" he replied.

Keep walking keep thinking...

I don't usually think when I walk. I observe the sky, the plants, the light of the day.

Keep walking keep thinking...

"Where do you hear thoughts?" he asked.

I was suddenly transported into a new reality awareness of the whole brain/mind of the human being. I discovered that Leprechauns can convey whole concepts in less than a second. Much faster than thought and much faster than language.

It was such a strange question, as I began to observe where thinking occurs.
It is inside the brain - inside the skull - right up there inside the head.

I can tell you that the thoughts were not appearing right up there inside the head, inside the skull, inside the brain... and the leprechaun just laughed aloud.

The leprechaun danced and laughed as he watched me try to figure out where my thoughts come from. All I can say is - you really have to pay attention.

I heard my thoughts in the space between the heart and the throat.
It certainly alters the meaning behind Socrates: The Cave Dwellers...

The little leprechaun seemed to defy me to hear the thinking process inside my brain/skull as I really paid attention while thinking ... but ...

"The process does not resonate inside the skull," said the leprechaun on my mind.

Monday, January 24, 2011

In The Eyes of My Creator ...

He was smiling and laughing... but why?

We were grubbing in the earth for the roots of plants. The Sun was warm as hot winds blew across the sandy desert plain. Our dark skinned fingers prised the roots out of the holes we had dug, with long thin sticks. I looked up from my work and I saw his face .. He was smiling and laughing... but why?

I died that year due to drought. Hundreds of years later the same area would be covered in floods. I would have been happy for the rain, because I knew how to navigate the heavy floods. But we could not deal with severe drought. We could not survive without water. Most of us died that year.

No one remembers us. The few who survived gave birth to generations of depressed alcoholics. Aboriginal people who lived on small reservations with no contact to their ancestors - their sky ancestors. Contact with the sky people was 'verboten', by royal decree .. so my families were forgotten.

In the eyes of my creator .. he was smiling and laughing... but why?

Today, I sit in my water rich community.
I sit at an electronic computer drawing its power from fire (energy).
But, as I sit here .. it is the same face smiling back at me.

In the eyes of my creator - he looks and he smiles as though there was never a drought and as though the recent rains had never fallen, flooding the plains. He is as young today as he was when I was born ten thousand years ago.

I wonder what the relationship is to the hands digging deep for roots and the hands drawing pictures in the caverns of the mind on computer keys? His gaze never wavers. His eyes do not lose their perspective. He seems not to have changed in all these centuries. He seems unaffected by rain, flood, drought or storm.

So, why do I remember? Why do I carry my dreams?

In the eyes of my creator. He was smiling and laughing... but why?

Perhaps this was the wrong question?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tears In My Eyes

They were a small slender intelligent race of reptilians from the 'future' .. location unknown. They were contacting or searching for connections into our current time zone [January Eclipse 2011] .. their physical features were dark green, wide eyes and fine elongated faces without wings and without a central horn.

The group of reptilians entered our psychic space and began asking questions in their own language. Even though we did not speak classic reptilian, our brains began to answer them in their own language .. once they had tested us they began to ask questions in English. We continued to answer them in reptilian.

Tears filled my eyes as we answered their questions .. we were continuing to answer their questions in the reptilian language. [Historical Note: We did not understand the language our human brain/minds we responding to - but the reptilians did understand our response].

Suddenly, out of sub-space a powerful and highly advanced order of future elite reptilian species appeared in the background mirror of our minds... They could be called the Rainbow Serpents. They were so advanced, they are beyond current human awareness or description.

The powerful advanced reptilian species began to answer the questions of their cousins without any participation of our Remote Seeing human group. We were unable to understand the direct interaction between the two groups.

Tears filled my eyes ...

A powerful Zen like reptilian species beyond anything we can imagine, spoke ..

We could not hear their answers, but tears in our eyes rang loud in our silent ears... Always have compassion - and not hatred - for those who would destroy you.

The powerful Zen like rainbow serpent reptilians brought tears of compassion to our hearts and our eyes... their answers to their smaller cousins seemed harsh. Perhaps there are past actions that lead to unavoidable destruction of a species.

Let this be a warning to human beings on planet Earth .. you are the future you create. Destroy and you will be destroyed. Kill and you will be killed. Each to his/her own kind... Create balance and peace, before you beg without hope for a future you will never see.