Saturday, April 23, 2011

From The Deepest Darkest Corner

The old sage was watching us from the shadows; but we did not see him. Behind him, a group of zone shifters observed us and the old sage as we focused on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant.

High above the plant, unseen by mankind, a beautiful array of light-forms took positions around the quantum space fields. Our group had vectored in from quadrant 2113. We were observing the series of blowouts and the devastating consequences to the Earth. The light-forms took the strain and vectored the stress onto a neutral level. The worst of the radiation dispersed; but there was still enough 3D contamination around to destroy many lives... too many lives...

We brought the golden disk into place and positioned the harmonics between 3D space and sub-space. In our time Fukushima came to be known as, "the time heaven came to Earth". We had to stay focused .. to do what we can to help.

Too many lives echoed in my ears...

In 2011 Earth humans still did not understand the basics of interplanetary travel and its relationship to the soul. The lights-of-beings across the dimensions of space-time are the seeds of the universe floating in a sea of love. The human soul is a time-traveller surfing the infinite oceans of cosmos.

Our team got ready to intervene. Some of us had worked at the Fukushima Daiichi plant in 2011 when the water pipes snapped in the earthquake, some had lost their lives as a direct result of the radiation. This intervention was 'personal' but our people remained calm and focused.

We picked up the vector radiations and shifted them. Too many lives on the periphery of this disaster for us to lose our focus now... Tan Che had lost his life in the disaster. With a big smile he waved us a thumbs up.
"Let's pick this one up," he said.

Tan Che had trained most of his life for this 2011 correction.
The disk swooped down and altered the time vector.
Earth was not going to 'end' this time around ...

From the deepest darkest corner the old sage watched us with no sign of emotion. If we failed he and his friends would burn up in the aftermath of multiple level reality meltdown's. We only perceived his presence in the few seconds where our laughter revealed that we had succeeded in our mission.

I turned my head to see the cloaked form of a medium hight Caucasian male hovering in the twilight zone between the worlds. He and his friends had taken the wrong path. They sought unrestricted power and all for the wrong reasons. We had recovered the Daiichi disaster by 2113; but the old sage had worked the last thousand years to recover his sanity again.

We travelled back in time to Fukushima Daiichi as he travelled back in time to us... It was our laughter that caused his tension to melt away. He was free, at last. He nodded slightly in gratitude and took a deep breath as he disappeared into an oval portal of indigo light. A bright twinkle of realisation sparked from the portal as it closed behind him.

What was the thought that freed him?

The elite and the masses are one and the same. The elite does not like to think it is part of the masses and the masses do not like to think they are part of the elite. The head, the body and the tail are fragmented and at war. The mind is divided and in conflict with itself. The casualties of war are all parties. They are all at war with themselves.

I laughed when I realised the past, the present and the future are one. The Zen Masters laughed because they are the totality of themselves across the illusion of space time. I awaken myself and myself awakens me...

From the deepest darkest corner the light shines brightest of all.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Leprechaun Sanctuary

There he was again - the little Leprechaun; but he had grown to almost three times his size and then some again. I thought Leprechaun's were small little people... He was sitting on my shoulder with his arm lounging across the top of my head. All dressed in green and laughing to himself as he watched my reaction...

"How did you change your size?" I asked the Leprechaun.
"Ha, haha, ha... don't ya know!" was all he said.
"Should you be leaning on my head like that!" I said telepathically.
"Haha .. " he laughed as he changed back to a little man sitting cross-legged on my shoulder, and I wonder how he did it!
"What makes yer think we are small?" he said, statement like.
"Dunno!" I replied, as I walked under the blossoming pink cherry trees.

"All ya need to focus on is the Leprechaun Sanctuary .. " he said looking pretty serious and all. "Because, all my friends from the Emerald Isle will be joining us soon .. and that's to be true."

There he goes again about his 'Leprechaun Sanctuary', although I thought it was a pretty good idea. I mean, why not? I wondered how many friends he had all waiting to leave Ireland...

"Just you get it ready!" was all he said.
I guess if they inhabit quantum space then I should find a place with a good harmonic resonance where the Leprechauns can easily come and go between our world and theirs. "And then there will be the Elves and the Faeries too, just so you know." he said without laughing.

Elves and faeries? What does he mean?
I have to admit that a good place full of Leprechauns, Elves and Faeries is a fine place to be. "And what will happen if the locals see you?" I asked, just so I could be prepared.

"Locals!" he shouted at the top of his voice... and then he quietened down again. "Ach, they kicked our human friends off the land a long time ago... and they have nothing left because of it."

I wonder where our people are? I thought. Did the Mayan's predict their return? Does the whole planet only belong to 'humans' or do people have to learn to share the planet with other life forms?

"Will the Sanctuary make a difference?" I asked the Leprechaun.
"Just you wait and see..." he said.