Friday, November 28, 2008

I Observe Everything

The three light-ships hovered above the hills opposite, maintaining the same height and distance, swaying imperceptibly - like fish floating in a sea of magnetism. The commander of the surveillance group was tall, his eyes were bright blue and his blonde hair swept down to shoulder level. He stood at the center of the larger light-ship extending a powerful psychic current through all three ships.

Far below, on earth, green leaves were turning yellow. Under the pine trees small mushrooms were pushing through the soft earth. Across the evening sky, crow families flew out from the fields to return to the South. Blackbirds shifted pine needles around the mushroom floor looking for insects and slugs. The air grew cooler as the sun set below the horizon.

"I observe everything..." he appeared to say, from his vantage point at the center-point of the light-ships. On closer observation it was not the thoughts of the Nordic commander, but the thought of Cosmos. Observation is creation. Creation is observation.

The commander stood at the center of the light-ships, at the center of his existence, at the center of his universe... mirroring the presence of a force from whose body all of life is created. "I observe everything," he said "I am everything."

There was a compassion for all things. Especially, for those who turned their back on immortality of spirit. Free will and free consequence in a universe upgrading itself. "I see, feel and hear everything." he said.

I wondered where was the Goddess so loved by the Native Celts, the children of the Nordic wanderers. Nature, the earth, oceans, trees, rivers and mountains are the Goddess. I am in him and he is in me, creating the creator. Beyond creation, there is no create and created, no division, no loss and nothing to gain.

The living operating system called Earth, the Galaxies and the Universe are a dual system created from the combining of magnetic force: yin and yang, male and female, north and south, east and west, dark and light... At the lower end the intelligent operating system is a playground, a circus, an entertainment. At the higher level the minds creating the system are observing their own creation.

"I observe everything." He said. "I am part of everything and everything is a part of me."

Pull yourself together and ...? The universe will end.

The crow families landed in the tall fir trees at the edge of the forest. The blackbirds stopped rustling among the pine needles as a black cat prowled around the garden wall. All creatures, microbes, fungi, bacteria and living cells have a built in sense of survival. It is part of life. Built into every cell. End the lowest life form and you end the highest. Even planets are built from the smallest particles. It is all magnetism.

Beyond survival there is simply the "current". Positive and negative no longer exist. The force of Aether is the Alchemists secret. The unifying force. Sauron sought it for his own power (one ring to rule them all) in Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, and the Elves respected it. Desire its power and the Aether is showing you your own nature. Understand its power and your own nature is showing you who you are.

"I observe everything." He said.
Inside those words the walls of the house seemed to come alive. The path ahead was filled with its own light. The door, the windows and the view outside were transformed.

Every atom in the universe seemed to be filled with a sense of survival. It was natural that differing though forms would compete and seek to protect their own identity, ego, perception. It was overkill that differing thought forms would seek to actively destroy each other, as this breaks apart the first principle of "survival". Nothing can be wiped out, it can only be transformed. Therefore the lower forms, fearing transformation, sought to maintain their position through elimination. This is how we eliminate our own place in the greater order of things.

"God does not destroy you. You destroy yourself." Would be the imagined line from a Dune series sequel, if Frank Herbert were still alive. Or perhaps his words come from another universe where he has begun to write his off-world sequel to the Dune sagas... on Earth.

- Zen Su