Friday, June 6, 2008

Beyond The Matrix

The coherent Time^Traveller knows that logical-linear rational explanations of ancient alchemy are the illusory walls of the linear matrix (thought). On picking up a simple hand made wand, the Time^Traveller experiences the pre-history and the future of man as one event. The ancient travellers do not move in straight lines, they shift through the dimensions in curves and circles (where the circle interconnects the dimensions).

The wands in Mu and Lemuria connect to the wands in Arcturus, Sirius and Mars. The wands connect Egypt, the Toltecs and the Celts in one simple vision. Trees, birds annimals and humans share a universal vision. We move silently within it's path. We experience it's breath. For the Time^Traveller the wand becomes its own interdimensional antenna, when the spirit is connected to the oneness that exists within all that is.

The children of the one create tools, and recall why they created these tools (beacons). Rituals and belief dull the mind to truth. The cutting edge of a tempered mind slices through the tangled knots of ritual and belief, leaving the vast horizons of the unknown within.

The coherent Time^Traveller touches and recalls the vision (the egg) from which they emerged and began their journey. Across the ages tools of their vision are scattered among the sands of time. We pick up those tools and they affect us in a different way than our fellow man. The tools put us in touch with our origins.