Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blue Star Tetrahedron

Arriving in Q6-2010 (Quadrant-6) the collective fear of death filled the air. A singular labyrinth was the cause of the fear related impotence, embedded like a cancer inside the Northern Hemisphere 6 mind-field. No one saw us enter the fear-zone and no one saw us leave.

Krishna began to unfold the blue-star tetrahedron, anchoring the orgone sphere to the earth's magnetic resonance. Collective psychic trauma is as destructive to a species as physical deterioration and sickness.

The impact area looked like a large crater, where all psychic life had been extinguished, its energy sucked into the growing fear. The hole formed and solidified out of the reaction to the hit. The more the people grew fearful the bigger and darker the hole.

Why do humans fear death? By 2010 the human species had become the number one killer of all other species on Earth. Populations barricaded inside their vast cities consumed the planet, while desiring never to die. Their addiction to the material world created a greater fear of death and a lack of understanding of life.

The self(ego) - desiring security - collapsed at any suggestion that its continuation and security were under threat. Fear of illness and disease can create a much greater problem than disease itself. Rather than experience enlightenment, human populations crashed headlong into the wave of change sweeping the planet, activating their own deeper hidden fears.

The psychic impact crater, within the planetary mind, left a scar bleeding across those interdimension frequencies closer to the earth's plane. Highly powered orgone spheres were non-intrusive options to heal the impact areas.

Sutara set up a protective field around the star:
"Fear is the mind killer. Mirror back its nature and form."
When faced with its own reflection, fear will always run away or transform.

The Vedic sang the star tetahedron awake:
"If there is a danger? Face it. If there is a problem? Solve it. If there is a challenge? Meet it. In all things, show gratitude."

We designated the area, Fa*er Quadrant 0122^2010, as we activated the blue orgone sphere within the star tetrahedron.