Friday, September 11, 2009

Energy of Change: Ea2012 - A Conflict of Interests

The disaster was looming nearer, its energy spreading across parallel dimensions. Looking back, from our point of view, two crossing time lines could be observed together as they were so close during The Transformation. Ea2012 and Ea2112 were distinct time lines whose convergence points matched The Transformation.

The Romanised Ea2012 was struggling with political issues of integrity and reduction of parasitic human-to-human conflicts of interest. It was an ugly time, as the planet was infected with too many entity fragments to make its future viable.

In sharp contrast Ea2112 was integrated in its approach to the coming disasters it was preparing to face. Ea2112 viewed the global upheavals as a test of strength and initiation, where Ea2012 viewed the approaching global upheavals as an "opportunity" for advantage and control. The Ea2012 parasitic infestation made it difficult for humans to act outside of their conditioning.

Ea2012 had attracted too many self-serving life forms to be able to successfully establish a civililsation beneficial to mankind and the planet. The problem with parasitic-entity possession of global communities lies in the conditions that make parasitic bonding possible. Conditions on Ea2012 were perfect for this host infestation.

The first parasitic entry point of lasting value was the Roman Empire. Until that point previous attempts to set conditions had been repelled by the majority of humans living on Ea. However, the brutality and surgical precision of the Roman Empire dealt a number of fatal blows to the human psychic immune system.

The planetary vibration of Ea2012 attracted an imbalance of lower vibration souls and opened entry points for mass infestation of lower parasitic astral forms. As the Transformation energies would sweep the board clean, the situation on Ea2012 was radically different than the situation of Ea2112.

The mass populations on Ea2012 remained largely ignorant of the circumstances leading to global weather, continental and population changes sweeping the planet. Attempts to create political and social order, and weather the storms, were carried out in hidden, secretive and manipulative ways. This is common in planetary communities where the mass populations take no responsability for their own welfare, but rely on ruling systems to think and act for them.

Ea2112 began, long before the disasters, to agree on collective responsability and cooperation in meeting the upheavals over the next 100 years of transformation. However, Ea2112 were not infested with astral parasitic entities and were not following the Roman Empire extinction time line manifest future.

On Ea2112 time line there was no need for secrecy and manipulative behind the scenes attempts to deal with the 100 year wave. The human populations were peacefully focused on cooperation with the Solar and planetary energies. This was a time of sharing and adaptation, a new beginning, a time for renewal.

If we had a sense of humour, from our point of viewing the historical past, we would find if laughable to try and understand how they would hide 100 years of planetary change from the human populations living through those changes ... In general, our time travel perspective found it "pathetic", and attributed the mass insanity to "parasitic" and "inhuman" elements feeding off the planet.

In our conclusion, we report the comments of our "EA 2012: Earth Participant Teams" - whose assessment of the time line gave us a clearer understanding of the energies at work in that Time Quadrant. "The Ea2012 situation could be better described as a planetary colon cleanse, healing and planetary shift postponement until 2112." [End of comment]

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Walking Dry River

I met my friend Walking-Dry-River in the mountains. This was the early seventies... I was twelve years old. Strange ways said I had a spirit-knowledge particle following me around and so I could go to a place and know things. Perhaps Walking-Dry-River saw this and decided to give me his story.

In the Highlands of Alba everywhere you looked there was water and everything was green. Water was falling down the rocks and crevices, it was soaking into the peat, it was dripping from the rocks... even the stones looked wet. You walked beside one of those rivers and you knew water was life.

One day I happened to find a path of stones and shale all winding like a snake and buried deeper into the landscape. There were lots of trees and bogs around, so what made that old river dry up? The winding pebbles and stones looked like old bones of a river whose waters once moved swift and brought life all the way down its path.

That was when Walking-Dry-River first appeared in my life. He was a warrior and medicine man. On his head was the skull of a bison and by his side was a hickory staff. These were ancient storm energies, manifesting strong wind and driving rain.

It seemed strange that Walking-Dry-River was carrying such power and yet his path was stony dry riverbeds. He did not say much, he just watched me walking along thinking about where the water had gone and why the old river bed was dry.

"The water is under the ground," he said at some point. I stopped and looked at him.

How did he know what I was thinking? How does he know where the water has gone? "I don't see it underground," was all I said.

I went back to following the dinosaur snaking trail of the riverbed. I could walk on the paths of great waters because the river was dry. How many millions of years might a river live before it dies?

"The water went underground way back up there," he pointed, "it is now very deep, flows another way."

I stopped to look at him, an ancient relic in a modern time. People today would laugh at Walking-Dry-River. They would ask him, "Where is your power?"

He would probably answer, "It's gone underground.. way back there.."

I sat down on an old grey stone and looked at Walking-Dry-River. Behind him was a subtle mirage of red canyons. He looked like he had come through a time portal whose doors remained open waiting for him to return.

I did not ask him what he meant. That is why Strange Ways said I had a spirit-knowledge particle following me around, I did not have to ask him what he meant, because I would find out.

By 2010 there were a lot of places once rich in water, whose rivers were now dried bone serpents and all those places had people clinging to those arteries of life. The greatest and most powerful serpents of the world were fading into the rocks and sand. With their demise the flesh of the rivers: birds, animals, insects, fish, plants and humans were fading with them.

I sat on the old grey lichen covered rocks and I looked back at Walking-Dry-River. Sometimes it can take a quiet mind many years to truly understand why things happen the way they do.

People may have asked Walking-Dry-River, "Where is your power of lightning, rain and wind?"

Having lost the wisdom themselves they are never around to find the right answer. They also disappeared - long ago - with the rivers... way back down that long dusty trail.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blue Star Tetrahedron

Arriving in Q6-2010 (Quadrant-6) the collective fear of death filled the air. A singular labyrinth was the cause of the fear related impotence, embedded like a cancer inside the Northern Hemisphere 6 mind-field. No one saw us enter the fear-zone and no one saw us leave.

Krishna began to unfold the blue-star tetrahedron, anchoring the orgone sphere to the earth's magnetic resonance. Collective psychic trauma is as destructive to a species as physical deterioration and sickness.

The impact area looked like a large crater, where all psychic life had been extinguished, its energy sucked into the growing fear. The hole formed and solidified out of the reaction to the hit. The more the people grew fearful the bigger and darker the hole.

Why do humans fear death? By 2010 the human species had become the number one killer of all other species on Earth. Populations barricaded inside their vast cities consumed the planet, while desiring never to die. Their addiction to the material world created a greater fear of death and a lack of understanding of life.

The self(ego) - desiring security - collapsed at any suggestion that its continuation and security were under threat. Fear of illness and disease can create a much greater problem than disease itself. Rather than experience enlightenment, human populations crashed headlong into the wave of change sweeping the planet, activating their own deeper hidden fears.

The psychic impact crater, within the planetary mind, left a scar bleeding across those interdimension frequencies closer to the earth's plane. Highly powered orgone spheres were non-intrusive options to heal the impact areas.

Sutara set up a protective field around the star:
"Fear is the mind killer. Mirror back its nature and form."
When faced with its own reflection, fear will always run away or transform.

The Vedic sang the star tetahedron awake:
"If there is a danger? Face it. If there is a problem? Solve it. If there is a challenge? Meet it. In all things, show gratitude."

We designated the area, Fa*er Quadrant 0122^2010, as we activated the blue orgone sphere within the star tetrahedron.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The Sign

He was never part of this world, he never would be...
From the golden pinnacle of a slender crystal mountain, he surveyed the landscape far below him.

The Netherworld pulsed in fragmentary cycles and no one in the real world noticed its existence... People wandered the surface of their own beautifully rich landscape with unseeing eyes. They did not see the faded pulse of the Netherworld encroaching on their space, and they did not see their own incredible island ... of light ... in the middle ... of darkness.

The encroaching pulse quickened and slowed, its cycles were erratic. The Netherworld presence was growing weak. The shadow forms were afraid, uncertain, powerless. In their efforts to take on human form, they had not understood the basic nature of the world they sought to dominate.

Ghost emotions are the illusions that arise when Netherworld presence meets truth. Desperate, hungry, devoid... grabbing at strands of energy floating around the edge of the Vortex that creates an aura around life forms... The intruding shadow forms were shaking in a strange way as the central sun began to rise above the horizon. They could not see the rising sun.

The shadow beings could not feel the central sun's real world presence. All they could sense was a vibratory shaking as the real world began to fade into a ghostly form before them. The vibratory shaking sounded like FEAR.

The singular weapon they had used against humans was taking form inside them and shaking the shadow forms apart. The Netherworld was solidifying around them, the real world was fading from their grasp.

The Master looked back into the Earth culture's fragile roots... Faer, fyr, fuir, fire... danger... That was how it felt when the Celtic tribes first moved through the blazing time vortex, circling before them like a galaxy of fire.
"Faer!" muttered the voices.
When they came out the other side...

The Gaelic voice uttered back across the aeon of space time.

The Master of The Vortex hesitated and looked back at a small gathering of people on a remote shore not so far from here...

"Fear is time," said Krishnamurti to a gathering of... who knows who they were?
Dressed in modern clothes, they seemed to be frozen... "Teine!" It was not the real world fading into shadow form, it was the separation of forms as the Netherworld lost its footing in the light. He stood silently watching the process from a plateau overlooking all frequencies.

The Ancient Ones had decided not to fight... What are 12,000 years to the Masters of Reality... They gazed ahead to the rising of the Central Sun, deciding not to disturb their seed. Leave it hidden in the earth. Their time will come... The decision was made...

The Master cast his gaze to an Island of Light far below. A blue orb guardian with a golden disk was watching over his friend. Distinct vibrations were converging, their colours of light merging, crossing and leaving forms behind. It was all about vibration...

Essential form taken from "EarthBrother"
on it's journey into the future...

Vanishing Souls - Hollowization

"What's the matter Hiyori, you feeling alright?"

... "Shinji, let go of me... "

... "Lisa .. Rose .. Hachi .. "

... "Hold on a minute! Kaname .. " ... Bleach Episode 211 English Dub

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Healers of Form

We had to clear the area...

Deep below the rock a schism had formed. The psychic scan showed that humans had forced the wound through some kind of anti-magic. We scanned back and found the group responsible.

A dark low density reptilian form had overlaid itself on what had once been a powerful light harmonic. This was a parasitic force, draining and feeding from the lowest point of the human psyche. It worked both ways - the parasitic human behaviour of those attracted to the location matched the astral entity rooted into the ancient Keltic settlement.

First the Roman Empire had destroyed the settlement, and later the elite had called the astral form from its low-density vibration, superimposing it on the material landscape. There it hid, for hundreds of years, feeding and strengthening the corrupting frequency that held mankind enslaved to its path.

We were a loose group of rebels, shifting in and out of the time location we had used to evade the disruption of earth. The serpent beings in our group were surprised to see the low density reptile take form. Not all serpent beings are dark, and they don't necessarily like each other.

Tzolkin and Bezhelah wanted to go straight in and destroy it; but our commander signalled his disapproval... and we all fell back to observe the creature taking form before us.

Athamheh moved forward and crouched to the ground, searching for a local point to scan for the reptilian's field parameters. The creature hesitated, hanging for a moment in a haze of dark sulphur that rose from the ground like smoke from a magic lantern gone wrong.

"It's not living," she said.

The Nordic commander of our group projected blue orgone orbs around the location and we began blasting the area with high intensity radiance. The dark projection wavered and weakened. The apparently solid form rippled into a grey-green steam. We continued to blast. The reptilian form was a projection, an illusion.

As the local area began to suck in Aether from the earth's magnetic field the dark apparition faded and dispersed. In its place a halo of light grew in intensity. The interdimensional fracture in the rock below closed and healed.

A bright figure began to emerge as the dark cloud dispersed into the night air. Cloaked in robes of light, hooded, with the antlers of a stag, the original force had returned. His antlers had become a symbolic crown of thorns, as the distortion took hold of the psyche of mankind. The light was made dark, the truth was cloaked in lies.

They drew on the darkest, lowest vibration - itself a slave to the thoughts of living beings who would give it semi-material form on the surface of the planet. The disorder of man became entangled in the low-density vibration, and the two came to depend on each other for life and form.

The figure of light faded into the local field as we withdrew into our own dimension zone. The planet was transforming itself quicker than we had first realised.

If you like my stories watch my videos: OrgonArt

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Futures Hidden In The Leaves

It is May 7 2009...
Independent T^Travellers observe all that surrounds them in the moment, as the manifestation of what is reveals the location and the unique Story within that location [acknowledging that all time and space are connected]. 

The sun sets in the West as the silver moon rises low in the East. The air is warm and the cloudless sky is pale blue. The small white blossoms of the Acacia trees begin to open. There is not a breeze to be felt - the trees are completely still. As the light of the Sun withdraws, the light of the Moon grows brighter. The black crows feed their chicks inside the large nest, poised on the church steeple high above the blossoming Acacia trees.

Independent T^Travellers navigate in the now, they apply their observations to an ancient cycle. In this way T^Travellers stay in tune with the original source code origins, as static civilisations draw lines on the shifting sands of time: day one, day two, day three... although Fibonacci observes 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ...

Is the moon floating, or is something mysterious pulling it? In the distant past there was no moon rotating around the earth and in the future perhaps the moon no longer exists (as people see it now).

As the sun was setting, the forest birds were singing. Perhaps their songs are the real Story. The tall trees were silent. On the forest floor small frail seedlings grew among fallen branches, extending out of a bed of leaves. The small trees seemed to appear out of chaos. Under the dry leaves a rich soil feeds the next generation of plant life.

The Sun, the Moon, the forest floor, the trees and the echoing songs of unseen birds emerge out of the unseen ground of being. Behind all that is vibrations of sound, colour and light mix together - matching the vibrations of The Phenomenon. Magnetic, Sacred Geometric forms combine and recombine in resonant sequences Fibonacci could see. Or does the song of birds sing the unseen into our minds?

When an Independent T^Traveller observes a branch, a leaf, a tree, a flower or a crystal, they see the unseen sequence of growth that underlies reality. The flight of the moon, the rising and setting sun, the air pressure, the flow of water and air all relate a sequence of movement so subtle that the mind has to be incredibly sensitive to observe it. .. Interesting!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Futures Lost

When studying The Earth Chronicles: 311-2011 [Archaic Declination], apprentice T^Travellers begin with primary focus on the Futures Lost series of accounts. A difficult area of study open only to direct contact through the most profound Time^Travellers. The difficulty being that time lines lost are hazardous journeys due to the zero factor of their sustainability. These areas of research and travel can be both disturbing and counter productive, if the traveller does not know what they are doing.

The original Lemurian Masters broke new ground, and everything done after followed the lines and structure set out by these T^T masters as they designed and created ways for the Earth Human mind to interact and navigate the mysteries of the unknown universe.

EquinoxT^2012 students were able to observe (in relative safety) the flux and variations that create a successful time line variation, or factors that destroy and send other variations into the zone we later called Futures Lost. The 2009 Equinox Mount Redoubt eruptions were one such factor, allowing Time^Travellers to review their lineage and understand the process that allows an emerging future to continue its growth cycle, rather than face destruction.

During the March Equinox eruptions in Alaska, the essential factor that prevented catastrophic events to unfold was intelligent cooperation and harmony with forces that benefit mankind. Time lines who did not make this basic contact and commitment, received no help. Their destructive decline was cataclysmic as well as energetic, and they serve as a sobering marker to the dangers of navigating reality cycles using bad intent.

Shifting locality and observing ones own alternative broken down self struggling for survival in a Futures Lost zone requires Zen like balance and an impeccable nature. Generally, only advanced Time^Travel students are capable of reviewing the nature of fractured time lines. Time^Travellers with a powerful Buddha like nature can observe fractured lines to the very end of their existence. They do this for reasons yet unknown.

As Nordic and Lemurian crafts attempted to work the time distortion field cycles appearing above key volcanoes, international ground bases cooperated in protecting their allies. Within the earth frequency Draco reptilian forces attempted to destroy an essential element protecting the EquinoxT^2012 time line: Heart felt love.

Reviewing the determination and courage our ancestors showed in creating our EquinoxT^2012 future, is always a powerful experience for Earth Chronicle students of this period. Future generations were able to remove fourth dimensional Draco entity intrusion into third dimensional space, by eliminating genetic parasitic frequencies from human DNA. Removal of the trojan parasitic sequences finally closed the door to a massive energy drain effecting humans on earth.

The active antidote to parasitic intrusions during EquinoxT^2012 was a masterful manifestation of love rippling across the planet at a time the earth needed it most. Masters of reality created quantum strings of turbulence, that effect our resonant time field even in our future age. The vortex turbulence defeating the parasitic intruders at a key time in earth's development encoded orgone radiant love strings into human DNA strands. [The Earth Chronicles: 311-2011]

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Neutral Zones Observation

From world to world, across multi-universes, the basic T^T rules are the same. Energy conversion and energy conservation. The higher the frequency, the higher the conversion and conservation of energy. A unique being who lives for thousands of years, is essentially optimally conserving and converting energy.

Independent Time^Travellers quickly learned the Art [Alchemy] of Energy=NoThing.

The science of connecting inner navigation with the totality of oneself across space and time requires a deeper understanding of the nature of ego-self and its uses [misuses] of power.

Sequoia trees have grown on the earth across thousand years span cycles, because their energies are pure, they have not been corrupted by the toxic pollution created from the psychic instability of man. Their roots are in the old world (not this world), and they draw from that purity. These silent Zen Masters are removed from the creatures crawling around on the land surface below, struggling to control each other, while they cut down a few old trees.

It can be that T^Travellers enter and leave highly egoistic worlds, where ego is defined as the personal use of power (in non-intelligent ways). Is there an intelligent way to mis-use power? -- Don't use it !! '- )

Krishnamurti jokes aside. Independent Time^Travellers were able to navigate the turbulence creates by power[obsessed]mind zones, and some even surf those zones in the same way Californians love to surf really big and dangerous waves. As a Time^Traveller you have to know what you are doing or you get crushed.

Psychic obsession power waves are far more destructive to earth-crawlers than natural waves in deep space or in the oceans. Quantum magnetic waves will push aside but not destroy the wave surfers. Whereas psychic obsession waves will destroy physical mass and psychic mass inside the operating zone [the human mind].

For this reason Atlantean Masters left behind a Zen code of practice.

Independent Time^Travellers use these codes to navigate the free movement of energy, as opposed to restricted [personal power]. For a Time^Traveller personal power is the most dangerous and deceptive current. You just don't don't sail into those currents, because they will suck you under.

This returns us to the equation: Energy=NoThing. It is pure Zen.

Independent Time^Travellers navigate outside of attachment and personal gain, because what you gain you lose. This quantum law kind of cancels out gain. Having lost what you gained the next level of deterioration is aggression, because you lost it [equals psychological attachment] you wont let go. There you have the undercurrent - one of many - swirling in deceptive ways around the hidden rocks of ego and personal power.

Inside the neutral zones T^T Teachers would say: "It is not the individual, but the obsession - when the obsession becomes the individual - that power spin loops back and distorts reality."

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mythology of Emerging Lines

"True creation is inner balance." [T^Traveller - Zensu]

The gathering constituted a merging of the dimensions. Animals, trees, fish, microbes, megaliths, star alignments, dolphins, birds, rock drawings oceans and humans emerged from the background Otherness.

"You are the mythology," he said.

Who would understand the truth without a conscious awareness of T^Travel?

They emerged. We emerged. It emerged. From the void. Mythological creatures giving birth to ourselves. How long had each race, each species, each particle and vibration existed on canyon walls, before entering the test zone of existence?

The dolphin surfaced, blowing the last breath of air into the sky. Buoyant on infinite oceans covering those wet canyon walls deep down below the surface. Hidden by centuries of underwater volcanoes, eruptions of mud and glowing lava, these ancient walls still held the fossilised lines of our existence.

Like shadows on the walls of Plato's cave, humans were cast in vague shades of misty uncertainty. The fossils deep below the oceans surface were clearer, brighter, richer, more defined. Whales, sharks and dolphins observed the frail reflection of an eagle as it cross the midday sun. Just as bright, just as sharp and defined as the ancient fossil of its creation, deep deep down below the oceans surface.

My friends and I spent thousands of earth sun revolutions listening to the fragile and beautiful lines of our humanity. Each line was a portal, and each portal a line. In one life I awoke from an encounter with those line drawings we call mythological fossils. A painting so profound it leaves one wondering who the artist is, and does the observer know the artist, or even themselves?

Like creatures emerging from paint and clay we crossed the eternal canvass. Where death was a blessing, because there we are closer to life. Not in the future and not in the past, but in this moment. Hidden within the lines of our existence, mythological paintings of death are hidden from our senses. The old enemy fear points a boney finger at the location and direction, and those who touch upon it freeze and turn away - or they travel in time...

Friday, February 27, 2009

The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones.
Much older than mankind...
Perhaps they are older than the universe...

Independent Time^Travellers know them as The Hooded Ones. They are generally associated with forests, no matter where you meet them on planet earth. Perhaps an ancient archetypal forest accompanies them in their interactions with mankind. Perhaps in some way they are the forest.

Beings powerful enough to manifest an ancient virgin forest around them wherever they go, and yet who do not interfere with universal free will... Beings who do not use their power. This most ancient forest is connected to every forest in the universe, in inter-dimensional space, not only on earth.

The Hooded Ones tend the gardens of creation. They care for the growing inter-planetary life forms in the same way a careful gardener cares for trees, flowers, fruit and the plants growing on the earth.

One came forward out of the dark forest manifesting the mind of oneness. People are not afraid of the danger that comes from outside. People on earth are most afraid of the truth, of seeing the actual reflection of the form they have taken over the centuries.

There is no other path to truth than to face oneself, and bring the light to bear on all illusions, deceptions (of self), and the lies we tell ourselves as we live the lie. Independent Time^Travellers are aware that the greatest enemy is self deception, and if they want to give up their freedom all they have to do is live the lie of self deception in its many forms.

Love, true love, becomes a powerful mirror destroying all illusion of self and self importance. Yet, the ending of ego-self is not the manifestation of a spiritually superior being. Therefore the Celtic people portrayed Cernunnos in the state they perceived him... As part of the basic life force caring for all creatures while surrounded by astrological representations of the surrounding universe.

The Hooded Ones cloak their light in dark robes to give them form in this world. The early ancestors could meet them in the forests, the ancient temples of light, and seek to understand themselves and their place in the universe. To rely on manual physical technology is a devolution from being able to make those journeys with the mind.

The Celtic concept that a hunter could meet a white stag and feel such a love pouring forth that his heart was open to creation, was real. Such a meeting with hunters today, would be devastating for the individual whose heart is so out of touch with reality that fear reigns supreme.

Yet, we live in such times, where mythology and mystery will once more walk the surface of the earth with mankind. These mysterious beings, carved on now crumbling walls of stone, were misunderstood and misrepresented by thought. It was not the mind that understood the initiation, it was always the heart.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Astral Fragments - Part One

Planet Earth became a feeding ground for what Time^Travellers call emo's, when earth humans collectively fell into the excess emotion trap. This variation on a planetary theme is not common in the universe, but it does happen. Triggering extreme emotions can lead to conflicts, suffering, fragmentation and divisions, but behind the scenes these reactions are a feeding ground for emo's. Invisible astral fragments who parasite energy from emotional tremors, or emotional volcanic activity in and around humans.

Usually, one individual will be used to trigger the emotional upheaval that will effect [impact] a larger area. The emo's (astral fragments) use emo-friendly individuals to generate emotional stress on contacts and family members. The emo's feed off the negativity generated as trigger events cause collective trauma states to emerge. Independent Time^Travellers learn to shift emotional energy into an emo-unfriendly state.

Time^Travellers used frequency portals and stargate coordinates to navigate through planetary zones creating scriptures, temples, monoliths, wall and cave paintings of Buddha or Christ type anomalies. Local populations, at their level, worshiped the stargates, while Time^Travellers used them as navigation doors. It depends on one's inner perspective.

The navigation paths for independent Time^Travellers were used to balance shifts of emotion off-world observers call energy-drains. This inner balance would activate a field around the traveller, protecting them from the astral parasitic emo's. The inner balance shield creates a frequency resonance emo's cannot penetrate. Various students of the dimensions have called this: love, awareness, silence, stillness or moving beyond thought [ego]. Embedded in planetary worlds emo's feed ego, and in return ego feeds emo's.

Emo's are fragmented astral parasites, floating in sub-space just outside the spectrum of physical space. They are the last fragments to shatter from an ego personality at death. Emo's are not living creatures, they are pieces of memory, fragments of psychic attachment, obsession, desire, fear and sorrow. Emo's are the creation of thought, and like the HAL 9000 in Kubricks 2001 - A Space Odyssey, thought thinks it is alive.

[End of Part One]

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Singularity Portals

T^Traveller awareness cannot be squashed into a narrow cave dweller existence. A Time^Traveller has to be able to distinguish between the paradigm illusion of the current surround-sound echo and the Intelligence Singularity Portal. I just made that up ;-)

Of course, one cannot be a T^Traveller and be part of the matrix...

As a traveller of Singularity Portals, it is essential that you do not allow the thought based self-indulgent mind to overwhelm your creativity and intelligence.

During public Talks at Brockwood Park, Krishnamurti would ask: Are you being swamped by the world when you leave here? Your sensitivity being destroyed?

Something was happening in the lives of ordinary people that destroys their creative spirit.
J. Krishnamurti was the number one T^Travel navigator of cosmic consciousness.

So, what do you do not to get swamped?

It depends on whether you are prepared to compromise your Singularity Portal for common worthless trash, or whether you have a Rainbow Warrior Spirit to soar like an eagle - a lonely existance - far above the insanity of this present world.

Our T^T ancestors died for their loneliness. They refused to enslave themselves to the corrupt Empire of Self .. Pay attention and you will understand .. Look here -- and listen!

Where you stand now is always at the center of your existence...

Friday, January 30, 2009

Understanding Quantum Space

To the Time^Traveller, there is no divided separation of time and space. Quantum space is the great mix of physical and spiritual dimensions in which physical consciousness (thought) experiences movement as time. The movements of planets and stars can be measured and recorded in terms of planet around a sun. In this sense time is a convenient but limited rule to measure and record physical movement cycles.

The independent Time^Traveller is aware of, looking at life, from another angle. There is a higher seeing, beyond thought, through which direct perception (fluid) dramatically changes the consciousness of the traveller.

When the linear mind, with its measurements, discovers a civilisation who do not base their perceptions (relationship) with cosmos in terms of linear measurement of physical movement. How is that linear mind to understand the other civilisations perspective unless it shifts to that level?

Independent Time^Travellers observe reality and events from a perspective outside of the base movement system they occupy. The base system is there to serve the planetary occupants, and not the other way round. Becoming obsessed with the inner workings and ticking of the clock rather using it, is the cave dweller inhabiting the cave.

A stressed out banker may use a clock to rush to a scheduled meeting. Social groups may use a clock to celebrate the New Year. Scientists at CERN may use a clock to bend time at the right angle. But then it would have to resonate with crystal flux, and clocks don't go there. Cosmos and events sort of shadow the precision.

Independent Time^Travellers are aware of the force behind the moving cycles and events. They pay attention to that other force. They navigate by its presence, using intelligence (direct observation). Technology advanced or primitive are clocks, a system. The Time^Travelling mind is beyond technology, it can resonate with crystal flux manifesting point on precision. Video: Who are we really?

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Nazgûl

Outside the house grew tall poplar trees, elderberry and an ancient cherry tree. The garden was rectangular, the soil was mostly clay. Brambles and gooseberry bushes huddled into the base of the poplar trees. At night, the sky above showed signs of shooting stars and other unseen intruders. 

The child was a Time^Traveller. The time zone was irrelevant to the child. The enemy pursued us into the past, the present and if it could into the future... but something changed, and the future was a retreat, a haven, a sanctuary from which the Rainbow Warriors defeated the singular enemy of mankind.

The child had no idea where she had been. Time travelling from one zone to the next. All she knew was the dash through the glass window and behind her a blue (impenetrable) light formed a protective barrier. The wraith like creature was pursuing her, because she dared to leave her physical body (while asleep) and enter the forbidden zone, The Crystal Schools of Light.

The frail wraith like creature screamed as the human spirit passed out of its reach, and some powerful presence set a field of protection between it and the earth-seed light... The young Time^Traveller heard the scream as she woke from the dream. It seemed that the wraith creature was in a worse shape - as it pursued its own demise. The scream of something long dead, and dying, with limited capacity and a desire to terrorise that which is more intelligent than itself.

As the sun rose in the west, the tall poplar trees began to sway, the air grew warm and the buds of the cherry tree began to blossom. In the far South Krishnamurti began to speak to a gathered audiance: "Watch it and you will be able to end it".