Thursday, April 23, 2015

Grimmjow Returns! Where is Ulquiorra?

This might be a 'spoiler' .. so do not read any further #_#

My all-time Bleach favorite Hollowization was posted on this Blog back in 2009: Vanishing Souls - Hollowization. Of course Aizen is bad ass and in the Bleach Anime Movie 211 after conducting his hollowfication experiment on the Shinigami Aizen says to Captain Hirako: Any betrayal you can see is trivial. What is more frightening is the betrayal you cannot see.

Now in Bleach Chapter 624 - The Fang .. at last Grimmjow returns. The end of the Chapter is Ichigo saying: You're ... GRIMMJOW !! And it says: Karma brought him back!! Grimmjow was one of my all time favorite characters in Bleach. Aizen is pretty bad .. but my all time favorite was (is) ULQUIORRA-

Ulquiorra - All Time Favorite
I thought the last and final fight between Ichigo and Grimmjow was good !! But .. the fights between Ichigo and Ulquiorra were totally amazing. The final battle between Hollow Ichigo and Ulquiorra was probably the best fight ever.

If I am right about this and you want to be 'surprised' .. do not read any further. If I am wrong and this is not how Ulquiorra returns then I will be surprised >_< ...

I seriously hope I am wrong about this and Haschwalth is not Ulquiorra .. because I do not particularly like him. Everything is: Yes! Your Majesty! At least Quincy Bazby is going for it and showing some individual development. I generally find the Quincy's so boring .. Including Uryu.

The problem is I am an artist and I see things with the eyes of an artist. I saw this way back reading Chapter 513: The Dark Moon Stroke.

I thought... Oh! No! Please don't let this be Ulquiorra! At the end of Bleach 513 Juha Bach is fighting with Ichigo. Juha apparently kills Ichigo and he says to Haschwalth: Take him to our castle... We'll resuscitate him and make him join our troops.

On the following page as Haschwalth touches Ichigo there is this strange flash where Ichigo says [thinks]: This is... No way...

Kubo has this one framed eye on a dark face that is not Juha Bach and Haschwalth is always portrayed as very white .. he is the complete opposite of Ulquiorra in every way. Except that Ulquiorra appeared similar in respect to Aizen and his loyalty and his obedience to Aizen.

From an artists perspective that face is similar to how Kubo drew Ulquiorra in the final battle with Ichigo [Hollow]. In the final battle he says to Ichigo: Hurry up. If you don't kill me now it will never be over...

Ichigo answers: ...I wont do it. [Refuses to kill Ulquiorra].

It is possible Juha created a new body [form] for Ulquiorra because in the end his body dissolved into spirit particles. In the end he also looked like he loves Orihime. If Haschwalth is the return of Ulquiorra then maybe his love for Orihime may cause him to not destroy Ichigo.

If Haschwalth is Ulquiorra then like Grimmjow his return will also be 'karmic'. If I am right then will Aizen silently recognise Ulquiorra when they meet [as I am sure they will at some point]. I warned you all not to red this #_#

I am thinking that if Haschwalth is Ulquiorra then wont there be a conflict of loyalties when he meets Aizen again? If this is Ulquiorra .. his first loyalty was / is to Aizen. That is a loyalty Ulquiorra never stepped back from or betrayed. Technically Ulquiorra loved Aizen .. I never saw the relationship being this: "Yes! Your Majesty!" type of dynamics..

Aizen pretty much trusted Ulquiorra whereas Juha trusts no one.

Aizen could leave Ulquiorra in charge back at Hueco Mundo while Juha is a total control freak .. because he thinks he is ALL POWERFUL and Master of the Universe. If Haschwalth is Ulquiorra will he protect Aizen if the two come face to face in battle? That Aizen battles with Juha one on one!

As Grimmjow returns to Bleach he still has this defiant character .. maybe more so as he is looking pretty mean. The dynamics of Grimmjow are still in place and he may be even more bad ass. So far Aizen is clearly more dangerous .. more powerful and more bad ass than when he was defeated.

I expect Grimmjow to be even more powerful and he is already looking bad ass even though he has agreed to help out Soul Society. I am sure he would love another go at Ichigo .. because that is the way he is. If Ulquiorra is Haschwalth .. then he needs a ton of character development beyond: Yes! Your Majesty!

My theory is that when Ichigo touches the spirit of his opponent he perceives their soul [their unique spirit energy]. That would explain why he suddenly saw a flash of Ulquiorra's presence and power when they connected. When Juha ordered Haschwalth to bring Ichigo back to the castle or palace. Because .. Ichigo would recognize that power.

If Haschwalth is Ulquiorra would Grimmjow recognise him?