Friday, December 14, 2012

Sacred Mountain

"Sacred mountain...
All of the Earth is sacred!"

I was born! Inside sacred mountains!

All of the mountains are pure! I remember!

Sacred mountains! Nature! Purity! Truth!

My ancestors came from the mountains .. lived in the pure mountains. Inside my blood .. inside my heart .. inside my DNA. All I know is the purity of the mountains. Both harsh and beautiful .. the mountains are my life.

Many lifetimes .. lifetime after lifetime .. there are mountains inside my DNA. Pure, tranquile, dangerous and enlightening. They are absorbed into my being and I am absorbed into them.

Sacred mountain!

Then! One time being born .. there are no real mountains!

Where am I?

Who am I .. without their presence?

Still .. I had a family who drove to the mountains .. very far away. We drove and drove... To arrive!

I felt sick inside the city .. I felt healthy in the mountains! It only took a few hours to feel enlightened .. to know/feel who I am. In the mountains, days turned to weeks and long term enlightenment.

Perhaps, for a Time^Traveller, ability and balance comes from inner cohesion through developing outer empathy and understanding of inner and outer nature.

Did the mountains test me?

I wanted to stay only there .. deep in Nature .. close to my own being .. close to the source .. close to home. I focused on the mountains .. planned my future .. planned my escape from base human society. I would only live in the mountains! Be alone!

But! That was not to be!

Then came the dreaded day .. the day I did not foresee...

I returned to the mountains to ask for "guidance".

In a way I was arrogant .. confident .. the mountains were part of me .. part of my future! They would talk with me .. teach me .. show me the way and protect me. I was part of them and they were part of me.

The mountains were my future...

When you ask for Guidance .. be sure of your inner direction.

I admit! I was arrogant! Sure of myself!

I would live in the mountains .. I was ready!

When the mountains told me the path .. the way .. I cried.

The mountains did not show me many paths .. they showed me one path.

They did not show me alternatives .. they showed me "what is".

Hey! Little human! Time to grow up!

Whaat ?? !!

You have got to be kidding !!

Sacred mountain in my heart ... ??

Yeh! That was the way it was ,,,

I was headed back to the mountains in the same time they were headed to me. We met somewhere in the middle. I was part of them and they were part of me. The mountains kicked me out when I was ready!

Humans are part of Nature and Nature is part of humans!

We learn to serve rather than to dominate.

Sacred mountain teaches Time^Travellers over millions of years.

How to live, The Way of the Tao.

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Dimensions

In this way, all dimensions from the first dimension to the thirteenth dimension .. and beyond .. could communicate.

Master .. teach me!

"Draw me a multi-dimensional face!" said the Master.

I drew the face...

"Did you do the research on the dimensions?" asked the one dimensional face.

"Yes! I did the research..."

"So, what did you find?"

"They don't understand." I replied.

"Are you a scientists? A mathematician?" asked the one dimensional face.

"No! I am not a scientist. I am not a mathematician." I said.

"So, how can you begin to understand what I teach?" asked the Master.

"I mean .. who are you .. little human?"

"I am an Artist." I said.

There was a long silence.

The one dimensional face looked at me without moving.

"You are an Artist!" said the Master.

Is this the drawing of the dimensions I asked you to do?"

"Yes!!" I answered, sheepishly.

BAM !!!

"What did you just do to my drawing ???" I screamed.

"Yes! I see you are an Artist," said the Master. "I simply made a shift in the perceived dimensions."

"Color .. light .. and form are all part of the same dynamic. In this way, your three dimensional form can express conscious awareness through the first, the second and the third dimensions."

"The beauty of the dimensions is that they cannot be separated .. split or divided." said the one dimensional face.

"The first dimension .. is part of the second dimension .. is part of the third dimension .. is part of the fourth dimension..." said the Master.

I looked back at the two drawings. They are both the same .. but different. Color and form are not superior to frequency .. but they harmonize within an infinitely balanced whole. The key is balance!

"Is balance .. understanding?" I asked.

"Exchange..." said the Master, "balance is the art of exchange."

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Artist

"You think you are so clever! Don't you!"

"Duh! Who said that?" I turned to look away from the computer.

"...So superior!"

Oh! Man! Now I am hearing things! I looked around the room.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! .. You idiot!"

I am sitting here, peacefully studying on the computer .. focused on my screen .. and suddenly, I am hearing strange voices from nowhere... Coming out of the Aether...

"Voices from nowhere! Ha haha ha ha .. "

"Open your mind !!"

I slowly turned my head to the face at the window. How did that face get there? Am I dreaming ??

"How did I get here?" the face replied, "how did you get here, you mean."

Leaning against the rooted ginger plant, under the leaves of the potted sweet chestnut was a singular face. A one dimensional drawing on paper.

"How did you get into my apartment?" I asked.

How stupid of me, I felt like a fool talking to a one dimensional drawing on paper. I really must be dreaming .. but when will I waken up?

"Ha .. ha .. haha! So, I am a one dimensional drawing!"

"How did you get into my apartment?"

"The same way you got in," said the face.

The Three Dimensional Human
I leaned back against my chair and looked more carefully at the face. Fragile lines .. static and unmoving .. and yet they were not so static. Something in them was moving .. unseen .. undirected .. called Art.

"Who drew you?" I asked, "who is the Artist?"

"The same who created you," said the face.

"But! I am human... " I said.

There was silence.

In that moment .. it was as though all the dimensions came together as one. My mind drifted to another time and space. I recalled a strange dream . . . so long ago. A dream I never really understood.

In the dream I was a one dimensional form moving with all other life forms on a living canvas of creation. Color was life and life was color. Movement was color. There was no form and yet we were primary forms. We were the building blocks of life.

I looked at the face and I saw myself.

"Who created us?" I asked, "who is the Artist?"

The lines of the face merged with the paper as the colors merged with my mind. The green chestnut leaves merged with the tall ginger stalks as the light entered the window.

The glass of the window merged with the grey clouds as the light bled through all things. Into my mind. Through the paper. Onto the glass. Structuring the leaves. Giving form to life.

The signature of the Artist was in the structure and color of the leaves .. was inscribed inside my heart. The signature was evident in the colors. In the light. Within the form and within the formless.

The three dimensions of my human form were designed using the first and second dimensions. The fourth dimension was designed using the first, the second and the third dimensions.

In this way, all dimensions from the first dimension to the thirteenth dimension .. and beyond .. could communicate.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Three Dimensional Symbol

Hands thrust deep in my trouser pockets .. I walk into town.

The sky overhead is a bleak, depressing and oppressive grey. My jacket is too light for this uncomfortable, water-filled, icy cold air. I keep my hands deep in my pockets .. as I walk...

I tried to imagine how the Tibetans had kept warm .. over thousands of years .. in those high [but cold] mountain sanctuaries. I tried to go back in time and remember how one keeps warm in a cold environment.

Instead .. my mind began to wander.

Shoulders hunched, I keep my hands deep in my pockets as my mind wanders off to some other world of three dimensional symbols.

It began with the Mother Board .. I take apart computers [in this life] .. but I see a kind of Zen in all things. The motherboard came to me in that moment.

The motherboard .. built into every human .. mitochondrial DNA called Eve. Scientists say they can trace the mother, but not the father of each dynamic string of humans. What do they mean they cannot trace the father? Not much has changed in a billion years...

If there is a motherboard, there has to be a fatherboard. Both have to exist inside the human being. I did not notice the biting cold air as I reasoned the enigmatic existence of the fatherboard.

This makes no sense, I thought!

Where there is a mother there has to be a father. Chicken or the egg .. which came first? The mother cannot exist without the father and the father cannot exist without the mother. Still science says that the father is hard to identify.

The child cannot exist without father and mother . . . but the mother also cannot exist without the father and the father cannot exist without the mother. The fatherboard and the motherboard are equally necessary for the human computer to run.

Perhaps men have a more dominant fatherboard while women have a more dominant motherboard? But, it may not always work out like that... Both forces have to work in harmony inside the human being or balance is lost. Yin and Yang .. the Tao.

A Three Dimensional Symbol
I no longer notice the cold .. my shoulders are relaxed as I gaze down at the path ahead. Step by step, I look .. but, I do not see the outer path. All I see is the inner path.

Fatherboard and motherboard are balanced in harmony inside me.

I am a three dimensional symbol painted onto the canvas of life. The male and female force work in harmony to keep me healthy and alive. The brush draws ink onto paper...

It is said that when the sage of Calligraphy .. Wang Xizhi's brush touched paper .. his student's became enlightened.

The form ... paper, brush and ink .. create a one dimensional symbol. While, the Master's brush creates a two dimensional form on paper. I keep walking .. not noticing my hands.

I look ahead, without seeing.

I keep walking, as the path shows me I am a three dimensional symbol.

Who then .. is the artist?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Soft Muscle Hard Bones

"Each part of your body
should be connected to every other part."

- Zhang San Feng

I was an Apache warrior before 'The Reservations' ...

My Apache fierceness was connected to my devotion, which was connected to my skill as a warrior and as a human being. The Elders trained my body as the Great Spirit trained my mind.

We knew when to face and we knew when to run .. we knew when to hide and we knew when to attack. We knew where to hide and we knew how to confront. We knew when to kill and we knew how to die.

My devotion to the Great Spirit guided me in all things.

Killing our enemy was the same as killing the Great Spirit. We never took killing lightly. It never came easy to us. Killing an enemy was like soft muscle and hard bones. The bones and the muscles are interdependent .. the Apache knew this.

I lived 43 Suns before the white man came.

The white man was hard muscle and soft bones .. the opposite of all that the Great Spirit taught us. The white man was afraid, and that made his bones soft. The white man liked to kill, and that made his muscles hard.

It was an insult to the Creator to fight with hard muscles and soft bones.

My people were moved to reservations .. the rest of us died.

I was not for the reservations. A small number of us could survive in the wilderness .. hard bones guided by soft muscles. That was how we lived until we died.

When I died the Great Spirit laughed... He laughed so much, that I laughed with him. Then I looked back a long long way .. to that place behind me .. that place I had left behind. The place of hard muscle and soft bones.

Connected To Every Other Part
As a male warrior, I was born into a tradition of many teachers who are one. The elders taught us .. the Great Spirit guided us and the Ancestors watched over us.

Our muscles are soft for a reason. Our tendons balance the softness of the muscles and the hardness of the bones. Our bones are hard for a reason. That was the way it once was.

Along the trail a young coyote had died.

First his organs melted with his blood. Then his muscles began to dry up with his brain. Then his fur and his tendons dried like straw in the hot Sun .. and last of all his white bones lay upon the path ahead.

The white man fears the bones most of all .. their sign for death.

The white man kills out of fear, where the Apache killed out of need.

I looked back down the trail to where the Great Spirit was looking and laughing. People without bones worshiping the soft flesh. The Great Spirit was laughing so hard, that I also began to laugh.

The Apache built their foundation on hard bones .. moving with soft muscles .. tempered with tendons .. fed with organs .. nourished with blood. The waters of the Earth moved freely within us.

My skull lay unseen under the tall red walls of some dusty canyon, until the winter river swell carried it away. No different than my brother, the coyote, on his way across the path.

We Apache, were the Masters of timing and movement... each part of the body was connected to every other part. Each part of the body was connected to the Universe. But, most important of all .. each part of the body was connected to the Creator .. the Great Spirit that moves in all things.

Soft muscle .. hard bones...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Signature ...

I was born in the Highlands of Scotland .. in 2011 BC .. but I remember my life in Japan, in 1333 AD .. or was it earlier?

Time^Travellers cross the dimensions beyond time!

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

All my life .. I was fiercely independent.

Lifetime after lifetime .. I was fiercely independent. The Masters seemed to approve .. they left me alone .. guiding me though their silent Zen Awareness.

With crystal vision .. we travelled effortlessly through time and space. We Time^Travellers were the dolphins of the cosmic seas and oceans. The deep waters of consciousness are our pathways.

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

We Time^Travellers never asked for guidance, and yet we were guided.

Our Signature ...
Deep in the darkest part of the night was light... There was light in the darkness and there was darkness in the light. How can this be?
The Master smiled...

As an Independent Time^Traveler I never asked for Guidance!.

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

Our signature was "The Source".

Navigation relies on guidance .. guidance is navigation.

Within light is darkness .. and within darkness is light.

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

Our signature was the source.
Individual consciousness is the key.

"Master, please guide me!"
"I thank you from my heart .. please guide me!"

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You Are ... My Power!

The symbol INCUNABULA was chosen for our company for its shape-cocoon; egg-like, gourd-like — the shape of Chaos according to Chaung Tzu. Cradle: beginnings. Sleep: dreams. Silken white sheets of birth and death; books, white pages, the cemetery of ideas.
- Ong's Hat: The Beginning, Joseph Matheny
"It's been a long time... "

Well! Who is to say how long it has been since the death of ideas? Who can calculate the distance? Time^Travellers never really notice the quantum blips and loss of cohesion between civilisations.

"As I was saying ... It's been a long time."

Incarnate Earth humans always tended to dramatise the scope and depth of interstellar shifts in consciousness. Each shift was experienced as though the traveller has consumed an excess of magic mushrooms .. out of the fertile egg body and into the spores. Earth humans behaved as though they were drifting eternally as Cosmic spores through infinite time and space.

The Galactic Federation turned a blind eye to the drifting, and yet important shifts, made by temporal humans across the time-set of space and time. They ignored us because our unique dimensions added to the creativity of the Universe.

You Are ... My Power!
The small white eggs mysteriously appeared from the woodland soil under the conifer trees, the Hindu Kush, sometimes growing under the silver birch trees and sometimes under the giant beech trees.

Brought to Earth from other Star systems, these strange red disk like domes would open their canopies and seed the fertile soil with active compounds. Did the tree roots extract their fertile enlightenment from the spores of Amanita Muscaria?

"Yes! Perhaps it has been a long time... " I replied.

They were enigmatic .. mysterious .. part of us .. difficult to identify. Mostly cloaked in long grey-silver robes, these guardians of eternity appeared sympathetic to genuine human travels within the space-time continuum.

Our ancestors looked back at us across the fabric of space. They watched us with keen eyes .. like watching the bright flash of a trout reflecting rainbow bands of sunlight from deep within a mountain stream.

"It has been a long time... "

You are .. my power! Who among us know that today? The rainbow trout flashing its power carried by the mountain stream .. free to move .. fast .. alive .. aware. Who among us know this truth today?

A Time^Traveller has to be aware of this truth.

Ordinary humans can ignore this Universal truth - but a Time^Traveller cannot ignore: You are .. my power! As we swim across the eternal cosmic streams that carry and create life.

From the deep body of leaves on the forest floor a small gathering of white eggs pushed their way towards the filtered light. Invited to participate in the harmonics created by the trees.

Giant beech trees listened to the wisdom of the spores .. their roots drew in the interstellar particles of magic. The trees shared their enlightenment with the rest of the forest as passing deer ate the open mushrooms .. You Are ... My Power!

The rainbow trout carried by the stream .. the giant conifers, silver birch and beech trees carried by the energy of the spores .. our time shifts carried by cosmic streams connecting all time and space.

... The human race slowly spawned back to their origins, over tens of thousands of years, as the brightly coloured wings of the dragonfly sent reflecting shafts of light back out into space.

As we Time^Travellers .. swam the infinite currents...

"It has been a long time... Hasn't it!" I said.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Illusions of Pain

I was one of the best...

Silence... Sunrise was one hour away. The deep dark star filled sky began to turn a characteristic purple. From the sandy ridge we could see everything that moved on the plains and in the valley below.

Everyone else was asleep. I was on watch alone.

I loved to sit and watch the white-blue Sun appear over the low horizon. It was the quietest moment on this Planet. Nothing moved. I think even the mountains were listening to the giant star as it slowly appeared close to the horizon.

Nothing in sight...

This was a second rate desert planet rotating around a second rate star; but the rebels were causing the early Interplanetary Empire of Sirius A a major headache and so Interstellar war had broken out. We were part of an advanced team sent down to the surface to locate and contain the rebels within a severely restricted zone. No matter how many we killed, it did not seem to stop them.

I put the heat sensitive viewer on top of my pack and began to kick the legs of the others behind me to waken them up. We were trained not to eat the local animals on other-world missions for fear of contamination. We caught and cooked anyway to help spare our pack rations.

"Come on, get up you guys and heat me some food. I'm hungry."

The white-blue Sun rose above the horizon as I pulled the helmet shield down over my face. Our body armor was seventy percent invulnerable to the rebels weapons. We were pretty much invincible. The rebels, in their woven cloth, had no defense against our photon pulse ejector blasters. All they could do was hide and attack using weapons banned under the Federation Treaties.

"Come on! You guys! Get me some food... " The lazy bastards!

I turned back to the approaching daylight. Now things will start to move. Now we can get going and do what we came here to do. Get some of those desert rats, before we have to return to the orbiting command station.

One of the guys prepared and heated some dark grounds in sterilized water and handed me the hot black liquid. I took the drink from him and turned away. I never said thank you. The guys knew me well. No one cared. They just accepted me as I am.

Now there was talk of the Space Planetary Federation negotiating an end to all fighting on this scrappy dried up world. I hope they don't agree... We have to take these bastards out and finish them off once and for all. Well, by the next sunrise we will be out of here and back to the orbiting station. One month active rotation is the maximum each team receives before being replaced.

I picked up movement below. "We've got them... Look!"

This was going to be easy. They were way out in the open and close enough for us to get down there and finish them off. With our active cloaking device it would only take an hour to surround them and finish the job.

None of the guy's ever talked about it .. but I knew they felt the same as I did. The pleasure of firing fast and furious rounds of photon bursts into an enemy camp. The fast and rapid external fire... Maybe that is why we guys got such primitive pleasure from something so devastating.

Only, later .. came the pain. We never thought much about that .. the pain!

Down and around we silently came. It was a small group of rebels carrying supplies from one network to the other. Maybe they had heard of the Federation Truce ahead of us. They were totally at ease, talking, laughing and no one was paying any attention.

Just as we surrounded them the call came in through our headgear: Truce! Ceasefire!

I was frozen solid... The rush of pleasure had surged into my hands as I lay ready to finish them off. The other guys in my team backed off as I opened fire, killing everyone. They did not know what hit them.

That was all I knew... Then came the pain.

It was dark... At first I was falling .. falling so fast .. falling faster than a shooting star. My own team had killed me, after I destroyed the rebels. They had tried to stop me. But I knew nothing of that. All I knew was the sudden rush of pleasure and then the devastating pain. Why do I hurt so much?

Was there someone at my side? I could not see anything - only feel.

Far below me was a blue Planet. A tiny marble of rich blue in a dark Universe. The Planet was shooting up towards me .. or was I shooting down to it? Tiny and then gigantic. Dark and then light. I screamed as the woman picked me up from the rough blankets.

A new Ruler had taken power on the Tibetan Plateau. It was the time of the Reign of Songtsän Gampo. By the age of six my parents had been killed by rogue elements within the Kingdom. Villagers took me to the Temple. All I remember screaming was hate: I have to kill them... I have to kill...

... There was so much pain.

I remembered nothing of the rebel wars in this human body. All I knew were recurring nightmares. A power, an energy surged through me and then I collapsed in pain. Everything went dark and I always woke up covered in sweat.

I stayed in the Temple and studied the teachings of Lord Buddha. I had nowhere else to go. I had nothing else to do. I admitted to no one that the fear of those dark dreams kept me at the Temple .. praying .. and studying.

The Monks brought me my food. I never said thank you. No one seemed to mind. They accepted me as I am. No one seemed to mind...

At 22 Earth years I was sent higher into the Himalayas, to the Cave Temples, to study with the Ascended Masters. Despite my dark dreams I was showing signs of rapid understanding and silent compassion. I did not need to say thank you. The other students grew to love and respect me. I always carried out the hardest tasks, carrying heavy loads, lifting the heavy burdens from my fellow man.

They appeared sad to see me go .. but no one spoke of their feelings.

I climbed to the highest plateau and dutifully carried out my tasks until I was 36 Earth years. Nothing much was asked of me. I simply carried out the heaviest tasks and helped my brothers and sisters where I could. Then one day...

One day I had to carry sacks of lentils and rice to the higher Sanctuary of Master Gautama. The path was so steep and harsh that the small donkeys could not make their way up. I began carrying each sack and then return for the others. One by one I took them up there without seeing Master Gautama.

When I had finished carrying, my teachers asked me to return and stay at the Eternal Cave until Master Gautama appeared. I had never met him... No one in our Temple had met him. He was as mysterious as the mountains themselves.

I bowed to my teachers, said thank you and I left for the upper cave.

Illusions of Pain
"We forgive nothing .. if we do not forgive ourselves."

I patiently waited for weeks at the upper cave far above the plateau. At first I did not eat any of the food I had carried there. How could I eat! The food I carried was for the Master! I simply waited.

The cave itself had a strange effect on me. When the dark dreams returned, I began to eat some of the food, cooking with water from the stream and burning small amounts of dried yak dung stored at the back of the Masters cave. The dark dreams were exhausting me. I would apologize to Master Gautama and would bring him more food.

Weeks and then months passed... I felt abandoned and alone. My friends .. the only family I had .. were far below and out of my reach. I had to stay here and follow the instructions of my teachers, even though the cave had an unsettling effect on me. I never like to be there and would go for long walks, exploring the surrounding area.

In the deepest darkest part of the night the darkest dreams surface. Demons seemed to haunt this cave. The walls echoed with the vibrations of my sweat and my pain. But, before the pain .. there was always a moment of pleasure .. a rush of energy and then the fall.

I sat up! Crawled to the entrance. Looked out at the stars. The sweat turned cold on my body and I returned for a blanket. I sat alone at the entrance in quiet meditation. I would no longer sleep in the cave. I would sit here until Master Gautama returned.

The energy of the cave badly effected my states of mind. I would sit here at the entrance until the Master appeared. Keep out of the darkness. Maintain peace of mind.

"The brightest light shines in the darkest corner."

"The Earth is a school," they said, "waken up!"

Someone kicked me... I jumped awake. The shadow hovering in front of me was so dark, so dense, so depressive. I broke out in a sweat. Is this the Master? The shadow floated closer at the entrance of the cave. How had I fallen asleep?

It was fear. My body was shaking. Pure primordial fear. I cowered down against the floor of the cave, terrified. The shadow was not a quick surge of pleasure washing over me .. nor the energy of pain. It was fear...

"Waken up! See it! Face it! Do not run away! Lifetime after lifetime!"

I pulled myself up and took a deep breath. I closed my eyes and calmed myself down. The cloud of fear drew closer. I sat still, observing the fear, observing myself. Seeing is its own action...

From somewhere deep inside I transcended the dark cloud of fear and from my heart a powerful compassion sent rays of light into the darkest corners. The fear was so old, it did not belong to the Earth .. it was much older. Alone. Frightened. Seeking any kind of human warmth. Seeking freedom and yet fearing that ending .. that death .. and so it held on.

Humans did not create fear .. they inherited fear from us. Yes, I remember how we helped create and feed this twisted and lonely distortion we call fear. My world was long gone. That warlike civilization was long dead. We created the pathetic entity of fear that now haunts this world. Carelessly exported through our genes.

How long is it since I have cried?

The last time salt tears stung beneath my eyes was my parents death. Since then I had taught myself not to allow those inner tides to disturb my existence. Only, this time the tears were not those of self pity .. but were the self realizing tears of compassion. I did not drive the shadow of fear away with my own petty reaction. I felt compassion for this formless creature - a twisted psychic root of our own minds.

What happened next surprised me. The dark shadow of fear inverted and collapsed in on itself forming a large energy Torus. The illusion of its own deep loneliness was gone. Fear was free... The rotating energy Torus merged and became part of the surrounding background of the Universe. My mind was strangely peaceful, at rest.

Salty tears still stung under the lids of my closed eyes, but they were not tears of sorrow .. they were tears of joy. My mind was still. My energy had returned. My heart was at peace. The first rays of the morning Sun appeared far below the peaks of the worlds highest mountains.

The presence of Buddha appeared in the sky before me. I opened my eyes. He was there. He was real. All around the Buddha were many other small Buddhas, all in an eternal state of deep meditation. Elusive and strangely beautiful blue disk shaped lights hovered above the seated figures.

Without compassion, we separate ourselves from our own true nature .. lifetime after lifetime.

I lived in the cave for many months, leaving the stored food for a brother who would follow. After the last of the Spring snow had melted I returned to my teachers on the Eastern plateau.

They greeted me... Brother Gautama has returned. Buddha bless us.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Teachers of The Path

I never meant to come this way... To travel in this strange direction...
Unknown Masters of Reality trick us along "The Way"...

"Brother, where are you going?" he asked.

He was a Buddhist Monk .. travelling unseen in the wilderness .. the places we fear most of all. Perhaps his journey crossed thousands, tens of thousands, millions of years .. who knows?

"Brother, where are you going?" he asked.

I had spent my entire life - seeking "The Way".

"Where are you going?"

Ahead of me the mountains were high and covered with snow. These mountains were the highest mountains in the world. Towering above me .. rock and stone .. colour and light .. wind and air .. pressure and intensity.

"Brother, where are you going?" he asked.

He was a Buddhist Monk, dressed in traditional robes of the ancient peoples. He appeared to be younger than I .. but appearances can be deceptive. I was - at that time - 60 years old... and the Monk? Who knows how old he was?

"Brother, which path do you seek?" he asked.

Teachers of The Path
The towering mountains shimmered before my mind .. the Buddhist Monk faded .. ever so slowly .. in front of my eyes. The mind or the human eye? Which is accurate? Which one is the path to truth? Where do I find truth?

I finally had to accept that I was lost...

Exhausted, I fell face down onto the rocky, sandy slope of the highest mountain in the world.

"You do not choose," they said, "you do not choose... we decide... "

I lay defeated .. my entire life .. seeking "The way".

How can you know compassion? Other than compassion for your own self?

The energy of the ancient ones penetrated my innermost being. When and how did I forget? How could I not know? How could I spend my entire life searching for truth and do not find the subtle reality that I sought?

I was utterly defeated.

"You do not choose... we decide... " they said ...

How could I be so lost? How?

In despair I pressed the skin of my face against the sand and stone of the eternal mountain. Do we lose sight of who we are or do we discover the truth in the energy of our own existence?

We decide...

I fell asleep on the extreme mountain slopes and some strange energy awoke inside me above the Center of Initiation. I was .. I am .. I see .. I understand .. the teachers of the path show us who we are... lifetime after lifetime.

All that it takes is a realisation...

"Brother, where are you going?" he asked.

I reached out my hand...

Where are you going?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Across The Path of Time

You cannot measure time...

There is the Infinite Path .. out of which arise the ebb and flow of the tides.

I spent my youth sitting on the rocks at the edge of the sea. I would sit there for hours and watch the ocean waves. At low tide I could climb out pretty far to the rocks below and at high tide I had to scramble back closer to the shore.

The whole coastline had changed dramatically over the last five hundred years... I did not tell anyone - at that time - that I saw the changes long ago in my dreams. I just sat by the sea, whenever I could, watching the movement of the water.

In reality, I knew that time does not exist. All that exists are the tides. Continents may come and continents may go on the surface of the Earth; but time is an illusion. The Masters taught me that all that exists are facts... and they were right.

I was born in 2513, very near to the coast. Things were stable now and we did not expect such severe changes to occur again for at least two thousand years. The coastline changes were so severe that the seabed swallowed everything made by man.

The buildings did not only disappear underwater, they were swallowed by the rocks, lava and silt, buried deep under the sea. It had happened before in Earth's history and it will happen again.

The Taoist Masters laughed at our concern. They said they regularly talked with their Ancestors across the illusion of space and time. All is one. Time is an illusion.

I wished I could talk with the Ancestors!

Only now and then could I see different worlds than the one we have today. I once saw myself sitting on the rocks of a wild shoreline. That was another life. For hours I sat watching the waves and that is why I know time is an illusion.

You can never remember the size, nature, movement and form of each wave.

Our Ancestors did not think of time - but only of the movement of the tides.

One day at the shore, the sea seemed calm and friendly. There were few clouds in the sky above. The sunlight sparkled like diamonds on the surface of the water. Suddenly, out of the blue, a large wave crashed over my head. Soaking wet I sheepishly returned home - I never saw it coming towards me.

Today I call them Ninja waves .. they sneak up to the shore flat and silent, hidden among the larger and smaller waves. The swell is massive and yet you barely see it coming. It's as though the ocean knows you are there and it touches you deeply.

I wish I could talk with the Ancestors!

All events that unfold in our lives are the rocks, trees and landscape of The Path, the Taoist Masters said. The Path is timeless, although it may take you a lifetime to follow its Way and understand.

The Taoist Masters had no intention of allowing us to sleepwalk the Path in this life. The sudden wave soaking me now is their teachings. I walk ahead, paying attention, soaked to the skin with their energy, alert and observing my own nature.

Getting soaked by the sea and getting soaked by the Tao is one and the same.

The Path is the Path...

It was the energy that had changed my life way back five hundred years ago. It is the energy that is changing my life now in 2513. This is why I say, time does not exist.

The ebb and flow of energy is the cosmic tide that guides us on our Path. Guidance is the past and the future manifest in the present. Past, present and future are NOW.

The Path is all around us in every moment in every aspect of the landscape. The next wave washes gently away from the sand and crosses the last wave and the one before, and the one before, and the one before - lifetime after lifetime.

I still love to sit and watch the ocean - even on stormy days.

Observing my own nature.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunlight Reflected On The Oceans

Sparkling light sends out rays that no one sees...

"Wake up, little one..."

Rays of light shimmer across deep blue waters.

"Wake up .. wake up..."

Sunlight ripples on the surface of the oceans waves.

"Don't you hear me?" ... "Wake up..."

A large wave crashes onto the shore .. the bright sand soaks water .. wake up !!

"Oh! I'm sorry... "

"I'm sorry, Master .. please forgive me!"

"What were you dreaming - little one?"

"Why! Nothing! I wasn't dreaming... Please forgive me Master!"

"The Tao is endless and so .. why not dream!"

Sunlight sparkled on the surface of the sea. Wave after wave rolled onto the sandy shore. The Sun shimmered in waving lines across the wet sand as the ocean waves receded. Everything on our world depends on the sea.

"What were you dreaming of, little one?"

The surface of the ocean reflected onto my blue eyes.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep, Master!"

Each wave rolled across the sand and receded. All reflecting light.

"What did you dream of, little one?" he asked.

How can a child know truth, when those around us do not? I bowed my head and closed my eyes. I tried to hide my dreams deep, deep beneath the ocean waves, like the sea cockles and clams buried and hidden deep under the sandy shore.

I did not want to insult my Masters, and so I hid my secret treasure deep beneath the ocean.

"What did you dream little one?" he asked.

"I .. I .. dreamt of the ocean..."

"I saw the sunlight reflected on the surface of the sea."

"And where were you?" he asked.

"I was not .. there was only the vast ocean and the sunlight."

"Then, how did you see both water and the Sun?" he asked.

How did I see both water and the Sun? "I don't know!"

"Consciousness is like sunlight reflected on the ocean of my mind."

"Buddha protect you child... The sea is all consciousness .. timeless .. and the reflected sunlight is awareness. Now, waken up from your dreams," he said.

"May Buddha bless you..."

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Forge Knives

Close to my body...
I never let the knife out of my sight!

We forge knives .. nous forgeons couteaux .. againn sceana bhrionnú .. forjar ganivets .. Watashitachiha naifu o gizō .. vi skabe knive .. Wǒmen ruìyì dāo .. labanak Agorregi dugu.

Close to my body .. is the knife I forged .. with my own mind.

It was year 2121, 21st of June [Earth orbit time] .. anti-gravity was a reality for our time-zone. Floating ships-of-light hovered high within Planet Earth's gravitational fields. Yes! Gravity fields! Plural...

I climbed to the top of Mesa Verde, followed by my friends.

Close to my body .. is the knife I forged .. each one of us .. we had secretly forged our own knives... Renegades in time .. guided by our ancient Ancestors!

I was 13 years old when I forged my first carbon steel knife blade .. an unknown and ancient technology lost to future technologically advanced generations on Planet Earth 2121.

Quantum computers and advanced robotics did everything for us humans. You could say, we are the perfect society. Something you humans in 2012 could only dream of .. and yet...

I was a high-level Quantum computer engineer .. trained by my society to build, program and repair our highly advanced technological socio-adaptive science. But, secretly .. my passion... I held close to my body.

Close to my body, I never let the blade out of my sight!

Following behind me, a long trail of highly advanced men and women climbed to the top of Mesa Verde.

It was 2121 .. and yet each one of us carried .. close to our bodies .. blades we forged ourselves!

Lifetime after lifetime, we forged the blades of our souls.

I reached back my hand to pull my friend up over the loose stones and sand.

I had forged a strong blue carbon steel Celtic European blade .. my friend had forged an elegant short Damascus, Kanetsune Yuh, Japanese Tanto with 15 layers of folded Japanese Aogami Blue steel.

I pulled my friend up to the next plateau of our journey together, one hundred and eleven of us travelled together on this path towards the ridge...

Ahead of us and behind us were dark obsidan hand knapped blades, ancient agate knives from pre-paleolithic times .. we had done it all .. we knew it all. Stone tools, tucked away into tight fitting pockets. Some of us had travelled back in time to pick up Mammoth Ivory Damascus, lock folding Old Pompe, Callejon forged knives, La Tène blades and primitive stone cutting tools...

Why ... ?

Because across the invisible sands of time, we made them - ourselves!

It was forbidden, of course, to extract artifacts from ancient times...
As renegades, we did it anyway!

Close to my body is the knife that I forged .. lifetime after lifetime.

Was it your hand who knapped the small white agate stone blade lying in the dusty sands of Grand Canyon? Did you beat the rough copper blade before man knew how to cut a fine metal edge? Does it matter if you hand knapped a sharp obsidian cutting edge .. or if you forged a fine metal blade from the sweat of your ancient mind?

So, we hid our blades well in 2121, guided by the strange and elusive Masters, The Invisible Guides.

We forge knives... across the ancient and elusive spirit sands of time.

Know your deep Katana path! Lifetime after lifetime!
[Taoist discourse on Remote Viewing and Time Travel Skills]

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time^Traveller's Dilemma

Our souls evolve across the illusion of space and time...

Just as a bird leaves the nest and flies - through instinct - into the unknown .. and a baby tiger stalks through the grass of thousands of years .. and a small baby dolphin swims close to its mother .. and where a tiny mouse crawls after its mother into unperceived dangers .. so do humans enter the vast unpredictable Time^ Travellers dilemma of Quantum Space.


The wolf creates the man .. and the man creates ... ??

I was White Wolf long before the white man reached our shores...

Native Americans [the children of Atlantis], respected the wolf, the coyote, the wild cats and the bobcat. Native people knew that their inner inheritance came from the spiritual evolution of Spirit through the ages. They respected us, because we are the foundation of their progressions.

When the arrow pierced my white wolf heart .. I gave myself .. to the void.

Time^Traveller's Dilemma
Who can you trust, if you cannot trust yourself?

In the dark of the night, I crouched as a Ninja...

Who can you trust, if you cannot trust yourself?

The Ninja's of Japan grew from an unknown ancient source.

Did I know then that I was a Time^Traveller? I doubt it!!

All I knew was the agility of my past incarnation as White Wolf...

Our animal brothers and sisters live inside us .. lifetime after lifetime. Does this make us any less than we are?

I paused to consider why it is that I was able [as a Ninja] to command such incredible superhuman powers!!

As White Wolf I was a male .. as my Ninja incarnation .. I was a female .. the Universe balances itself as Quantum reality.

Who is right and who is wrong?

As White Wolf, I brought food back to the wolf pack. I fed future generations of my animal wolf tribe. As a Ninja, I learned to know what is right and what is wrong in the more advanced human world of man. We were part of an ancient culture - far beyond the knowledge of mankind as it exists now.

Can you travel through time and know who you are?

Sure you can...

Apply it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Protect ...

It was 1922, Paris, France ... Colette had published, La Maison de Claudine Sido. I put the pages of the open book across my face to shield my eyes from the heat of the Midday Sun. How can someone write so beautifully and with such passion? Even worse, how can she be a woman?

I hate myself, for being who I am.

I care about nothing. I am young, rich and incapable. The only male heir to my families fortunes - already I am bored with life.

Inside my arrogant world, I secretly wish to exchange my riches for the truly artistic skills and passions of this woman.

I hate myself for being who I am ... I despise my own past ... the past that formed me. If I could go back in time I would change everything.

Being a man in a man's world is no benefit. Our advantage only makes us weak.

We indulge ... because we can. We do what we want ... because we can.

I put the open book down on the meadow grass as I quietly watch the blue sky above. How can a woman write like this in a man's world?

Perhaps woman have the advantage, because they have to be stronger to survive in our self made world ... a man's world ... built for us ... by us ... for our own pleasure and benefit.

Is this a bitter salty tear stinging at the corner of my eye? Go away tear ... I have no pity for myself. Why am I so weak? I wipe the salt from my face as a shadow casts itself across my vulnerable human form.

He was older than me; but he looked strangely familiar. I was frozen to the soft ground of the meadow beneath my body, unable to move. Who is this man, who looks so much like me in many ways?

I must have fallen asleep under the cover of the pages of that book. I must be dreaming. I have to stay calm. I have to waken up now. Who is this man? He looks so familiar to me.

Back In Time
It was not easy to go back in time and face myself. That young arrogant self I thought I had left behind when I changed the skin of my existence. It was the same body; but with a new inner life (I thought).

The illuminated beings who took compassion on me, and who changed me forever, sent me back to face myself. They simply suggested that it might be a good idea to discover compassion - for myself.

Why was I shaking as I looked down at my own face?

Yes! Of course! I vividly remember his fear ... my own fear.

Yes! I remember that day very well ... it was the day that changed my life forever.

Compassion is not something that comes easily. Compassion comes like a thunderstorm when conditions are right. The tears from my eyes fell onto the young man's face. "I love you... " I said ... "I protect you... "

To have compassion for oneself is not easy .. to love oneself and to communicate that love .. is not easy. Through that compassion we transform our own inner world. "I love you... " I said ... "I protect you... "

Yes! I was willing to protect myself with compassion. No one told me how, I just knew how. That moment was the real event that totally transformed my life, changing my inner world.

Our ego dominated self made world externalizes love and internalizes pain.

The young man I once was closed his eyes and fell asleep. It would be many years before he would remember. It would be many years before he would recall the meeting that changed him forever.

The strange illuminated beings simply encouraged me to show compassion.

They pointed me in the right direction ... that's all.

For Time^Travellers compassion is the harmonic bridging their true existence.
[Taoist discourse on Remote Viewing and Time Travel Skills]

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Paleo Blue ..

Humans are pathetic!

The tall and slender Time Traveller looked up from the castle walls .. humans are pathetic!

It was the end of April 2012 .. the day was warm .. the air currents spiralled upwards.

Crosswinds hit the cars, making the motorway drivers nervous. The slender and mysterious Time Traveler knew nothing of this. Humans are pathetic!

He looked at me from under the dark brim of his wide black hat .. his eyes shining iridescent blue from beneath the darkness of shade. He smiled an ironic smile, knowing that I could see him.

Humans are pathetic!

The mysterious Time Traveller had watched me climb the timeless stairs to the top of the ancient castle. He studied me as I watched the strange battle overhead. He studied me, as I watched the lesser spotted eagle ride the air currents high above us.


The two giant birds floated high on the warm currents of air spiralling above the forest below. Behind them three gliders were attempting to follow the eagles in search of an up-current. The humans were following the birds.

Humans are pathetic .. the two raptors circled effortlessly in the warm air, as the gliders attempted to steal the birds airspace and natural instincts. I watched the birds and I did not appreciate the sharp turns of the glider pilots attempting to cut into the birds flight paths.

Humans are pathetic .. he said!

I looked sideways as I tried to watch the birds rise higher and higher in the afternoon sky .. his shining iridescent blue eyes smiled like stars from beneath the brim of his black hat .. pathetic!!

The two giant birds climbed effortlessly as the three gliders floated lower and lower. The lesser spotted eagles soared higher in the up currents as the clumsy human gliders dropped below them, until the gliders had to move on. They drifted sideways dropping below the castle walls...

The birds were faster than man, with a natural understanding of flight, magnetic currents and atmospheric lift. The birds feathers were designed to gently touched magnetic air currents. The brim of the Time Traveller's hat was also designed to gently touch magnetic currents.

Paleo Blue
The slender stranger placed the knife on the low castle wall. Paleo Blue .. the blade of the knife was as sharp as the eagles wings. Their wings cut through the magnetism of the air as the knife cut though the magnetism of space and time.

The knife blade looked like a slender feather.

The three gliders fell lower and lower. The two birds soared high beyond acute physical sight. Up and up they soared, until I could no longer see them.

Paleo blue?

The slender Time Traveller disappeared from view, as I picked up the knife from the castle wall.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Gateway .. Origins

Doorway of Eternity ..
Egypt 2113 BC .. I slowly pulled myself off the ground .. sand embedded in my face.

2113 .. the Kinship passes to Ur ... I brush the fine grains of sand from my skin.

The open passageway shimmered in the heat of the midday Sun. Dark entrance silhouetted against fractions of light hitting the pupils of my eyes. I crawled blinded towards the dark entrance.

I felt like an insect crawling across a fabric of earth crystals. The scorpion's needle like claws scurried across the burnt skin of my open fingers. I looked up at the dark entrance .. how far could it be ?

Our ancestors had survived the destruction of Atlantis. The great ocean swelled .. but not here .. in this hot desert landscape! The dry sandy desert cut into the skin of my mouth. How long would it take for me to reach the Gateway .. to reach the Origins? I'm not going to make it...

Should I drown .. or should I die of thirst?

How could we come from the deep swell of Atlantic ocean waves to the dry dust of hot desert sands?

I was a small child .. I loved the changing ocean waves.

The coastal depths were so severe and so deep that dolphins swam between the exited children of Atlantis... we laughed and swam .. chasing dolphin tails .. they were always faster than us.

But here I am .. crawling in desert sand .. the skin of my hands covered in the crystal dust of the Earth. The life essential water in my body buried and sealed deep beneath the surface of my skin. The Gateway shimmering ahead of me .. moving further and further away.

My mother always told me that we Atlanteans were nothing without water.

The passageway ahead grew deeper and darker .. as it moved further and further away. The muscles in my body tightened. The skin on my arms burned.

Gateway .. Origins
He appeared before me... The Master of Time .. silent .. observing .. watching. The Master of Time seemed to exist beyond the cool deep swelling ocean and the hot dry life-threatening sands eating at my soul.

I dragged my soul towards the dark Gateway as my dehydrated body seemed to lose its life in the hot sand.

Entrance and Initiation .. the darkness sucked me into the depths of its womb.

I crawled towards the future like a serpent seeking its origins. Was I human or sperm ?? Was the hollow opening ahead of me the womb or a mysterious new beginning ??

They built the stone castle in the 13th Century .. woven from cool darkness and warm light. My still body lay on the ancient sands of Egypt as my soul crawled into the future.

Time^Travellers swim effortlessly though the portals of Eternity...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hi-Tech .. Low Consciousness

As viewed from 2113 [Earth Planetary Zone] the T^T historical perspective of the "early years" of the Internet was, Hi-Tech .. Low Consciousness.

Early Internet dwellers were - to 2113 Time Travelers - like early Neolithic era "cave dwellers". See note: Cave Dwellers ... Socrates was a good T^T friend of the 2113 community... he taught us, and we learned...

By 2012, Earth humans had hi-tech Internet capacity across much of the planet. Earth humans gathered at the fire-of-the-internet in the same way Neolithic man gathered at the fire of the caves. Community warmed them .. they grew strong together! Nothing much had changed on Planet Earth from Neolithic times through to 2012...

In Neolithic times, cave dwellers warmed their community spirit around the fire... By 2012, the same cave dwellers warmed their community around the fire of electro-magnetic Cosmos.

As we - Time Travelers of 2113 - observed the community spirit of Neolithic mankind, and the evolving community spirit of Internet mankind, we drew the conclusions that new events were seldom and occurred at random within the herd.

Low Consciousness .. Hi-Tech
Ancient man in the Amazon Forests .. Paleolithic man crossing from China to Europe .. Neolithic man surviving the Ice Age .. Internet man evolving from Internet Hi-Tech to High Consciousness... It was all the same Cosmic consciousness of being, no matter what age the Time Traveler was born in.

The man working with fine obsidian blades .. was the same man working with the cutting edge of the Internet. It was a natural process that we were born from the sharp edge of the cutting mind.

By 2113, we [the Time Travelling Samurai] emerged from the sharp edge of the consciousness of man... From sharp obsidian blades to high-consciousness .. we learned to cut through the lower dimensions in order to access the higher Cosmic dimensions of Universal reality! What changed us?

Love, compassion and the Soul are one...
The Earth changed us!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Little Ninjas ...

Wham .. the shot whooshed faster than light! Faster than thought!

Mysterious spirit forces move faster than physical, mental and emotional reality... Whoosh!! Crack!

I barely moved my head (psyche) back .. as the energy of the little Ninjas sped past my consciousness...

Wow! What was that ??

Seamus the Leprechaun fell backwards laughing!

"Do you really find this funny??!" I asked ...

Haha! Hahaha .. Ha haha .. Was all I heard.

The little Leprechaun floated above the situation as the energy sped close to my head... directed out from my inner being. It could not have been from the little Leprechaun, cos he was rolling backwards laughing. Who just did that?

A group of little Ninjas appeared floating before me. Duh!! Who are you guys???

"We just want to let you know that we are here .. that's all .. " they said.

Oh! My! God! I can't believe this! Little Leprechauns are bad enough; but a group of little Ninjas ?? I mean! Who is in control of my life? Me or you guys? And! Where did you come from anyway?

Seamus the Leprechaun stomped hard on my crown chakra ..

"An' .. Ya' better be polite to yer little friends." he said.

"Ach! You humans are so arrogant! Ye' think y'are the only life in the universe!"

I looked more carefully at the little Ninjas, and I did kind of recognize them. Sort of! I mean .. they seemed familiar!

They kind of reminded me of Orihime Inoue's, six princess-shielding flowers, Santen Kesshun .. I mean! Does everyone have these kinds of .. of .. powers?

Stomp!! Seamus jumped up and down... Ouch! As though that would help!!

The little Ninjas disappeared in a haze of light!

"There is much more inside human beings than yer think!" said Seamus.

I had to reflect carefully on what I had just seen. It is true! Humans on Earth have more going on inside them than they realize. Strange forces work with us and protect us. In fact, human are loved by forces of life and nature .. we are truly blessed. But how many of us know this?

How many of us know that magical forces love and protect us?

And .. do we humans love those forces in return ??

Seamus and the little Ninjas were silent...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Free of Entanglements

Lama sky first appeared .. well .. in the sky!

He was a robust figure dressed (for convenience) in Tibetan robes.

Lama sky had been teaching me most of my life, without me knowing it.

Lama sky stood there in the sky, looking down. Behind him an oval shaped portal seemed to shimmer out of sight. He looked like one of the giant people who could walk on air, from ancient times.

Lama sky had entered the Earth field through the OM portal. He floated down through space like a seed from the spiritual Bodhi tree. The great tree of the universe.

Lama sky bowed his head and extended one arm.

"Let me introduce you to, Lama snowflake... " he said.

A small bright light came floating towards me. A blinding flash closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes a tiny woman floated before me dressed in white, covered in silk robes of ultramarine and turquoise blue.

"Snowflake Lama may appear small, because her power is so great," said Lama sky, "She does not speak - otherwise her voice would fill the whole sky."

Lama snowflake smiled and slightly bowed her head...

With style, speed and agility Lama snowflake quickly made a series of what seemed like advanced Kung Fu moves. A snowflake formed, as endless branches extended from its center. Soon the snowflake filled the whole sky. Tangled icy branches thickened and repeated until I could no longer see Lama sky.

"These are the entanglements a human beings gathers to themselves throughout their lives," said Lama sky.

The branches of entanglement grew and grew until that was all there was. Everything else had been obliterated by their unending growth.

Lama snowflake peeked her head through the middle of the ice and smiled.

Instantly the entanglements were gone, the snowflakes disappeared and I could see Lama sky again.

Lama snowflake bowed slightly as she floated to the left shoulder of Lama sky.

"Just as Lama snowflake created the extension of entanglements from her essential core energy," said Lama sky, "So do all humans create never ending entanglements from their Qi source energy .. lifetime after lifetime."

"But with a bit of practice... " I heard, as Lama sky and Lama snowflake began to fade into the morning sky... "With a bit of practice, you can smile away all those entanglements created and maintained by one tiny source inside you."

... The morning was cold and it began to snow. Soon the roofs of the houses and the branches of the trees were covered in tiny white snowflakes. Large fluffy crystals floated down from the sky above.

Drifting between the free floating clouds of snow were greyish clouds, not to be seen with the naked eye. The more entanglements a person bred from their Qi source energy, the more afraid they were. Eventually, the morning snow melted - and yet the grey clouds of fragmented Qi remained.

Time travel is impossible, unless you are free of entanglements.
[Taoist discourse on Remote Viewing and Time Travel Skills]

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm So Cold ...

... "Why am I so cold ... ?"
He was in his early twenties .. holding his stomach tight. His whole body was shaking. He could not stop the shaking. A young man trained to kill. He was not trained how to die ...

"I'm so cold .. " he said. "Why am I so cold ??"

The blue orgone disk vectored in to hover unseen above the snow.

"He killed someone!" said a voice.

"Yeh! We know."

"I can't get warm .. why am I so cold?" the young man asked.

"Don't you know that you're dead?"

"I'm so cold," was all he could say, "Why am I so cold?"

A blue orgone disk hovered silently above the body lying face down in thick snow. A light scanned the ground; but there was no sign of the spirit. Did they lose him?

"He's not here," said a voice.

"Can you find his trail?"

"No sign!" said the voice. "Nothing! We don't see any sign."

The young man was shaking, holding his arms tight around his stomach.

"Why am I so cold?"

In the distance Native American drums began a steady beat. The soft rhythm of the drum caught the silence. The young man stopped shivering. He raised his head, staring into the distance. Could he hear the drums?

The blue orgone disk hovered above the snow casting an unseen ultraviolet light across the pristine white wilderness. The pilot of the disk could see every spirit trail across the Earth's magnetic field.

"I can't see him," said a voice, " there is nothing down there .. no sign!"

Can silent disks from the future hear Native American drums?

The young man followed the natural sound .. the voices of the ancestors chanted beat-by-beat with the steady rhythm of the drum. Deep tracks in the snow, unseen by the human eyes, led to the drummer. Three Native American warriors came out to meet the young man, as he walked towards them through the white spirit of the mountains.

The Native spirit warriors were wearing natural deerskin. They chanted as they walked behind the young man-spirit. His shaking had now left him. He was no longer cold. The young man's shoulders were straight and broad. His steps though the snow were easy and measured. He walked with ease and with dignity. He was coming home.

An almond portal opened before him. Grandfather stood near the portal wearing a shaman's robe, bone beads braided into his long hair. Grandfather looked straight at the blue orgone disk hovering above. The Native Spirits followed the young man through the shimmering light-filled portal.

The chanting voices of the Native Americans slowly faded beyond the Earth as the beat of the drum became silent. Grandfather turned to follow .. the blue orgone disk shifted its position to hover high above the mountain. The craft cleaned up the last remnants of the earthly astral form.

The almond shaped spirit portal closed silently behind the last steps of Grandfather. The spirits did not look back nor hesitate in their passage of return. The spirit portal left no sign of its existence. The blue orgone disk disappeared without a trace.