Monday, December 30, 2013

The One Punch Form

Touch - but do not touch!
Master Zhi
The One Hand Form

My parents had died when I was six years old and my grandparents then brought me to the Buddhist Monastery high in the mountains. For some reason, the monks accepted me straight away without question. I was too young to question or wonder why. But! As I grew into a young man I began to wonder why they accepted me and took me into their home.

No one told me .. at the time .. that my father had been the Master of the one punch form practiced by the monks at the temple. Touch .. but do not touch form. He later left the temple to marry my mother and bear a son. The monks at the temple called me little Xin. I don't know why they called me that .. because I was tall for my age.

For six years I swept the courtyard and the temple floors .. maintaining cleanliness and helping in the kitchen and the garden. Whenever I could sneak into the central courtyard when the monks were practicing .. I would hide and watch them until I knew I had to return to my chores.

When I was thirteen Master Zhi asked me if I desired to learn the Temple's one punch form. I thought I had seen everything there was to see at the Temple in the years I had lived there. What did he mean? The one punch form?

Touch - but do not touch!
There was a wall at the Temple I knew nothing about. It was just a wall! Right! It was a place I had thought was for the monks meditations. If I saw monks standing close to the wall .. they did not move and they seemed deep in silence and inner reflection. The wall was called: The One Punch Wall.

The monks would go to the wall and depending on their levels of Chi and inner advancement it would take them months .. to a few years .. to twenty years practice to carry out their task and achieve the touch with no touch.

I did not know at the time that my father had created the No-Touch Form.

Master Zhi brought me closer to the wall .. but I saw nothing out of the ordinary. It seemed like a normal stone wall of the Inner Temple Complex. Master Zhi had me touch the wall with my hands. I ran my fingers and the palms of my hands across the wall.

The energy was different! Master Zhi watched me and smiled!

I stepped back .. looked more closely .. as I touched the fine indentations on the surface of the wall. These fist forms were created by the monks at the point they achieved the one punch form or what is known as the one hand form after the monk has achieved his aim.

During practice the exercise is a punch .. known to initiates as the one punch form. Once the monks have realised their no-touch intent the practice is known as the one hand form. I touched the surface of the wall again and again. I could feel their energy.

After that I was allowed to study and watch the monks practicing the one punch form before the wall. Day and night each monk would practice his own unique inner form in front of the wall .. perfecting the no touch one punch form. When an indentation appeared .. they would never face the wall again. Their form had changed energetically into the the one hand form.

The one hand form could be applied to any form of martial arts.

Beyond The One Hand Form
While I was practicing at the wall .. I noticed a head monk practicing each day beside me. He was rather large and heavy and yet he always moved with speed, flexibility and elegance. How long had he been practicing? My heart fell into my feet and I began to truly despair.

If this older monk had not mastered the one punch form after all these years! Then! What chance did I have? After a few months I sheepishly asked Master Zhi about the older monk. Master Zhi smiled .. trying not to laugh. "It took you three months to ask this question!" he said ironically.

"Sifu does not need to activate the one punch form," Master Zhi answered, "Sifu is beyond the one punch form .. and so if he touches the wall with his chi he would probably bring down the whole Temple."

Master Zhi walked away .. leaving me in a state of inner shock!

After that day I practiced with Sifu .. always observing his state of mind and his state of Chi. I never wanted to achieve the one punch form .. I wanted to spend my life at the side of Sifu and learn from him.

One day an indentation appeared in the wall before me.

I bowed to Sifu and later began training in silent hand.
The form I was to create.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Perfect Harmony Connection(s)

I never understood Harmony ... but harmony understood me!

It was early in the morning .. when I woke out of unknown dreams. Early December .. and the sky outside was still dark! I turned over in an attempt to return to sleep.

There are times in our lives when the world of sleep enters our physical world of consciousness. If perfect harmony were to visit you in your world .. would you sleep through it? The two beings appeared inside a long passage. I turned around in the bed to try to sleep them out.

Come visit me some other time!

There are people in this world who would give anything to have these experiences and meet these beings of harmony. I simply said: Give me a break! Come back when I am awake! I turned around again .. trying to find the best position to sleep. Everywhere I turned the beings of harmony appeared.

Oh! Man! Give me a break!

There are millions of people all over the world looking for harmony... Go wake up some of them! I turned around again trying to recover my beautiful peaceful sleep. But! The beings of harmony appeared at every turn. Oh! No! I wont recover my sleep... I just lay awake .. with eyes closed.

I drew the art beings in the form they appeared. Tall .. slender life forms of radiant light. Gatekeepers of the passage... Identical .. but different in subtle ways. Okay! I see you .. can I sleep now?

The sky is dark and sunrise is many hours away...

Perfect Harmony Connection(s)
The beings of harmony seemed to like my attitude. My attitude was genuine! In essence! Do not bother me .. I do not seek enlightenment .. go waken up some lower energy humans and leave me to my sleep world. I will meet you later .. when I am fully awake !!

Then comes a moment of absorption and the journey into harmony begins.

The beings of perfect harmony interact with humans over many lifetimes. Everyday life of humans and our various states of minds have nothing to do with harmony. The state of harmony is totally outside of everyday human existence and experience. This does not make it superior .. it simply makes it what it is.

The beings of perfect harmony stood ahead of me. One on the right and one on the left. I don't really remember what happened after that because I lost normal consciousness. They were there on either side like a Passage of Initiation .. and then there was perfect harmony connection.

Was it a short journey? Was it a long journey? What did I see? What did I do? All of that is not relevant. How we live on this Earth is relevant. That is all that is relevant to beings on Earth. Waken up? Fall asleep? All of that is spacial. A time vortex. A vortex of perception.

The Sun rose above the horizon as I woke up ...

The tall beings who irritated me had become part of my dream. I could see them clearly .. I was awake. I accepted their presence. Towards them was a passage .. before and beyond them was a passage. Is all of life a physical experience or is life a spiritual passage?

Each time I fell asleep, I woke up .. and each time I woke up, I fell asleep.

Perfect harmony connections accompany inner universal balance of yin and yang. Even in unbalanced states there is harmony. There cannot be a totally unbalanced state .. or the out-of-balanced-states would cause ultimate chaos. There is always balanced state / dimension .. even within apparently unbalanced states-of-mind / states of being.

I did not find the harmonic connectors unpleasant because they were harmonic... I found them annoying .. because the dream world I returned from was of a higher vibration than on Earth. Okay! I work with you in a moment... Just give me a few hours more sleep!

Of course, harmony on Earth is something related to work .. and the "Perfect Harmony Connectors" are demanding and exact in their precision. From Earth to their realm you pass through impeccable energy frequencies. Then you have to return! The dream world is smoother. Less vibrations to worry about .. when you know how.

Looking Within
Awareness manifests within and the outer physical world is an illusion. We do not see the outer world [as such] .. we see our own inner world reflected in or through the outer world .. lifetime after lifetime. How many humans are interested in this subtle truth?

I easily passed through the passage of the harmonic beings ...
Okay! Can I sleep now!

Human awareness is an inner reflection of the energy fibers within the human form. Each human .. each bird .. each animal .. fish .. insect .. plant .. tree .. worm .. perfectly perceives the reflected awareness of their own inner energetic being.

All creatures see the outer world through a bundle of energy fibers that make up their inner being in whatever incarnate form. Everything is reflected back to us. Or! More precisely! We are the reflection...

As I see myself .. I am! I am .. as I see myself!
There are times in our lives when the world of sleep enters our physical world of consciousness. If perfect harmony were to visit you in your world .. would you sleep through it?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Spiritual Experience

Mae-geri (front kick) to Yogo-geri (side kick)
to Ushiro-geri (back kick)

A. Assume the right-front stance in the ready position.
B. Apply a front kick with the left leg.
C. Return the kicking foot to the knee of the supporting leg and then apply a side kick to the side.
D. Again return the kicking foot to the supporting leg and kick to the rear with a back kick.
E. Reverse the position of the feet and practice the sequence of kicks with your right leg.

Dynamic Karate - M. Nakayama

A single cut to the right .. a divine cut to the center .. I fell.
One thrust through the solar plexus .. and darkness descended, before the light.

My Masters and teachers at the Buddhist temple never liked my ability to fight. They discouraged me from practicing that which I could not know .. as they secretly discussed my ability to know the unknowable. They did not understand and I did not understand. I was hundreds of years before my time!

Lost... Out of place .. and alone.

Day after day I would practice moves that I should not know! Not really understanding why I chose this path... Times change. In the next few hundred years, respect for the Monks within the temples would reach an all time low. A time when spirituality was perceived as a threat. Where peace was dangerous and where the minds of those who see were the most dangerous sword of all.

Deep in the middle of this conflict were the innocent Monks...
Trying to attain enlightenment in times of future war.

A Spiritual Experience
I told no one at the temple about the Invisible Guides... They were not part of the scriptures and they laughed at enlightenment. The Guides laughed so hard and so long that I had to consider: Why is the Buddha laughing? That was it, wasn't it? In all the statues and paintings there was the enigmatic smile of Buddha. The fat Buddha was laughing no matter what form he took: Medicine Buddha, travelling Buddha, wealth Buddha, spirituality and love... and they were all laughing. Why were they laughing?

I would leave the temple each day and the Guides would show me .. through my body .. complex moves .. kicks .. blocks and jumps. All of these moves hundreds of years ahead of the times I was born into. Why did they show me? How is it I could understand them? My body and my mind understood all the moves .. as I watched in amazement.

To the other Monks .. my brothers .. and to the Masters .. this all seemed like a form of violence. They tolerated me and my strange ways. They prayed for me. They tried to dissuade me from my strange behaviour. No one understood that, for me, this was a spiritual experience. I felt alive when I moved with the Guidance. I felt alive! But I could not teach... I was alone.

Times change .. and times changed within my lifetime! A brutal warrior class was born who cared nothing for spirituality and the sanctuary of respect.

They were highly skilled killers - on sale to the growing power of the warlords.

The chicken or the egg? Which was created first? Without the egg, there is no chicken .. and without the chicken, there is no egg. Who came first .. the ruthless warlords or the warriors? And .. why did both have the same brutal characteristics of mind? Perhaps, chicken or egg is the wrong question... As, both appear to have the same impulse at birth.

Who or what gave birth to the warlords and the warriors at the same time?

I was a Master of the peaceful fighting arts by the time I was killed.

I was not a killer... That, is the difference.

They came to kill my brothers .. and that is why I stood between them and the temple. It was not an act of war .. it was an act of defence.

I could hold to the last moment...

Seeing the fight .. the Masters began to move the Monks secretly from the temple. The older Monks would lead the younger apprentices out into the paths of the night. They fled as I fought .. and they suddenly understood .. we all understood.

The warrior never let go of his sword .. even though all I had was my body.

In reality, all I had was time.

He was an experienced killer .. whose sword had hacked countless opponents to the ground. His blade was thirsty for blood and more deaths. That was his way .. but it was not my way. I would not defeat him .. simply delay him. By the time I had finished .. my brothers would have disappeared into the night, never to be found. By the time I was finished .. the temple would be empty and eventually burned to the ground.

Only one man remained behind and did not move .. and that was my Master.

Go .. go .. why don't you move! Why does he not leave?

He did not leave .. he stayed there with me until our end.

Buddha says: It is easier to die than watch others die...

Master! Why don't you leave? Leave now!

The warrior opposing me was highly skilled. I felt sorry for him as he attacked me. Swinging his killer sword against a force he could not comprehend. I effortlessly sucked in and moved aside his violent power and deflected it with a power unknown to man. His muscles began to ache... The longer he had to fight .. the weaker he became.

I deflected him using his own violent force and intent to kill.

I never intended to kill him nor defeat him.

My defensive moves sucked in the mind of the whole attacking warlord's force. Why did they want to destroy the temple? Why did they want to destroy our world? Why were we a threat? I pulled their attention with the force. No one moved .. they all watched .. brutality was their focus. For the first time I felt compassion.

With desperate eyes the warrior gaze at me between stokes.

Eye to eye I saw his fear .. his despair .. and death.

How he feared death...

Master, why do you not leave... Please leave... Why does he stand there?

It was a spiritual experience .. a moment of compassion.

I could not kill the warrior. That was not my purpose!

Chicken or the egg? Buddha or disciple?

A single cut to the right .. a divine cut to the center .. I fell.
One thrust through the solar plexus .. and darkness descended, before the light.

I was stronger .. as his arms began to show signs of weakness and fear.

I leaned my body into his right cut .. I lunged into his center swing and I forced myself into the final solar plexus kill.

The last thing I saw .. before I died .. was his fear.

May the Buddha bless you.

The warriors expected my Master to oppose them in the same way I had held them back .. but he did not oppose them. Together, with me, he simply died. The Master died as our beloved brothers silently disappeared into the dark strategic landscape we knew so well. Into the darkness .. into the light.

I fell for a long long time .. through the darkness .. through the shock. The Earth was changing. The Planet was in turmoil. These were physical spiritual wars. The force of violence against the force of peace. Why do the violent fear peace? I fell for a long long time.

We were happy .. we moved with the seasons .. we are not fighting people by choice. Legend says that c. 480 A.D. a wandering Buddhist teacher came to China from India. He was called Buddhabhadra, also known as Batuo or Fotuo in Chinese.

No one knows our true history.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

One Is All ...

"Please protect me and allow me to finish my business and return home safely." - Master Mabuni
The Twenty Principles of Karate,
Gichin Funakoshi

Looking back in time it was difficult to understand human behaviour...

There was a particular ugliness involved in deep rooted self-serving service to self behaviour. However, this service-to-self [in reality], did not serve the individual nor the collective self. Self-interest, at the expense of your neighbour, served as a quicksand .. sucking you into the core of selfishness .. removing you from the central core of humanity and universal co-operation.

The Universe co-operates across space and time...

I was sent back to 2013 .. a time on Earth none of us particularly liked to view or visit. As viewed from the future, we saw this period as being brutal, distorted, perverted and self-serving. Completely at odds with our future society and experiences. Therefore, why did the Invisible Guides send us back there? Because .. it made us strong. Because .. it made us stronger .. in spirit!

I climbed high into the mountain...

Even in astral form .. we had to climb .. we had to use our inner strength.

How did they do this? The Invisible Guides? Causing us to experience the reality of the past? I don't know how they did it !! All I know is that it was real, solid, demanding and inwardly challenging.

Protect me .. and allow me to return home safely...
I was far from home .. and yet, I was not far from home .. I was close. As the Guides sent me out into the past of my [our shared existence] .. I began to understand the intricate inner web of the past, the present and the future. One is all .. and all is one! How many times had they revealed to me this truth?

So simple and so powerful !!

In 2013 .. the Earth was the Earth and the past was the past... Yet, these experiences seemed to be part of us... Moving effortlessly, from the past .. to the present .. and to the future. If you look back into a mirror, what do you see? You see yourself! Self is timeless, without form, without self... That was, in itself, to be the final realisation!

I was .. and was not .. myself!

One Is All ...
The evening was quiet and still... Filled with love .. filled with compassion.

How can love exist in a world so far from its own fragile beauty?

There must be a reason why love is hidden from itself...

One is all...

I saw myself messing around with some small electronic component .. placed on a desk. Opening the electronic device with a thin metal driver. That was the past .. and yet .. I was fascinated with the intricate manual dexterity of opening the device and repairing the primitive electronics. At one point I forgot who I was... At one point I felt I was myself in the past .. as I experienced love .. as I understood a fundamental universal truth!

We are who we are across time and space: past, present and future.

Tears filled my eyes .. the eyes of the future. I was one with my own past.

In the future .. we are not superior .. we are one.

I will never forget those fragile moments of my own past .. where I connected to myself across space and time. Seeing that the heart exists beyond space and time... Understanding that the soul knows nothing of linear time.

As I watched myself open the electronic device, I watched myself open a fragile love .. a love for myself and a love for the Earth. Technology is a living part of human existence and human experience...

The soul is a time traveller.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Look! A New Soul Is Born!

It was a warm moonless night and the dark sky was filled with stars, rich in awareness...

A few of us climbed high onto the ridge. The air was still and eerily silent. Small animals rustled unseen between the rocks, scurrying under scraggy bushes and the branches of mountain plants and herbs.

I stumbled...

Someone reached down and a hand steadily pulled me up.

I could not see well in the dark, as we used no lights.

I could see the dark surrounding shadow of land; but I could not see what was under my feet. "Feel your way up!" Someone ahead said... "Use your senses! Don't stumble around!"

Our guides had done this many times .. they were skilled in practice.

I tried to feel the way ahead. As I fell over a small hard root .. a firm hand caught me!

We were all friends sharing the same adventure .. some of us more aware than others. Each one of us had fine tuned our own skills through applying our own passions. Still .. I wanted to learn how to walk in the dark, even if it was not one of my current skills.

The year was 2113 .. we were advanced enough to use high frequency night vision; but we had decided to use our bodies and do things the old way. The way of the guides.

Skilled travellers, navigators and guides lived on the periphery of our hi-tech advanced society. We tolerated this deviation .. even encouraged it .. as a deep connection to the past and to the humans we were.

Then, one day the guides offered to teach some of us their ways.

Perhaps, teach is the wrong word .. they decided to share with us.

Do not imagine the guides were low tech communities. As we were to find out .. they were using higher level technologies than our advanced Earth society knew at that time.

It took me years to understand and to join them...

Dark Starry Night
We climbed to the high ridge, in the dark, at the advice of our guides .. and they were right! The climb up to the ridge demanded the extension of our natural senses. I felt my eyes and heart changing, as we reached the highest point of the flat plateau.

For the first time in my life my senses were active .. I felt alive .. this is the most important aspect the natural guides wished to share with us. I climbed up the last part of the small incline on my own and lay back against a mound of earth to look up at the night sky.

"Don't you remember?" someone close to me asked.

One of the guides pointed to the Polar star. Look!

We would all stay there until sunrise...

Sometimes I would fall asleep .. and dream of stars.

High Up On The Ridge
Up on the ridge, I was in my element. I lay back watching and studying the stars. I felt that I could lie there and watch the stars for eternity. This experience was so different from the advanced deep-sky observatory we used. High mind, low tech! I had to laugh! It was so funny!

I watched the night sky and strange things began to happen...

How many times had I looked up at these skies? In other lives? I did not know at the time that this meeting with our guides was an adaptation process created by the ancient society of elders.

As we observed the stars, we were being observed.

Spectacular, beautiful shooting stars broke through the infinite silence of space. I lost and gained consciousness throughout the night. Sometimes for only a few minutes and sometimes for longer. I did not know the difference between short and long .. all seemed part of the same consciousness awake or asleep.

Brilliant shooting stars shot across the deep night sky...

"Look! A new soul is born!" said one of the guides close to me.

A new soul is born?

"Don't you remember?" he asked.

"No!" I said .. disturbed by his intrusion into my thoughts.

Don't you remember?

Our science had advanced so much since 2013 .. but our shared human awareness was way beyond any technological advancements in science. Don't you remember... I paused as he asked me the question.

That was a long way back .. so far .. so near...

It was 2013 and I was sitting in an apartment typing on an old style computer. Yet! My mind then was as sharp as it is today. My passion was as deep as it is today. What was I typing on that old style computer?

... Meteor Showers Invisible Dark Fields.

How could I have known then, that watery deep dark fields ejaculate meteor showers into the Earth? Was I more advanced then than I am now? Surely not! But .. how could I have known .. so long ago?

"The post still exists," he said, "you can research it!" and he smiled.

I slowly turned to look at one of the mysterious guides .. his face was hidden under the shadow of a hood. He lay back to look up at the night sky. A bright fast shooting star crossed the night sky.

"Look," he said, "another soul is born!"

By 2113, it was accepted that deep space, Galaxies, Solar Systems and Suns contained water. In fact, they were created from water .. the cosmic waters beyond space-time.

I lay back looking at the stars, remembering the distant past.

I will research this, when I return to the observatory. But .. some part of me did not need to research .. and this is why the guidance and their guides were so interested in me.

"Did you see it!" he said.

I lay back peacefully and looked up at the dark sky, the stars and the Milky Way... That was my initiation into the 2113 Guidance beyond time and space...

Look! A new soul is born!