Sunday, January 27, 2008

Astral Parasites

One factor astral travellers and time travellers become aware of when interacting with the astral world/physical world relationship is the existence of atral parasites and parasitic entites. The astral traveller can observe astral energy parasitic relationships between those worlds and the physical/thought world of man. These negative forms interact with our world through thought.

I could have focused only on my own work, a sort of mind related sanctuary similar to going to live in the mountains. This singular focus would have meant that I have success for my own projects, earthships, guided time travel - and nothing else.

My own energies are highly creative. When people take on a negative spin all that creative energy flows into negative state of emotions, power struggles and ego related issues. These negative states of mind and conflicts fuel the lower astral entity strata, causing many problems in the world.

The need for the ego to feel powerful also makes people sick, and these people can be suddenly exhausted, tired, drained of life force energy - and the parasites have all the energy, as the power struggles are a major artery of the entity game. The reason many people are attracted to this kind of negative behaviour is because their unseen relationship with astral parasites is like a drug. People get high on this adrenal-energy drug and they become addicted to the desire for these frequencies.

When T^Travellers deal with parasitic forms and the relationships these forms develop with humans, we see that humans are attracted and attached to this false sense of power the entities inject into their glands, triggering a surge that eventually controls the mind of the human being who enters into such a relationship. The glandular system is the key switching point between the finer astral ethric body and the physical material world.

People on earth who are addicted to these kinds of astral parasitic entity interactions do not care for the human beings they interact with. These people use their fellow humans as a connector to the entity surge, and in return they lower the frequency of relationship to conflict, or to trigger fear so that the negative state of mind feeds the energy parasites floating around them.

Sexual parasites are individuals who connect to the entity relationship through interacting with humans. Sexual vampires are individuals who have an addictive relationship with invisible astral beings, and they use the human relationship to plug into the astral parasites they are interacting with. Such individuals will rather have the astral entity feeding off their partner, than that the entity drains them.

Individuals who swing from one extreme to the other, playing into the exiting adrenal game - will open a door to these astral energy parasites to try and create dramas, to feed from this energy. Those kinds of conflictual behaviour are rooted in sorrow. Desire for exitement, power, danger and the adrenelin surge go together with inner fragmentation and fear - the root of thought - the root of the matrix. People show signs of depletion, exhaustion, are suddenly without energy, no vitality; they are drained, feeling sick and show signs of not a good frame of mind.

T^Travellers protect themselves through being aware (also third-eye awareness). Continually manifesting the emotional frequencies of goodness. Smiling energy, gratitude and honour all create a strong protective field that repels parasitic forces. Astral parasites cannot feed off happiness energy, signatures of goodness and sending out gratitude to life.

Visualising a blue or a deep turquoise blue protective field, golden bright white light, inner smile energy, layers of indigo blue energy repel astral and energy parasites.

Manifesting an aura of conscious divine awareness, staying focused on the invisible realms coherenct frequency, altering the nature of heart resonance to beat in harmony with divine inner light. A white lotus flower of energy.