Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fluid Consciousness

General paradigms of thought overwhelming any culture, at any time, on any planet, in any space; tend to attract the masses like sand to a riverbed. The water of consciousness, the waters of life, flow over the embedded sand - perhaps churning up the riverbed in a storm. Consciousness is fluid, and set paradigms seek to establish concrete long term durability set against the fluid nature of reality. Was the human soul designed to inhabit and modify its nature to conform to fixed reality paradigms? Or, is the reality paradigm designed to serve the intelligence of the human soul?

Coherent Time^Travellers are aware of their inherent ability to form functioning fields that interact with fluid intelligence in ways that bridge the riverbed, waters of consciousness mystery. The soul (as a time traveller) is faced with the bizarre dilemma of vast intelligence confined to the physical/material experience, and is challenged to understand and make sense of it.

The density of paradigm conformity within a planetary consciousness is equal to the mass of populations falling into an easy option of riding out their existence within an already structured field. Independent Time^Travellers are able to navigate these monolithic thought structures through a heartfelt awareness of the true energetic background field, out of which everything else evolves.

The greater audience (seeking entertainment) watch the play, while the Independent Time^Traveller moves behind the scenes to observe the setup and the structure of the presentation (current paradigm). Once the paradigm becomes aware that an individual has wandered into its operating system, and understands the code - it begins to produce diversions and illusions pertaining to higher forces, Gods, Masters and supernatural phenomenon. The Coherent Time^Traveller observes (rather than reacting), and in that silent observation the illusion comes to an end.

The sand packed riverbed, the rocks and stones embedded in the sand, the flow of consciousness (water), all come to make sense when the mind observes what is from a totally new perspective outside the conditioned human brain. This observation transforms the mind, heals the physical brain, and creates a light vehicle to better serve the soul's true purpose.