Sunday, October 17, 2010

In The Future ...

Have you ever watched yourself cross the prairies of quantum dimensions ... or cross the ice flows of infinite particle space ... to end up somewhere in the future where connections to your past journeys define who you are and what you know?

Way far ahead of us .. you can just about see the trail they left. Their fossilised footprints showing us the route they took and the way they built their societies in order to design their future.

The 15,000 year old skeletal remains of a 35 year old indigenous male was, in reality, the remains of a much older inhabitant of Earth making his way into the future .. carving his journey with tools of flint and a mind of crystal.

The indigenous male looked back in time at the small team gently scraping away at the red sandy earth covering his bones and the bones of his family. His tracks covered a long and winding trail far into the future landscape of quantum space. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers across the flat surface of the obsidian blade. Even living within his space orbit survey station he loved to carry with him the ancient artifact of his ancestors.

In the future, tall and beautiful symmetrical crystal mountains were the preferred habitations of highly cultured human inhabitants of Earth. African, Arabian, Chinese, Indian, Native American, Tibetan, Celtic, Sea Dwellers and Sky People inhabitants looked back across the bridge of time observing the trail they left across the sandy shores of the past.

Outside of these beautiful crystal mountain habitations, above the capsules of the sea people, below the cloud dwellings of the sky people indigenous cultures lived in a pristine wilderness.

Not all indigenous inhabitants were born outside the three cultures of crystal, cloud and sea. Their culture's paleontologists, geologists and trackers often returned to the living experiment spreading its roots across the mystery of time and space.

The crystal mountain people, the sea people and the cloud people were so advanced technologically that they could easily leave the Earth and travel or live on other dimensions .. the indigenous inhabitants were also this advanced ..

The attraction to leave the highly structured civilizations of the future worlds and exist within the Earth's pristine wilderness, just as our ancestors did, was the ability to learn to travel across time and space without physical technology.

Far advanced of the crystal mountains, the sky people and the sea people you will see the enduring trail of the people of the mind leaving their tracks for those who will follow .. into the future.