Friday, September 11, 2009

Energy of Change: Ea2012 - A Conflict of Interests

The disaster was looming nearer, its energy spreading across parallel dimensions. Looking back, from our point of view, two crossing time lines could be observed together as they were so close during The Transformation. Ea2012 and Ea2112 were distinct time lines whose convergence points matched The Transformation.

The Romanised Ea2012 was struggling with political issues of integrity and reduction of parasitic human-to-human conflicts of interest. It was an ugly time, as the planet was infected with too many entity fragments to make its future viable.

In sharp contrast Ea2112 was integrated in its approach to the coming disasters it was preparing to face. Ea2112 viewed the global upheavals as a test of strength and initiation, where Ea2012 viewed the approaching global upheavals as an "opportunity" for advantage and control. The Ea2012 parasitic infestation made it difficult for humans to act outside of their conditioning.

Ea2012 had attracted too many self-serving life forms to be able to successfully establish a civililsation beneficial to mankind and the planet. The problem with parasitic-entity possession of global communities lies in the conditions that make parasitic bonding possible. Conditions on Ea2012 were perfect for this host infestation.

The first parasitic entry point of lasting value was the Roman Empire. Until that point previous attempts to set conditions had been repelled by the majority of humans living on Ea. However, the brutality and surgical precision of the Roman Empire dealt a number of fatal blows to the human psychic immune system.

The planetary vibration of Ea2012 attracted an imbalance of lower vibration souls and opened entry points for mass infestation of lower parasitic astral forms. As the Transformation energies would sweep the board clean, the situation on Ea2012 was radically different than the situation of Ea2112.

The mass populations on Ea2012 remained largely ignorant of the circumstances leading to global weather, continental and population changes sweeping the planet. Attempts to create political and social order, and weather the storms, were carried out in hidden, secretive and manipulative ways. This is common in planetary communities where the mass populations take no responsability for their own welfare, but rely on ruling systems to think and act for them.

Ea2112 began, long before the disasters, to agree on collective responsability and cooperation in meeting the upheavals over the next 100 years of transformation. However, Ea2112 were not infested with astral parasitic entities and were not following the Roman Empire extinction time line manifest future.

On Ea2112 time line there was no need for secrecy and manipulative behind the scenes attempts to deal with the 100 year wave. The human populations were peacefully focused on cooperation with the Solar and planetary energies. This was a time of sharing and adaptation, a new beginning, a time for renewal.

If we had a sense of humour, from our point of viewing the historical past, we would find if laughable to try and understand how they would hide 100 years of planetary change from the human populations living through those changes ... In general, our time travel perspective found it "pathetic", and attributed the mass insanity to "parasitic" and "inhuman" elements feeding off the planet.

In our conclusion, we report the comments of our "EA 2012: Earth Participant Teams" - whose assessment of the time line gave us a clearer understanding of the energies at work in that Time Quadrant. "The Ea2012 situation could be better described as a planetary colon cleanse, healing and planetary shift postponement until 2112." [End of comment]