Friday, July 18, 2008

You're Just In Reach

"Cos everytime it rains....
I just know that something good is going to happen..."
[Kate Bush - Cloudbusting]

Special makes it dangerous... The coherent T^Traveller is aware that time is an illusion. Space-time is the manifestation of the mysterious. However, the mysterious is so perfectly tuned that it allows each variation in conciousness to see only what it can deal with at that moment in time.

Truly great T^T minds manifest in cycles, on planets, in planetary cultures, over planetary cycles in perfect timing, in the moment that they are most needed... as T^Travellers recall... across the bridge of dimensions and across the bridge of time all is ONE.

One individual may transfer a vision from the creator that moves through all things, but it is each individual of planetary consciousness that manifests the purity of the vision dream. The forces of creation are dreaming us awake. The cohesive Time^Traveller is that awakened dream.

The interdimensional, interplanetary soul is a Time^Traveller.

Spirits do not necessarily go forwards in time [linear], and they do not necessarily go backwards in time. The ESSENTIAL lesson manifests in the situation one is in, equally across the bridges of space-time. The spirit experiences the purity of life in native cultures wherever they incarnate. The purpose of the jourey is ONE.

Fear, division, distortions (of space-time) are the self imposed illusions of ego, in such a way that the consciousness is unaware of the complex realitites the spirit-soul is inhabiting at any point in the space-time continuum. Joy is the freedom to know you are who you are, regardless of location.