Sunday, February 15, 2009

Singularity Portals

T^Traveller awareness cannot be squashed into a narrow cave dweller existence. A Time^Traveller has to be able to distinguish between the paradigm illusion of the current surround-sound echo and the Intelligence Singularity Portal. I just made that up ;-)

Of course, one cannot be a T^Traveller and be part of the matrix...

As a traveller of Singularity Portals, it is essential that you do not allow the thought based self-indulgent mind to overwhelm your creativity and intelligence.

During public Talks at Brockwood Park, Krishnamurti would ask: Are you being swamped by the world when you leave here? Your sensitivity being destroyed?

Something was happening in the lives of ordinary people that destroys their creative spirit.
J. Krishnamurti was the number one T^Travel navigator of cosmic consciousness.

So, what do you do not to get swamped?

It depends on whether you are prepared to compromise your Singularity Portal for common worthless trash, or whether you have a Rainbow Warrior Spirit to soar like an eagle - a lonely existance - far above the insanity of this present world.

Our T^T ancestors died for their loneliness. They refused to enslave themselves to the corrupt Empire of Self .. Pay attention and you will understand .. Look here -- and listen!

Where you stand now is always at the center of your existence...