Friday, January 28, 2011

Leprechaun On my Mind

Keep walking... he said... [with a small leprechaun Irish accent]
But what are you doing up there on the crown chakra of my head?
I though, but did not ask!

The small leprechaun all dressed in green, wearing a tall black hat and a small black belt with a .. was that a gold buckle? (I did not ask...)

Why is the leprechaun sitting on top of my head?
But, would change and appear like a beautiful swirling green flaming lotus bud cone.

I thought leprechauns were little people. I did not know they could change into geometric energy forms! Maybe they are more advanced that we realise! Maybe the Picts, the Celts and the Gauls were more advanced than we realise!

I kept walking...
but I was nervous about the green light vortex hovering above my head.
"Should you be hovering up there over my crown chakra?" I sheepishly asked.
"And, isn't this the perfect place to be sitting!" he replied.

Keep walking keep thinking...

I don't usually think when I walk. I observe the sky, the plants, the light of the day.

Keep walking keep thinking...

"Where do you hear thoughts?" he asked.

I was suddenly transported into a new reality awareness of the whole brain/mind of the human being. I discovered that Leprechauns can convey whole concepts in less than a second. Much faster than thought and much faster than language.

It was such a strange question, as I began to observe where thinking occurs.
It is inside the brain - inside the skull - right up there inside the head.

I can tell you that the thoughts were not appearing right up there inside the head, inside the skull, inside the brain... and the leprechaun just laughed aloud.

The leprechaun danced and laughed as he watched me try to figure out where my thoughts come from. All I can say is - you really have to pay attention.

I heard my thoughts in the space between the heart and the throat.
It certainly alters the meaning behind Socrates: The Cave Dwellers...

The little leprechaun seemed to defy me to hear the thinking process inside my brain/skull as I really paid attention while thinking ... but ...

"The process does not resonate inside the skull," said the leprechaun on my mind.

Monday, January 24, 2011

In The Eyes of My Creator ...

He was smiling and laughing... but why?

We were grubbing in the earth for the roots of plants. The Sun was warm as hot winds blew across the sandy desert plain. Our dark skinned fingers prised the roots out of the holes we had dug, with long thin sticks. I looked up from my work and I saw his face .. He was smiling and laughing... but why?

I died that year due to drought. Hundreds of years later the same area would be covered in floods. I would have been happy for the rain, because I knew how to navigate the heavy floods. But we could not deal with severe drought. We could not survive without water. Most of us died that year.

No one remembers us. The few who survived gave birth to generations of depressed alcoholics. Aboriginal people who lived on small reservations with no contact to their ancestors - their sky ancestors. Contact with the sky people was 'verboten', by royal decree .. so my families were forgotten.

In the eyes of my creator .. he was smiling and laughing... but why?

Today, I sit in my water rich community.
I sit at an electronic computer drawing its power from fire (energy).
But, as I sit here .. it is the same face smiling back at me.

In the eyes of my creator - he looks and he smiles as though there was never a drought and as though the recent rains had never fallen, flooding the plains. He is as young today as he was when I was born ten thousand years ago.

I wonder what the relationship is to the hands digging deep for roots and the hands drawing pictures in the caverns of the mind on computer keys? His gaze never wavers. His eyes do not lose their perspective. He seems not to have changed in all these centuries. He seems unaffected by rain, flood, drought or storm.

So, why do I remember? Why do I carry my dreams?

In the eyes of my creator. He was smiling and laughing... but why?

Perhaps this was the wrong question?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tears In My Eyes

They were a small slender intelligent race of reptilians from the 'future' .. location unknown. They were contacting or searching for connections into our current time zone [January Eclipse 2011] .. their physical features were dark green, wide eyes and fine elongated faces without wings and without a central horn.

The group of reptilians entered our psychic space and began asking questions in their own language. Even though we did not speak classic reptilian, our brains began to answer them in their own language .. once they had tested us they began to ask questions in English. We continued to answer them in reptilian.

Tears filled my eyes as we answered their questions .. we were continuing to answer their questions in the reptilian language. [Historical Note: We did not understand the language our human brain/minds we responding to - but the reptilians did understand our response].

Suddenly, out of sub-space a powerful and highly advanced order of future elite reptilian species appeared in the background mirror of our minds... They could be called the Rainbow Serpents. They were so advanced, they are beyond current human awareness or description.

The powerful advanced reptilian species began to answer the questions of their cousins without any participation of our Remote Seeing human group. We were unable to understand the direct interaction between the two groups.

Tears filled my eyes ...

A powerful Zen like reptilian species beyond anything we can imagine, spoke ..

We could not hear their answers, but tears in our eyes rang loud in our silent ears... Always have compassion - and not hatred - for those who would destroy you.

The powerful Zen like rainbow serpent reptilians brought tears of compassion to our hearts and our eyes... their answers to their smaller cousins seemed harsh. Perhaps there are past actions that lead to unavoidable destruction of a species.

Let this be a warning to human beings on planet Earth .. you are the future you create. Destroy and you will be destroyed. Kill and you will be killed. Each to his/her own kind... Create balance and peace, before you beg without hope for a future you will never see.