Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Are Time Travellers

The old man was Native American. He appeared like a haze coming out of warm desert sands. Only, it was winter in Northern Europe and the tree branches were covered in snow... Behind him we saw a group of elder men and women.. they were not Native Americans.

One form looked like Druid Merlin in robes of green and white, a woman looked like the ancient depiction of a Hindu Goddess. The many nations people stood so close together we could not make out all nations features in the desert haze.

It was clear that all nations were represented. Wise men and woman from African, Arabian, Indonesia, Japan and China. All stood silent as the Native American walked towards us.

My eyes were drawn to the group of spirits. They danced like a giant flame, looking almost like ancient drawings of Confucius, Zen Masters, Aboriginal beings, Hieroglyphic and Celtic in nature... "We are not spirits," said the old man, "we are time travellers."

He told us of the prophecies passed to mankind over the most difficult periods on Earth. There had been other cultures, other civilisations .. all had died their own death, their warnings dying with them.

"You may find their houses of stone deep under the oceans," said the old Native American, "but you will not understand their writings or their story."

The old master told us that their story was not our story. We came from another time. We were born into our own time. We did not grow from the previous destructions. We appeared on Earth long after the others disappeared. This was more than a different Age, this was a different species.

We had been given many warnings over the centuries. The trail ahead was determined by the trail we took.. the future is now.. The masters of time wove back and forwards to guide us through our mistakes and warn us of dangers ahead, teaching us navigation skills along the way.

It is not the physical body that is learning these skills, but the soul.

"We are time travellers," he said. As he appeared to morph forms right in front of our eyes.

Did we see an owl or was it Thoth? Did he appear to change into a tree or was it a dragon? Did he take the form of a cloud or was it a heron? And why did they tell us this now? In 2010?

Behind the Native American elder an oval doorway crossed from horizon to horizon.

"The human form is simply a manifestation from that source," he said raising his arms in communion with the source, just as his ancestors had done all across the Great Plains.

They were time travellers.. but they were much simpler and more complex than us..

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Black Hat Leprechaun

He was a little man all dressed in green, with small black boots, a back belt and wearing a tall black hat. He appeared before me with his hands on his hips, looking pretty serious to be true.. but then (all of a sudden) he started to laugh.

He laughed rolling to the East and rolling to the South.. He laughed kicking his legs and rolling to the North... and rolling to the West.. and then he got pretty serious again - the little man that he was - as he put his hands on his hips and looked at me as though I had appeared in front of him out of nowhere (so to speak).

"..and where is your hat?" he asked.
Looking me up and down with the most serious gaze I ever saw.
"I don't have a hat!" I replied. Thinking I must be mad to be answering a Leprechaun.

The little man looked at me with a sad look of pity as he slowly shook his head. "Ach... we had better get you a hat and pretty fast.. " he replied... and I had to follow him into town that day to look for a hat.

The thing is, you never insult a Leprechaun..
Well.. Others may take the chance; but the Celtic people know all kinds of dangers and mayhem can arise when you insult the 'little people'. So, due to my ancestral upbringing I had no choice but to go into town and find a Leprechaun hat...

"What do I need a hat for?" I asked the Leprechaun, trying to be polite.
"I need something to sit on," he replied with a straight face, "I mean.. sitting on your shoulder is not as comfortable as sitting on th' soft brim o' a hat!"
Sitting on my shoulder? What does he mean? I did not dare to ask...

"Ach! Look at that! To be sure, is that not a pretty hat!" the Leprechaun called out dancing and leaping in the air.. I looked around me to make sure no one else could see him, which seemed to be the case - as no one else payed any attention to the large black wide-brim hats.

"look at that! Look at that!" he cried.. and indeed, I looked at the hats in disbelief.
I mean, I had to try them on to be polite to the Leprechaun as I attempted to blend in to the environment - so as not to be noticed '-)

It sure looked strange; but I have to admit the wide brim hats looked good.. it's just that I looked a bit like an Irish Leprechaun disguised as a human.. I mean really! He cannot be serious, I thought.. as the Leprechaun danced a jig...

"It's perfect! It's perfect!" he cried. "It's perfect!" and he danced some more.
"I look like those men-in-black.." I said.
"And, doesn't it look wonderful... " he replied.

As I left the shop with the perfect black wide brim hat I wondered what I had let myself in for? After all .. I try to stay anonymous and not draw attention to myself!!
I prefer not to be noticed .. maybe I could wear the hat only in the house?

Unfortunately, the leprechaun insisted I take the hat out of the bag and put it on.. as the first snow of the year began to fall from the skies above us... Well, it wasn't so bad, as the brim of the hat kept the drifting snowflakes out of my eyes.

The little green Leprechaun sat cross-legged, up front, on the brim of my new hat. "Ach! It's prefect!" he said with a smile.

I quietly walked for some time in the snow until a though came into my mind.
"Should you be sitting up there close to my third-eye?" I asked him.
The Leprechaun shook his head.. "And isn't this the perfect place to sit?" he replied. "That's our place... don't y' know!"

I walked along some more and thought about what he said.. the Celts had a long history with the little people, with the Leprechauns, Elves and the Faeries.. sure enough - the third-eye is the part of the human mind closest to these mysterious realms and mysterious beings. But why had they visited me? Other than that I could see them and few others could...

"Ar' you come from Ireland?" I asked the little man.
The Leprechaun made a sound of disgust.. tschiitt.. and then he and I were quiet..
"Ar' you an Irish Leprechaun?" I asked after some long pause.
"Just call me Seamus," he replied, "cos I am not going to tell you my real name - that's to be sure!"

My boots crunched through the silence in the snow, deep enough for November. Seamus was not quiet for long... "We're immigrating," he said.

Of course!! I thought as much!!
Given the turbulence and land destruction of the Emerald Isle.

"It was bad enough when they were callin' us devills, back in those Middle-Ages." he said. "And do y' know why?" he asked.
"Not really!" I replied.
The Leprechaun laughed a mischievous laugh.. "Ha! Cos we wouldn't give them our gold!" he said. "An' we wouldn't share our magic with them, nor give them any tricks to use. That is why they demonised us, don't y' know."

The little green man with the black hat danced a few vortexes around and laughed aloud. He did not look threatening or dangerous; but one can never take a leprechaun for granted or assume they are to be pushed around - because Leprechauns live for a long long time beyond human lifespans.

"Did y' hear it!" he said putting both hands on his hips and staring me blank in the face as a tiny tinkling bell echoed from every corner around the silence of the falling snow. It's a sound impossible to describe. Tiny bells as loud as anyone could imagine, singing their tones from quantum space.

I did not need to answer, because it was not a question.. there are some realities we are fortunate to experience - if those realities allow us into their world. Man at war with nature is not a good position to be in, no matter who you are. Nature has existed for time unaccounted and the Earthman has not really been around that long at-all...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Across Millions of Years

The young man and the young woman were born on Earth; but they could have been born anywhere in the universe... their objective was to focus on the primordial growth of the planet...

The atmosphere of Mars had been destroyed in Solar System Sol. A system floating on the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy and part of the Reptilian, Syrian, Nordic, Lyran wars... Maldek had exploded, leaving a scattered trail of debris orbiting Sol... Venus was under siege and the Earth was under the pressure of Reptilian fear and oppression.

Renegade dimensional men-in-black seeking refuge on Earth 2012, fled as the underground Reptilians sought to consolidate two thousand years of control - they thought! Mental illness and psychic instability is not only a human disease.

Interstellar Nordics and Pleiadians - working with the guidance - were weaving powerful orgone fields across millions of years... something totally beyond the comprehension of the paranoid Reptilians.

Levels of Reptilian-human contamination on Earth had reached critical levels as the Indigo children arrived. The young man and the young woman were born on Earth; but they could have been born anywhere in the universe...

It is never easy to clean a planet of contamination - nuclear or otherwise.

The ancient cultivators of planets and planetary systems worked over billions of years, in the same way a farmer works each year to cultivate his fields.. only the first cultivators on Earth were female.

For some reason the Reptilians felt drawn to high levels of control, leading to perversion and single minded obsession. Dead planets and floating asteroid fragments orbited suns that stood in the way of the Reptilian disease.

They would never defeat the Master Builders... but they could not comprehend this simple fact!

It was beyond the comprehension of the powerful and violent Reptilian overlords that those who do not use power are able to carry out their 'plan' in incomprehensible ways. When a violent race can destroy planets and solar systems with exaggerated use of their knowledge, it is usually the case that they cannot comprehend a more powerful non-use of the same power.

The Master Builders were architects of nebula, suns, planets, solar systems and galaxies. Avoiding conflict and excelling in healing and unbelievable transformations in matter, they continued with their vision no matter what...

Throughout the universe, across galaxies, within Solar Systems, inside planets .. the Master Builders cast their children like seeds on a fertile soil. We grew where they cast us, because deep within our hearts their light shone brightest of all.

The young man and the young woman were born on Earth; but they could have been born anywhere in the universe... within galaxies, across planets, inside planets as well as on their surface, deep in the oceans and high in the winds... the children of the future wove their blue orgone web of life.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Le Morte d'Arthur

Knights of the round table - the sword in the stone - Arthurian legend - magic - mystery and betrayal - the lady of the lake - the spirit realms - Le Morte d'Arthur .. we had traveled back in time from 2111 .. seeking a legend that had been haunting us in our dreams.

Our society was highly advanced [technologically] .. with interplanetary travel, interdimensional travel and guidance from realms beyond physical time-space. Over a thousand year's of upheaval on planet Earth had created balance, as the planet was reforming it's 3D structure in harmony with the higher energy of the spirit worlds.

Planetary societies existed on all continents as new human habitations began to inhabit the lands which had arisen from the oceans .. Our Remote Seeing teams had been some of the first groups to set foot on the Atlantic New-Isle/Lands, and we were blown away with the active information flowing into our body/minds as we walked across the 'unknown lands'.

That was when the strange dreams began to haunt our Remote Seeing teams .. the strange Arthurian dreams .. filled with Celtic symbols and designs. Filled with the energy of those Celtic symbols and designs.

It was helpful to view the Wiki "Le Morte d'Arthur", from 2010 .. and to see the various expansions of the tales of Arthur across the ages; but we were not interested in his death - we were interested in his energy signature.

We returned to Celtic Arthurian Mythology, where we discovered the source of our strange dreams. Far below us, etched across the landscape of ancient Europe, dolmens, stone circles, henges, standing stones and earth-mounds identified the 3D perspective of the spirit of 'Arthur'.

Arthur's round table was the circular orbit of constellations crossing the (K)night skies. The (K)nights of the round table were the seasonal constellations rotating in perfect harmony around the shared (balanced) circular Arthurian table.

From the Orkney Isles to Southern Spain the Gauls, Picts, Celts and Vikings identified with the mystery of the Arthurian Legend .. as we entered the key location identified as the time-zone area of our strange dreams, we discovered Arthur's ancient source .. The source of our dreams.

Arthur Pendragon from Bootes .. we arrived in Earth European time-space November 2010, where we began our research undetected by the watchers of Earth ..

Dea Artio was a Gaulish Bear Goddess of the Continental Celts. There are inscriptions in reference to the goddess found in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and also Gaul ( France ). Her name is derived from the re-constructed proto - Celtic root word - arto meaning bear. Her name literally means The Bear Goddess. She was considered a goddess of harvest, fertility and wildlife. The Autumn season was considered her time because a female bear usually conceives in the Autumn season and spends her hibernation time being pregnant.

We extracted the information and left .. it seemed that Arthur was based on an earlier Celtic Goddess who gave birth to Gaulish and Celtic Europe, before the male dominance era categorised by Rome spead across the region.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

In The Future ...

Have you ever watched yourself cross the prairies of quantum dimensions ... or cross the ice flows of infinite particle space ... to end up somewhere in the future where connections to your past journeys define who you are and what you know?

Way far ahead of us .. you can just about see the trail they left. Their fossilised footprints showing us the route they took and the way they built their societies in order to design their future.

The 15,000 year old skeletal remains of a 35 year old indigenous male was, in reality, the remains of a much older inhabitant of Earth making his way into the future .. carving his journey with tools of flint and a mind of crystal.

The indigenous male looked back in time at the small team gently scraping away at the red sandy earth covering his bones and the bones of his family. His tracks covered a long and winding trail far into the future landscape of quantum space. He closed his eyes and ran his fingers across the flat surface of the obsidian blade. Even living within his space orbit survey station he loved to carry with him the ancient artifact of his ancestors.

In the future, tall and beautiful symmetrical crystal mountains were the preferred habitations of highly cultured human inhabitants of Earth. African, Arabian, Chinese, Indian, Native American, Tibetan, Celtic, Sea Dwellers and Sky People inhabitants looked back across the bridge of time observing the trail they left across the sandy shores of the past.

Outside of these beautiful crystal mountain habitations, above the capsules of the sea people, below the cloud dwellings of the sky people indigenous cultures lived in a pristine wilderness.

Not all indigenous inhabitants were born outside the three cultures of crystal, cloud and sea. Their culture's paleontologists, geologists and trackers often returned to the living experiment spreading its roots across the mystery of time and space.

The crystal mountain people, the sea people and the cloud people were so advanced technologically that they could easily leave the Earth and travel or live on other dimensions .. the indigenous inhabitants were also this advanced ..

The attraction to leave the highly structured civilizations of the future worlds and exist within the Earth's pristine wilderness, just as our ancestors did, was the ability to learn to travel across time and space without physical technology.

Far advanced of the crystal mountains, the sky people and the sea people you will see the enduring trail of the people of the mind leaving their tracks for those who will follow .. into the future.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Who Are You? I Am Myself ..

The boy could have been born in any country .. not only Afghanistan or Pakistan, Iraq or Israel .. he could have been born in Europe or American ..
It is all the same!

With a sweep of his hand he pushed back his hair from his face. The sun glinted overhead. His sure hands gently gripped the rifle - or it could have been a knife - but in his case it was a semi-automatic. The elders had taught him that you have to hold the weapon gently or its aim is not accurate .. he waited behind the rocks on the ridge .. he leaned back against the trees .. and maybe because he was exhausted he fell asleep.

If a tank passed right under the rock he was hiding behind, he would not have heard it. If a fighter jet hit low across the valley, he would not have seen it .. as Aldar pulled the boy's soul up into the vibrant disk shaped craft.

Far below the boys body was slumped (asleep) against the large rock. The disk vibrated and swung slightly, as though it was gently floating on unseen waves. The boy woke inside a small circular room inside the disk. He quickly relaxed as though he was holding a weapon. Death is the way to the one .. the one .. the boy did not react as his spirit hands closed around nothingness .. where was his weapon? Where was his enemy?

Aldar observed him from the internal viewing screen. The ancient ones had no opinion about what is right and what is wrong action .. knowing how to live is not an opinion or something to be discussed .. it is what it is.

The boy could have been from any country in the Middle East .. or he could have been from Europe, Africa, Asia or America. How do you recognise where a soul belongs after billions of years? Down below, on the Earth, he could hold the weapon so gently, because his inner skills were healing, far-horizon journeys and bridging the worlds. He knew nothing of this. He only knew how to hold a semi-automatic so that it can shoot to kill in the most efficient way.

By 2010 brutality was embedded in the human mind and successfully spreading across the planet. There is no difference between a soldier, a gang member, a terrorist or a young boy hiding behind a dry rock surrounded by trees overlooking the edge of a valley. Every one of them had forgotten who they are .. and every one of them were living outside the protective field of their soul.

Aldar adjusted the indigo-blue field inside the room as the boy's spirit awoke. He would not remember anything of the encounter after they returned him to Earth .. but he would retain some awareness of his soul .. some tiny spark .. no matter how tiny.

The visitors were not interested in saving individual human lives, they were more concerned with saving souls .. as Aldar gazed at his fossilised self embedded in the strata of violence and despair .. Who will save you other than yourself across the mystery of time and space?

A beautiful indigo-blue star entered the Solar Plexus of the boy.

Far below, his hands twitched and quickly grasped .. at nothing .. the boy jumped up. Far below, a small convoy drove through the valley stirring up dust and sand. The boy pushed his back against the trunk of the tree. He tightly closed his eyes .. where was his gun?

Far below, all his other human selves passed through in a small convoy stirring up dust and sand. They would reach their destination, but they would not be as fortunate as the boy with-his-eyes-closed. They would go on to kill ..
.. and the boy?

He pushed his back against the trunk of the tree and heavy tears fell down his sun burnt skin .. his weapon was gone .. the indigo-blue light inside his soul twinkled in small busts so tiny that in a million years CERN would never have the capacity to locate it nor pick it up. It did not matter where his gun had disappeared to .. he knew without knowing .. his life had been changed.

The boy could have been born in any country .. not only Afghanistan or Pakistan, America, Iraq or Israel .. he could have been born in Europe or Africa .. it is all the same!

High above the valley, the disk swung gently within an invisible sea of nothingness ..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Seed of All Nations

He stood in the shadows of his own light .. "The seed of all nations are the fruits of the earth."

People of Japan and China, people of India, Africa and Arabia stood together .. and on the opposite side people of North and South America, people of Europe stood together and everyone was afraid. There was uncertainty in the air. An unusual tension settled over the gathering of people and souls.

The Seed of All Nations ..

The planet hovered on the brink of war. This was not simply an in-your-face direct war .. this was a covert dirty war that would last for hundreds of years (due to its dirty and insidious nature).

He stood in the shadow of his own light and all those present were shaken by his presence ..

What direction will you take .. people of the Earth? Only the state of your souls will decide.

To the East of you and to the West of you are failed realities dissolving in the chaos of hatred, war and fear .. to the North of you and to the South are failed realities who crumble into the vague shadows of self-reflection, sadness and doubt .. those who hate themselves hate the planet they live on.

He stood among them surrounded by the spirits of those who inhabited their world, and all they saw (in reality) were the shadows of light cast before them by their own souls.

It was a confusing time .. the Eastern nations: India, China and Arabia were entering a natural growth cycle .. as the Western nations were entering their decline. The Indo European genetics had been badly damaged by the alien Roman infestation of Celtic Europe. The internal connections were broken, the awareness was diffused and clouded. The stand-off between East and West was gathering momentum.

Behind this ugly conflict and corruption, a mass of souls stood in the middle-world observing part of their own manifest existence. It was never a matter of your soul influencing you or reaching out to you .. but it was for you to turn around and reach out to your soul.

Within the consciousness of all nations on Earth a pure seed had the potential to grow. Just as the Sun nourishes life on Earth, so the inner light of the soul nourishes the growth of the seed of all nations.

He stood in the shadows of his own light .. "The seed of all nations are the fruits of the earth." .. He stood among those present, surrounded by the spirits of those who inhabited their world, and all they saw (in reality) were the shadows of light cast before them by their own souls.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Navajo Twins

Powerless .. the Fire People invaded their land. destroying their way of life with outward exploding violence and widespread genocide .. nevertheless the power of the Fire People was self-destructive, and this is why it was not accurate power.

Under the red sandy soil only a tiny corner of the book stuck out from the burial ground. Between Mesa Verde (to the East) and Grande Canyon (to the West) .. you just travel up the dead-end-road .. leading nowhere .. other than to the 'twins'. Inlaid turquoise, petroglyphs and ancient arrowheads ..
Navajo Twins, Bluff - Utah

What do they know?
The twins, brother and sister, climbed down to the flat, red, dusty landscape .. where .. under the red sandy soil only a tiny corner of the book stuck out from the burial ground.

If you are twins it is hard to know if I pulled at the corner of the book or if you were the one to tug on the ancient parchment. If men and women are together, does it matter?

The twins carefully uncovered the edge of the book-under-the-earth .. and who knows if the book was under there for thousands of years or if it suddenly appeared there because of the twins? I don't know and you don't know .. all we know is that the book exists!

Who opened the outer cover of the book first, and turned its pages?
If I knew, I would not tell you .. but the fact is the book was opened.
"Power is not external .. " the book read .. "The Fire People will burn out like a candle .. the source of their power will melt away as the wick burns out. Their power is short lived."

The people of the Earth have been contaminated by the spark of the Fire People. Because they used their power outwardly to destroy, they lost their essence, and now they have no power - which is a consequence of abusing the energy of fire. The fire has turned against them, and it will consume them.

Those pages burned like a flame and were extinguished as the twins jumped back from the red canyons book. The next page was golden. It was a beautiful page - so beautiful and so intricate in design that the twins did not want to touch the page.

"Be still and the earth will speak to you."

The twins slowly turned the next page ..
The left hand page was colored with a pale turquoise blue inlay and the right hand page was .. it was empty .. the pages were without words and without language .. this is your brain ..

The twins leaned over the ancient red canyons book as the pages turned to stone - just like a fossil as old as the Earth ..

Real power implodes - it has no direction - has no meaning .. without effort it has no reason to exist. All trees, plants, animals, birds, fish and insects are true power in microcosmic form .. because true power balances creation/destruction so perfectly that life can exist.

The Navajo twins could read the stone, because their minds were part of its creation. Who came first, the twins or the stone? As the sun set the twins folded back into the red stone canyon, facing each other and looking out ..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Beaver Dam

The small group of men and women climbed above the Chinese Mega-dam on Yarlung Tsangpo river in Tibet. Everyone was silent. Travelers from the 'future', dressed in tight fitting dark green overalls, followed one after the other until they reached the observation point. No one could hide that they hated to be here at this point in the Earth's history. Only two of the time travelling group were free of involvement. The rest of the group had helped plan, finance and build the dams in an 'earlier life'.

Everyone was relieved they would not have to face their asleep and indulgent incarnations; but they did not have to meet them .. the physical evidence stretched out below them in the forms of the ugly dams. There were seven men in the group and two women, apart from two extraterrestrial 'guides' ..

Everyone in the group felt oppressively physically sick apart from the extraterrestrial guides. From time to time they glanced down at the dam they had helped to finance and build (in the distant past) .. the dam was about to break .. they were present because of the effects.

In the future these people knew that the Earth would take apart everything they had done. During the transition, the group incarnations would not personally die as a result of their involvement. Millions of others would die as a direct consequence of their work.

A 'recall shield' had been projected around the group from the future .. they were not here to feel remorse .. they were here to change the future .. because they were a part of the past.

Highly trained and dedicated to their work, the group took their places on the edge of the narrow plateau to correct the mistakes they had made when they were sleeping self rather than living as an undivided part of the Earth.

Nine robed Tibetan priests appeared from the rock walls behind the group. No one approached the priests other than the extraterrestrials. The small group of men and women felt a heavy burden of pressure on them .. they had to draw the last reserve they had to stay calm in this hostile environment. Unless you are inwardly balanced, it is hard not to throw up when you visit this time from the 'future'.

The Tibetan monks were beyond recriminations .. they greeted the extraterrestrials and then greeted the human party. Far below the dam began to break apart .. the noise echoed into the solid rock of the mountains, or the solid rock of the mountains reverberated into the cracking noise splintering through the rock.

It is never easy to hold back from 'judging' against the Alpha Industrial Male and feeling compassion for the human monkeys inhabiting the river banks .. because that is how the Alpha Industrial Male views the humans who live with the birds, fish, trees, plants and animals all along the rivers and shorelines of the Earth.

The Tibetan monks and the extraterrestrials viewed the Alpha Industrial Male in a different light. They saw a "beaver gone wrong" ..

Why does a beaver build a dam? Well, the beavers design the dams according to the size and flow of the river .. sometimes straight and high .. but other times crooked and curved. The problem with the Alpha Industrial Male is that he would not - could not - consult nature.

Returning thousands of years from the 'future', the group already knew that you do not have to DAM a river to make use of its power .. in the future the people on Earth had learned to co-operate with nature .. could learn from the beavers, listen to the rivers, observe the natural flow of water, watch the fish and draw on the wisdom of their own vibrant soul. But today! People are disconnected from the soul.

The Tibetan mountain dam broke, the waters crashed .. the Tibetan priests were chanting .. the group from the future went into high energy awareness as the extraterrestrials waited and observed. The dam further downstream also broke, the next one held .. the monks chanted and the group from the future extended their spiritual force to become part of the river, to become part of the event, to extend into the walls of the dams they once helped to build ..

Perhaps enlightenment is dying to your mistakes ..
perhaps compassion is learning from them?

Sunday, July 4, 2010

2110 Soul Spill Technology

"Here comes another one!" .. " BeeP .. B**P .. BeeP ..

The pulse beam signalled entity "soul-spill" positive as a red target lit up on the indigo-blue holographic crystal. It was April 20, 2110 - location: North of the Gulf Coast .. landmass .. dramatically changed from the April 2010 timezone.

"Okay, there's more than one .. " BeeP .. B**P .. "The primary soul-spill entity is attempting to incarnate in a soul-vehicle across on the plateau."

"Yeh! I have them!" BeeP .. B**P .. "The others are almost dead .. they don't have the frequency to inhabit physical time-space .. we have to focus on the primary spill .. "

BeeP .. B**P .. BeeP ..

The soul cleanup operators quickly dispersed orgone field orbs to the primary location. The radiant blue orbs located into the zone faster than thought. The blue orgone orbs began a random pattern of dispersion as the weaker dying semi-human entities fled the high concentration of orgone radiation.

"This guy's not moving! Can you see who he is?"
"Yeh! I have him! He's come back to the crime scene .. the anti-rotation is what is driving him now. They don't have much more energy .. "

The soul-spill entities were linked to the "event-field" as they reacted to a radical spirit cleanup that would last another 1,133 years. The predator entities were no longer human, as they attempted to spill into the already incarnate human birth forms. The soul-presence cleanup teams had the technology to predict and scan prime areas for dead-soul entity predator spills leaking into Earth reality.

There was a procedure in place to keep soul-spill entities out of 3D Earth [post 2066]. The red target began to fade as the orgone orbs intensified the protective sweep of their beams.

Beep .. B**P .. bee .. pee .. b .. p .. silence ..

The indigo blue crystal oscillators returned to their radiant form. On every continent across the planet the human spirits inhabiting 3D form on planet Earth could now protect their existence from parasitic entity spills. The last of the planetary parasites were fading and dying, unable to replenish by entering the more vulnerable material reality from which they fed.

The spirit technology was so effective that the future of the Earth was moving into a higher sphere of existence .. it was (it is) essential for any planetary civilization to protect itself from parasitic entities and dying soul entities.

There was initially a theory that the black ghouls seeping up from the underworld were rotting, decaying souls, created by the extreme pressure of corruption and layers of greed. However, it soon became apparent that this was not a natural formation. Remote Seers located the spill origins as the entities were seen to replenishing themselves through a time distortion fracture. The parasitic entity souls were artificially fed back into the primary 3D reality through some alien technology built by the enemies of mankind.

The primary orgone field technology returned to planet Earth once natural communications were extended between the spirit worlds and the material world of man.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Seeing With The Whole Mind

"We live today in the wrong space .. the wrong space in the mind."

The human 'children' far below were sleeping on the open heath as the silent disk observed them. Their shields were adorned with circles and spirals, their La Tène swords forged from pattern welded low carbon steel. East of the sleeping Celts were a series of circles forged into their field of grain. The stars moved overhead in a cloudless sky.

Inside the disk shaped craft the tall, dark haired pilot swept the palm of his hand across a translucent crystal and the scene changed. Circles and patterns used for thousands of years by the Celtic tribes adorned pristine wheat fields as the sun slowly rose above the horizon.

The human children, far below on the planet's surface, were asleep .. lost in the wrong space in the mind. Who of us could imagine that their sleeping forms had once forged such beautiful spiral patterns on swords and shields?

Just as the disk shaped craft above the Earth used the point of space where no resistance to physical matter exists, so too the mind of the Earth children would find their own balance within the space of the mind.

Looking back it was difficult to understand (at first) how the spirals came to exist. Our hands carved and forged into copper, iron and steel the circles laid down by the disks of light, but first we laid out the designs in stone after we had created them in our minds looking back across the whole expanse of time and space .. seeing with the whole mind.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obsidian Blade Beyond Time

Perhaps you imagine the sharpness of your mind is not the sharp blade with which you cut the onions and slice the carrots .. and who is to say you are wrong?

It was 11 may 2010, where I live in a modern world of click-the-switch-on and an electric light sends what we call 'light' into a square room .. but pay attention .. what is LIGHT and what is ELECTRICITY .. and why do we live in square rooms?

To those of you who are =time travelers= the paradox of what I did next will make perfect sense. The light switch in the square room took the place of sunlight. I reached down and I picked up a hand sized piece of raw obsidian .. a dark frozen volcanic glass .. which in the most advanced future is so fine they use it to hold and conduct electric.

On one level our advanced future would stop and look at what I did next ..
and yet, at the same time their advanced technology is part of my fascination ..

I used thick leather garden gloves to protect my hands, because obsidian stone is so fine it can cut through skin and you don't feel it until you see the blood .. Who would stop to consider that obsidian glass has also been used for thousands of years by the human mind to gaze into the 'future' ..

The modern square walls of my home were shattered by the sharp clink of my obsidian knapping.

Is the sharpness of my mind as fine as the glass obsidian edge?

If you lift the fine volcanic glass edge up to the light, can you imagine that you are one with your fine edge creation? If you have a really good imagination, can you see your most advanced self watching you from the future as black obsidian shards fall onto the floor?

Look back in time and you see your ancestors knapping knife blades and arrowheads so fine and so beautiful that you would be amazed by their art .. and yet are the eyes of your ancestors not your own eyes? When you look at those flint, chert or obsidian blades, do you see your own ancestral blade .. and how sharp - therefore - is your own mind?

I clicked the light-switch on and the square room filled with electric light. Behind leather gloves fine obsidian fell with a clink onto the floor. In my 'modern world' I watch the black obsidian glass fall onto the floor of today .. as the eyes of the future watch the advanced radiance fill the oval chamber.

My ancestors inside the oval cave crafted obsidian blades so fine that they created the future with the sharpness of their mind. They were so exact that as I lifted the obsidian edge, I became aware of the sharpness of my own mind.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Prehistoric Soul Flint

The sharp white edge of the prehistoric flint blade glinted in the sunlight against the red clay. The tall man pushed back the leather brim of his wide hat. Kneeling down in the clay, he cleared the edges of earth from the clean edge of the flint .. it was still sharp .. his mind shifted back in time to his hand forming the white edge of the stone blade. Sunlight flashed against his eyes .. In another .. life?

How many lives does it take to remember your own soul?

The man eased the long white flint from the soft clay. How many lives does it take to remember your own soul? .. The sun caught the edge of the flint as he finished knapping its prehistoric edge .. the sunlight split the edge of his hat as he pulled the ancient flint from the clay.

Silently, without movement, as sharp as the flint blade, as bright as the sunlight - the man's soul felt the prehistoric tool maker pull his flint knife from the clay .. and the two were one.

When you cut the fine edge of your Neolithic tools, did you see yourself pull the ancient flint tool from the Earth, tip back your hat and turn your head slightly to shade your eyes from the shaft of sunlight? Was it you who drew those lines on the cavern walls of your ancestors? Did you look for and discover the cave drawings your ancestors etched for you, on the flint-edge of your soul?

The man gently cleaned the red clay from the perfect blade. Did he feel the sunlight illuminate the tear, or did he wipe only the sweat from his brow? He wiped the red clay from the sharp edged white flint and his soul remembered only this moment - together.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sacred Stream Blue Flint Knife

The sun was low on the horizon, birds were singing in the small wood nearby and as the last rays of the sun glinted on the surface of the stream - I saw the blade. For thousands of years curving fine lines of sand and clay hid the blue flint blade from the eyes of those who catch the fish today. The voices of the Arapaho children and the awareness of the Native people no longer danced on the water or tested the roots of the trees at the water's edge.

Maybe it was the blue colour at the edge of the sand that cut the first line to my eye, and then to my brain, and then to my hand as I pressed my fingers below the surface of the steam and pulled at the stone below. It could have been the laughter I heard echoing behind as the angle of the voices hit the stream and caused the water to change its flow. Just in that moment the sunlight reflected on the edge of the flint in the same moment it reflected on the edge of my eye .. who knows how it all came about .. who knows where the ghost laughter came from in that frozen moment in time.

I pulled the leaf shaped blue flint blade from the sand and the water.

As the sun set the air became suddenly cooler.

I looked at the blade. It was still sharp. The people were gone, but the blade was still sharp. Arapaho wóosóó3 ni means arrowhead or flint .. toxu'éíhi vai to be sharp .. hiisíís na is the Sun .. koho'ówu' ni a small stream .. nec ni is water.

Arapaho noo3 vta - to abandon or leave behind.

"noo3 vta toxu'éíhi vai wóosóó3 ni, nec ni, hiisíís na" - to leave behind the sharp flint, water and the sun .. and that is what I found again as I pulled the long blue flint blade out of the fine sand and the clay. The flint, the water and the sun were still sharp.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Obsidian Secrets of The Sacred Archetypal Knives

The sword in the stone .. ancient obsidian knives sharper than a modern surgeons scalpel and the earliest folding knives of the ancient Celtic tribes...

We were scientists from the future, studying layers of rock embedded with obsidian knife blades and flint arrowheads .. at a time where dinosaur bone fossils were layered above our find. We would enter the historic zone, making sure that our immediate physical presence would go unnoticed, as we quickly scanned the area for signatures of our past.

Quantum field laser extraction would allow us to quickly isolate and remove valuable spear points, arrowheads and stone blades, before returning to our original space-time local. The importance of these early tools were highly regarded in our society. Those of you living in the 21st Century cannot imagine how important these tools are .. 'The Archetypal Knives' ..

11 February 2010 - We saw them enter our time zone, extract the flints and blades, and elegantly disappear from our Remote Viewing team with the use of superior cloaking techniques. We did not know where they came from (other than it was our future), and we were unable to locate the coordinates of the entry and exit fields. It was a subtle intrusion into our time zone with an even more subtle extraction of elements from the earth, before they returned to their own local. Our experienced team of Remote Viewers were unable to follow or locate them beyond that.

"This is their third intrusion since the beginning of the year. Why are they picking up flints?"

"I have no idea," I answered. "Have our scan team go out and see what they can find there." It was already late afternoon as I walked back to the resting area, set aside for on-duty teams. I sat for a few moments on the edge of the rest couch, trying to image the situation we had viewed. I knew this was our own race from the future.. that they had allowed us to pick up aspects of their visit into out time zone.. but why?

On the wall opposite was a life sized reproduction of cave drawings from Lascaux, France. I stared mindlessly at the perfect reproduction of the paleolithic Paintings, when a silver sharp glint of metal caught my eye. This has to be a 'witnessing event'. I lay back on the couch as I entered my natural Remote Viewing state.

The man in front of me was tall and unusually thin. He seemed to be a perfect model for many of the humanoid forms drawn on cave walls around the planet. I viewed him, but he did not move. He stared at me with an almost ironic smile on his lips.

I sat up quickly, this was not Remote Viewing, he was standing in the room. His smile broadened with my reaction. I looked at him, trying to assess his intent, but his telepathic skills were so refined that he was able to convey to me the whole connection in less than a nano-second.

Obsidian Secrets of The Archetypal Knives
It was amazing .. they were highly advanced and yet they were carrying knives. In my report I could only describe them as the 'Knife Artists'. They did not carry the knives as weapons, they carried the knives as Spirit and personal tools. We later discovered that this Inter-dimensional race was behind the skilled intrusions of the scientists from the future extracting arrowheads, flints and obsidian blades from out local time zone.

He noticed my nervous reaction as my eyes identified the precision blade in his left hand. He immediately conveyed to me that this was not a 'weapon' and that I need have no fear. In response, I barely relaxed, although some part of me was studying the design of the blade. It appeared to be a finer crafted model of a collectors hand blade from our current time.

"This is our ART," was his telepathic response in reply to my curiosity.
He seemed to use the hand knife as a spirit force collector. I could feel the alteration of energy in my locality and the slight distortion of magnetic flux. The power of the field alteration was coming from the blade.

Lord of The Rings? The ancient power of the Elves? The image of The Sword In The Stone was projected into my mind. He was a 'sword archetype', from an ancient lineage much older than the Earth. They exist on other levels of reality and have interacted with mankind since the beginning of time.

With one hand he elegantly closed the blade of the folding knife, which looked like a stylized form of a Heron. The knife fitted perfectly into his hand, and I had the feeling the knife was designed exactly for his hand and his hand alone. Even closed, it radiated an astonishing power. He conveyed that the power of the sword, the power of the knife is sacred and never to be abused.

This race were the earliest archetypes, architects of Earth humans working with stone and metals. They gave mankind the forms and the designs. They were the enlighteners of sword and knife form from the Obsidian blades to metal and beyond .. light lasers are a form of energy sword and this race were the Guardians of these tools.

As a download of information poured into my mind, he began to shimmer and fade into the painting on the wall behind him. His folded blade became part of the lines shaping cave animals from the most ancient times.

This was to be the first meeting from a race whose existence mankind forgot, as the Age of man dwindled into the darkness of the Kali Yuga - the time when the Light within should lead the way through the darkness .. but man was too weak to walk the inner path of light ...