Monday, June 14, 2010

Seeing With The Whole Mind

"We live today in the wrong space .. the wrong space in the mind."

The human 'children' far below were sleeping on the open heath as the silent disk observed them. Their shields were adorned with circles and spirals, their La Tène swords forged from pattern welded low carbon steel. East of the sleeping Celts were a series of circles forged into their field of grain. The stars moved overhead in a cloudless sky.

Inside the disk shaped craft the tall, dark haired pilot swept the palm of his hand across a translucent crystal and the scene changed. Circles and patterns used for thousands of years by the Celtic tribes adorned pristine wheat fields as the sun slowly rose above the horizon.

The human children, far below on the planet's surface, were asleep .. lost in the wrong space in the mind. Who of us could imagine that their sleeping forms had once forged such beautiful spiral patterns on swords and shields?

Just as the disk shaped craft above the Earth used the point of space where no resistance to physical matter exists, so too the mind of the Earth children would find their own balance within the space of the mind.

Looking back it was difficult to understand (at first) how the spirals came to exist. Our hands carved and forged into copper, iron and steel the circles laid down by the disks of light, but first we laid out the designs in stone after we had created them in our minds looking back across the whole expanse of time and space .. seeing with the whole mind.