Friday, February 1, 2008

Dynamic Frequency

For the accomplished T^Traveller the duration experienced within physical reality incarnations is irrelevant. For the T^Traveller the focus and intensity of awareness is the key resonance sustaining their inner coherence regardless of the frequency of dimensions, physical world, spirit world, interplanetary, galactic or intergalactic experiences.

Time is a convenient illusion.

The T^Traveller uses the magnetic currents of time in the same way a sailor uses ocean current and wind speed to navigate the oceans of planet earth. Joy and intense observation of what is create an aura of extra-dimension around the energy field of the T^Traveller. Adapting to the extra-dimensional realities is a unique skill learned and applied by the spirit force in the T^Traveller's journeys through space, time and the eternal spirit realms.

The Elves are many levels beyond the human ability to T^Travel. The Celtic people were aware of this unique skill of the Elves and they learned extensively from observing them...