Friday, August 8, 2008

Space-Time Illusion

The coherent Time^Traveller understands that inner resonance does not depend on whether their spirit is incarnate on Mars, on Earth, walking with dinosaurs and bison, struggling through the brutal colonisation drive of the Roman Empire, or experiencing the wonders of Mu, Atlantis and Egypt... the resonance is inner balance.

Once the coherent Time^Traveller realises that inner spiritual awareness is the key to understanding individual realities, they free themselves from the illusions of the dominant paradigm. A free society is one in which individuals cooperate with each other and with the planet to create... beauty, understanding, peace and harmony.

Observing time-lines manifests within the consciousness of the coherent Time^traveller, no matter where they are in the space-time continuum. The traveller can observe the holographic field from the beginning of time... depending on whether they are awake or not.

There is no Esoteric rule that says the earliest humans cannot understand the nature of reality, while the more technically advanced can understand the nature of reality. In fact, it is often the case that the more technical races become myopic in their understanding - due to the technical restrictions of their instruments.

The human mind is designed to interact with all levels of reality, at the levels the observer can understand. Observation is a clear mirror designed to reflect the unique levels of understanding of the incarnate spirit. When the coherent Time^Traveller shifts beyond the restrictons of linear observation, the mind of spirit (the third-eye) opens.

Direct observation ends division between the observer and the observed. Free observation is the fuel powering the journey of the awakened Time^Traveller. There is a subtle essence, known by the Celtic and Tibetan masters-of-reality. This essence feeds the heart/mind of the coherent Time^Traveller. Listen to the inner coherent heart. It is the guide and the light-house of the mysterious journey of the soul.