Saturday, May 15, 2010

Obsidian Blade Beyond Time

Perhaps you imagine the sharpness of your mind is not the sharp blade with which you cut the onions and slice the carrots .. and who is to say you are wrong?

It was 11 may 2010, where I live in a modern world of click-the-switch-on and an electric light sends what we call 'light' into a square room .. but pay attention .. what is LIGHT and what is ELECTRICITY .. and why do we live in square rooms?

To those of you who are =time travelers= the paradox of what I did next will make perfect sense. The light switch in the square room took the place of sunlight. I reached down and I picked up a hand sized piece of raw obsidian .. a dark frozen volcanic glass .. which in the most advanced future is so fine they use it to hold and conduct electric.

On one level our advanced future would stop and look at what I did next ..
and yet, at the same time their advanced technology is part of my fascination ..

I used thick leather garden gloves to protect my hands, because obsidian stone is so fine it can cut through skin and you don't feel it until you see the blood .. Who would stop to consider that obsidian glass has also been used for thousands of years by the human mind to gaze into the 'future' ..

The modern square walls of my home were shattered by the sharp clink of my obsidian knapping.

Is the sharpness of my mind as fine as the glass obsidian edge?

If you lift the fine volcanic glass edge up to the light, can you imagine that you are one with your fine edge creation? If you have a really good imagination, can you see your most advanced self watching you from the future as black obsidian shards fall onto the floor?

Look back in time and you see your ancestors knapping knife blades and arrowheads so fine and so beautiful that you would be amazed by their art .. and yet are the eyes of your ancestors not your own eyes? When you look at those flint, chert or obsidian blades, do you see your own ancestral blade .. and how sharp - therefore - is your own mind?

I clicked the light-switch on and the square room filled with electric light. Behind leather gloves fine obsidian fell with a clink onto the floor. In my 'modern world' I watch the black obsidian glass fall onto the floor of today .. as the eyes of the future watch the advanced radiance fill the oval chamber.

My ancestors inside the oval cave crafted obsidian blades so fine that they created the future with the sharpness of their mind. They were so exact that as I lifted the obsidian edge, I became aware of the sharpness of my own mind.