Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Renegades of Atlantis

We were renegades, travellers in time .. having to obey the rules of interstellar passage - we walked a fine line between responsible action and the sacred geometry of space-time.

The 'rules' were there for good reason. The elders had found out through tragic trial and error how badly things can go when you disobey the geometric laws of time and space. They taught those fragile laws to any aspiring discoverers of remote viewing and other forms of time travel.

Solon called us "The Renegades of Atlantis". Yes! He knew of our existence and he is still alive and well inside our time field. The ancient Japanese and Chinese civilizations called us "The Immortals".

When you travel through time and space you see what the Japanese and Chinese laid out in their accounts of mankind, civilization, the emperors, the god-kings and the immortals. You travel though many layers of reality and for the time^traveller all layers are real.

When coming from the future, interference in man's past is not an option. The effects are felt immediately in all realities. Time is an illusion - all space and time are now.

Buddhas, Zen masters, inter-dimensional teachers and extra-terrestrials devoted themselves to cleaning up the 'dharma' of too many mistakes and of too many glitches, that potentially could mess up the 'future', and mess up the balance of other realms.

As on Earth, there always were 'renegades' who feel compelled to bend the rules and who see this skill as a unique form of creation.

We left Atlantis long before its collapse and failure to apply the highest principles of consciousness. Yes. Atlantis did fall to the high priests of darkness. Those fools who seek power above all else and who pay the price.

We left long before the decay and collapse.

The masters of reality and the immortals cast a blind eye to our renegade culture because we were an advanced form of intelligence - an undivided part of the Tao. Revolt through isolation (ego) is merely the actions of a clumsy fool without guidance, those seeking power. We were too intelligent to fall into that trap.

All traps are merely a restriction for those who cannot transcend to the next level.

Our renegade group left Atlantis when we met those we call the 'ultimate renegades'. A higher intelligence so old and so advanced no rules apply to them. They are one with the universe.

It is difficult to say if they seeded us on Earth and other planets or if we simply entered their frequency. As soon as we met them all attachments ended and we left Atlantis as though we have never been part of that culture.

For tens of thousands of years our travels have become legends in worlds where the Tao is rarely seen or understood; but that is not why we travel the way we do. Compassion is also a misunderstanding of our renegade nature.

A sandstorm that protects a small band of warriors intent on maintaining the laws of 'one', is different than the gross interference of ET cultures intent on imposing their rule on colonized planets and younger worlds.

Few knew of our presence, no one saw our faces. We were so skilled in our actions that we barely altered the frequency of the past-present-future continuum. But the people whose hearts we touched altered the now transforming the future.

If you are not of the Tao, don't act
If you cannot see the way, don't move
If you desire to change, don't want
If you know who you are, listen

The old men in flowing robes and sandals raised their cries above the desert sands, as the younger men in over-sized boots ran zig-zag across the rocky terrain. A sudden wind blew a storm of dust around this small band of men, protecting them from harm. Our children safe, we renegades of Atlantis entered the storm of the Tao. We sank beneath the oceans of cosmos. We disappeared from view.

Part of all that is. Changing the future without changing it.
[Taoist discourse on Remote Viewing and Time Travel Skills]