Friday, January 18, 2013

Look! A New Soul Is Born!

It was a warm moonless night and the dark sky was filled with stars, rich in awareness...

A few of us climbed high onto the ridge. The air was still and eerily silent. Small animals rustled unseen between the rocks, scurrying under scraggy bushes and the branches of mountain plants and herbs.

I stumbled...

Someone reached down and a hand steadily pulled me up.

I could not see well in the dark, as we used no lights.

I could see the dark surrounding shadow of land; but I could not see what was under my feet. "Feel your way up!" Someone ahead said... "Use your senses! Don't stumble around!"

Our guides had done this many times .. they were skilled in practice.

I tried to feel the way ahead. As I fell over a small hard root .. a firm hand caught me!

We were all friends sharing the same adventure .. some of us more aware than others. Each one of us had fine tuned our own skills through applying our own passions. Still .. I wanted to learn how to walk in the dark, even if it was not one of my current skills.

The year was 2113 .. we were advanced enough to use high frequency night vision; but we had decided to use our bodies and do things the old way. The way of the guides.

Skilled travellers, navigators and guides lived on the periphery of our hi-tech advanced society. We tolerated this deviation .. even encouraged it .. as a deep connection to the past and to the humans we were.

Then, one day the guides offered to teach some of us their ways.

Perhaps, teach is the wrong word .. they decided to share with us.

Do not imagine the guides were low tech communities. As we were to find out .. they were using higher level technologies than our advanced Earth society knew at that time.

It took me years to understand and to join them...

Dark Starry Night
We climbed to the high ridge, in the dark, at the advice of our guides .. and they were right! The climb up to the ridge demanded the extension of our natural senses. I felt my eyes and heart changing, as we reached the highest point of the flat plateau.

For the first time in my life my senses were active .. I felt alive .. this is the most important aspect the natural guides wished to share with us. I climbed up the last part of the small incline on my own and lay back against a mound of earth to look up at the night sky.

"Don't you remember?" someone close to me asked.

One of the guides pointed to the Polar star. Look!

We would all stay there until sunrise...

Sometimes I would fall asleep .. and dream of stars.

High Up On The Ridge
Up on the ridge, I was in my element. I lay back watching and studying the stars. I felt that I could lie there and watch the stars for eternity. This experience was so different from the advanced deep-sky observatory we used. High mind, low tech! I had to laugh! It was so funny!

I watched the night sky and strange things began to happen...

How many times had I looked up at these skies? In other lives? I did not know at the time that this meeting with our guides was an adaptation process created by the ancient society of elders.

As we observed the stars, we were being observed.

Spectacular, beautiful shooting stars broke through the infinite silence of space. I lost and gained consciousness throughout the night. Sometimes for only a few minutes and sometimes for longer. I did not know the difference between short and long .. all seemed part of the same consciousness awake or asleep.

Brilliant shooting stars shot across the deep night sky...

"Look! A new soul is born!" said one of the guides close to me.

A new soul is born?

"Don't you remember?" he asked.

"No!" I said .. disturbed by his intrusion into my thoughts.

Don't you remember?

Our science had advanced so much since 2013 .. but our shared human awareness was way beyond any technological advancements in science. Don't you remember... I paused as he asked me the question.

That was a long way back .. so far .. so near...

It was 2013 and I was sitting in an apartment typing on an old style computer. Yet! My mind then was as sharp as it is today. My passion was as deep as it is today. What was I typing on that old style computer?

... Meteor Showers Invisible Dark Fields.

How could I have known then, that watery deep dark fields ejaculate meteor showers into the Earth? Was I more advanced then than I am now? Surely not! But .. how could I have known .. so long ago?

"The post still exists," he said, "you can research it!" and he smiled.

I slowly turned to look at one of the mysterious guides .. his face was hidden under the shadow of a hood. He lay back to look up at the night sky. A bright fast shooting star crossed the night sky.

"Look," he said, "another soul is born!"

By 2113, it was accepted that deep space, Galaxies, Solar Systems and Suns contained water. In fact, they were created from water .. the cosmic waters beyond space-time.

I lay back looking at the stars, remembering the distant past.

I will research this, when I return to the observatory. But .. some part of me did not need to research .. and this is why the guidance and their guides were so interested in me.

"Did you see it!" he said.

I lay back peacefully and looked up at the dark sky, the stars and the Milky Way... That was my initiation into the 2113 Guidance beyond time and space...

Look! A new soul is born!