Monday, December 31, 2007

Nordic Dialogue-01

The evening sun was lying on the horizon. Heavy rainclouds were driving in from the East. A cool breeze carried a warning of frost. The field ahead was dark brown, the trees were bare. In a few hours quadrants of planet earth would begin a routine ritualistic cycle of New Year celebrations.

The Celtic New Year will begin with the March Spring Solstic...

Crossing the field I asked the Nordic presence if they observed New Year ( a stupid question really!).

Nor: No, we have no such observations.

They conveyed an impression of no time.

Su: Do you observe moon or planet cycles?

Nor: Have you observed the seamless progression of space-time?

I was aware of complete seamless movements we humans interpret as the progression of linear time

Su: Yes!

Nor: Seamless precision.

I saw rigid linear calculations leading to a heartless system of numbers the earth humans call the Calendar. The system had no natural organic rhythm. The Nordic Ets were not impressed. I had the impression they were observing lower monkey like forms. I am not sure they consider current earth humans as advanced.

Nor: We do not follow rational calendrical systems and cycles. Neither do we follow moon and planetary cycles. Our awareness is of a seamless progression beyond time.

Su: Your culture does not have a calendar?

I think they were laughing.

Nor: Present earth cultures are caught in a matrix type progression.

I was shown a totally new awareness of stars and planetary movements as part of the Nordic mind.

Nor: We have no need for a calendar.

Su: Do you have a non-linear cosmic map?

I was asking these questions, because I have a totally different awareness of monthly cycles on earth and my own awareness does not correspond to the linear measurement calendar based matrix currently controlling human affairs on earth.

Nor: Current earth humans follow a fixed mathematical system of activity, which does not correspond to anything related to Universal-Mind.

Su: How would an aware human being circumvent these present restrictions?

Nor: Be aware! Be aware of Universal-Mind and ones own place in natural unfolding cycles of Cosmos. Be aware that the soul is simultaneously part of all incarnations beyond time and space. Breathe that awareness. Be part of its intelligence. See beyond the limited linear matrix. Be who you are in all your creative spirit.

As I crossed the field the sun fell below the horizon. The temperature dropped and the grey clouds heavy with rain filled the evening skies...