Thursday, January 3, 2008


From the time I was born my mind must have been rich in ethnogens... or the DMT spirit molecule must have been my guardian and spiritual guide.

Elves and faeries guided me throughout my life. The blessing of the little folk was upon me. The gold of wisdom flowed from the invisible realms into the earth world magic realms of my existence. Without ingesting any substances or mind altering drugs, I seemed to breathe the ethnogenic substances of nature into my mind, as nature's spirit became part of my awareness.

The music of the Celtic Ancestors moved my mind onto higher levels.

The art of the Celtic Ancestors was my art. I walked alone in the Highlands of Scotland and heard the music of the earth singing its existence, the musical tones, harmonics, frequencies and geometry formed the mountains, rocks, rivers, lochs and streams. Our history lies beneath the peat and the moss awaiting our return.

Halfling's Leaf & The Green Dragon

Su: You were saying that our forefathers were accomplished Time Travellers?

Ancestors: The mind of the artist understands the true origins of human history and development. Man is part plant and part animal. Your early ancestors were closer to the origins in this respect.

Su: Were they more developed?

Ancestors: They still are!

Su: Why Dragons and mythical creatures?

Ancestors: You see symbols of a very ancient mythology inscribed in every modern religion, belief, form of worship as well as within ancient alchemical texts.

Su: What do those symbols represent?

Ancestors: Your artistic creative mind has drawn a hieroglyphic form of the historical dragon culture, the Celtic culture before it was destroyed.

Su: I walk in the forests and the plants, trees, mushrooms and animals speak to me of the ancient world in which we live.

Ancestors: As you see from your drawing, green dragons are also part of the hemp plant...

Su: Once I drew the guided symbols in the form I was shown, much more information came to me. It was like opening a door into a timeless knowing. Having never taken and kind of substance, I am able to connect to the higher realms through music and art. It became clear to me the Celtic Ancestors were sending me a message... of sorts.

Ancestors: Dragon gold is green gold, the luck of the Irish is embeded in this strange mythological truth...

Su: The holographic vision that the Ancestors sent me is that the Green dragon - hemp - is also the worm [wormhole], and that the Dragon's Lair [the cave entrance] is the time portal.

Ancestors: The fire-breathing-dragon is indeed the smoking of hemp, as well as the smoke of the hemp buds [altering the mind of the T^Travellers], while the entrance to the Dragon's Lair is the portal [or passageway].

Su: Yet, in some ways Dragons are real!

Ancestors: The journey is real... The Dragon Gold is the illuminating Leaf Tolkien described in Lord of The Rings. The smoke is the breath of the Hemp plant. The entrance to the Dragon's lair is the passage into the wormhole [flight], and yet who is flying?

Su: The human being, or the human mind...

Ancestors: Saint George and the Dragon is the official proclamation to the populations of Europe announcing the religious and political control of the buds. Your ancestors fully understood the meaning of this faerie story.

The princess, sacrificed at the entrance to the wormhole [the dragon's lair], was the virgin flower [buds] of the hemp plant - consumed as part of the ritual sacrifice [illumination]. Saint George represented military control [might of the sword - wielded by the church-state]. Saving the princess at the entrance to the dragon's lair, was the handing over of control to the church-state of the flower-buds, the hemp plant and every other ethnobiological substance known to the tribes of the Celtic homelands and beyond.

Su: I see...

Ancestors: Dragon-gold [green-gold] was the life blood of the hemp plant in association with the consciousness of man. The Celtic cultures sacrificed the virgin bud as part of interdimensional flight, out through the entrance of the fire-breathing dragon's lair [cosmic mind], leading through the wormhole [flight]... it was the essence of Time Travel, the illuminating flight of the Shaman.

Su: I see...