Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Rainbow Sea

Sorrow is a sobering wave.

crashing over the rocks of events,
crashing over physical events,
crashing over the emotions,
bubbling between the rocks on the shore.

Sorrow appears suddenly,
uncoordinated, unexpected, uncontrollably effective...
Powerful waves submerging the rational mind,
tears brighten the trees and mountains.

The wave hits the shore,
salt tears well up.
The wave soaks deep into the sand,
the mind soaks into the wave.

Waves of light hit the soul,
the soul hits waves of light.
The wreckage of human lives litter the shoreline,
as emotions wash over the rocks of rational existence.

The spirit looks into the mirror,
seeing the rainbow spirit reflected in the ocean wave.
A blue pebble sails in a sea of darkness,
with waves of undetermined light crashing on the shores.

Sorrow is a sobering wave,
when the wave strikes the soul.