Saturday, November 1, 2008

Preserving Powers of Transformation

Independent Time^Travellers strive to attain their inner consciousness awareness within each incarnation. Birth, for Time^Travellers, is a doorway into worlds through which the soul manifests as the spirit traveller experiencing cosmos.

Being awake within each incarnation is essential to creating a greater awareness for the spirit making its journey lifetime after lifetime. Humanity is consciousness travelling through the material universe. The universe being an egg which will give birth to a new form of life. This new form of life is not confined to the material universe, and so mankind shifts to a new dimension.

Time^Travellers are aware of the souls multi-layered journey across space-time. The future and the past communicate and effect each other in the now. During each individual space-time journey the spirit naturally connects with past and future elements necessary for learning and understanding. All energetic elements create a web the native people called the web of life. The individual weaves their own spirit personality across the illusion of time and space.

Independent Time^Travellers create freedom to know who they are by looking into the eyes of their own existence across the bridge of time. The native peoples called this the "Rainbow-Bridge". The teacher is oneself, the guidance is the frequency of the heart, the pulse of intelligence - the light of awareness.

"One of the truths that will shake humanity in some not-too-distant future will be the realization that our future collective interacts with our present form much more than we realize." James - WingMakers Interview 3