Monday, January 26, 2009

The Nazgûl

Outside the house grew tall poplar trees, elderberry and an ancient cherry tree. The garden was rectangular, the soil was mostly clay. Brambles and gooseberry bushes huddled into the base of the poplar trees. At night, the sky above showed signs of shooting stars and other unseen intruders. 

The child was a Time^Traveller. The time zone was irrelevant to the child. The enemy pursued us into the past, the present and if it could into the future... but something changed, and the future was a retreat, a haven, a sanctuary from which the Rainbow Warriors defeated the singular enemy of mankind.

The child had no idea where she had been. Time travelling from one zone to the next. All she knew was the dash through the glass window and behind her a blue (impenetrable) light formed a protective barrier. The wraith like creature was pursuing her, because she dared to leave her physical body (while asleep) and enter the forbidden zone, The Crystal Schools of Light.

The frail wraith like creature screamed as the human spirit passed out of its reach, and some powerful presence set a field of protection between it and the earth-seed light... The young Time^Traveller heard the scream as she woke from the dream. It seemed that the wraith creature was in a worse shape - as it pursued its own demise. The scream of something long dead, and dying, with limited capacity and a desire to terrorise that which is more intelligent than itself.

As the sun rose in the west, the tall poplar trees began to sway, the air grew warm and the buds of the cherry tree began to blossom. In the far South Krishnamurti began to speak to a gathered audiance: "Watch it and you will be able to end it".