Friday, January 30, 2009

Understanding Quantum Space

To the Time^Traveller, there is no divided separation of time and space. Quantum space is the great mix of physical and spiritual dimensions in which physical consciousness (thought) experiences movement as time. The movements of planets and stars can be measured and recorded in terms of planet around a sun. In this sense time is a convenient but limited rule to measure and record physical movement cycles.

The independent Time^Traveller is aware of, looking at life, from another angle. There is a higher seeing, beyond thought, through which direct perception (fluid) dramatically changes the consciousness of the traveller.

When the linear mind, with its measurements, discovers a civilisation who do not base their perceptions (relationship) with cosmos in terms of linear measurement of physical movement. How is that linear mind to understand the other civilisations perspective unless it shifts to that level?

Independent Time^Travellers observe reality and events from a perspective outside of the base movement system they occupy. The base system is there to serve the planetary occupants, and not the other way round. Becoming obsessed with the inner workings and ticking of the clock rather using it, is the cave dweller inhabiting the cave.

A stressed out banker may use a clock to rush to a scheduled meeting. Social groups may use a clock to celebrate the New Year. Scientists at CERN may use a clock to bend time at the right angle. But then it would have to resonate with crystal flux, and clocks don't go there. Cosmos and events sort of shadow the precision.

Independent Time^Travellers are aware of the force behind the moving cycles and events. They pay attention to that other force. They navigate by its presence, using intelligence (direct observation). Technology advanced or primitive are clocks, a system. The Time^Travelling mind is beyond technology, it can resonate with crystal flux manifesting point on precision. Video: Who are we really?