Friday, February 27, 2009

The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones.
Much older than mankind...
Perhaps they are older than the universe...

Independent Time^Travellers know them as The Hooded Ones. They are generally associated with forests, no matter where you meet them on planet earth. Perhaps an ancient archetypal forest accompanies them in their interactions with mankind. Perhaps in some way they are the forest.

Beings powerful enough to manifest an ancient virgin forest around them wherever they go, and yet who do not interfere with universal free will... Beings who do not use their power. This most ancient forest is connected to every forest in the universe, in inter-dimensional space, not only on earth.

The Hooded Ones tend the gardens of creation. They care for the growing inter-planetary life forms in the same way a careful gardener cares for trees, flowers, fruit and the plants growing on the earth.

One came forward out of the dark forest manifesting the mind of oneness. People are not afraid of the danger that comes from outside. People on earth are most afraid of the truth, of seeing the actual reflection of the form they have taken over the centuries.

There is no other path to truth than to face oneself, and bring the light to bear on all illusions, deceptions (of self), and the lies we tell ourselves as we live the lie. Independent Time^Travellers are aware that the greatest enemy is self deception, and if they want to give up their freedom all they have to do is live the lie of self deception in its many forms.

Love, true love, becomes a powerful mirror destroying all illusion of self and self importance. Yet, the ending of ego-self is not the manifestation of a spiritually superior being. Therefore the Celtic people portrayed Cernunnos in the state they perceived him... As part of the basic life force caring for all creatures while surrounded by astrological representations of the surrounding universe.

The Hooded Ones cloak their light in dark robes to give them form in this world. The early ancestors could meet them in the forests, the ancient temples of light, and seek to understand themselves and their place in the universe. To rely on manual physical technology is a devolution from being able to make those journeys with the mind.

The Celtic concept that a hunter could meet a white stag and feel such a love pouring forth that his heart was open to creation, was real. Such a meeting with hunters today, would be devastating for the individual whose heart is so out of touch with reality that fear reigns supreme.

Yet, we live in such times, where mythology and mystery will once more walk the surface of the earth with mankind. These mysterious beings, carved on now crumbling walls of stone, were misunderstood and misrepresented by thought. It was not the mind that understood the initiation, it was always the heart.