Thursday, February 26, 2009

Astral Fragments - Part One

Planet Earth became a feeding ground for what Time^Travellers call emo's, when earth humans collectively fell into the excess emotion trap. This variation on a planetary theme is not common in the universe, but it does happen. Triggering extreme emotions can lead to conflicts, suffering, fragmentation and divisions, but behind the scenes these reactions are a feeding ground for emo's. Invisible astral fragments who parasite energy from emotional tremors, or emotional volcanic activity in and around humans.

Usually, one individual will be used to trigger the emotional upheaval that will effect [impact] a larger area. The emo's (astral fragments) use emo-friendly individuals to generate emotional stress on contacts and family members. The emo's feed off the negativity generated as trigger events cause collective trauma states to emerge. Independent Time^Travellers learn to shift emotional energy into an emo-unfriendly state.

Time^Travellers used frequency portals and stargate coordinates to navigate through planetary zones creating scriptures, temples, monoliths, wall and cave paintings of Buddha or Christ type anomalies. Local populations, at their level, worshiped the stargates, while Time^Travellers used them as navigation doors. It depends on one's inner perspective.

The navigation paths for independent Time^Travellers were used to balance shifts of emotion off-world observers call energy-drains. This inner balance would activate a field around the traveller, protecting them from the astral parasitic emo's. The inner balance shield creates a frequency resonance emo's cannot penetrate. Various students of the dimensions have called this: love, awareness, silence, stillness or moving beyond thought [ego]. Embedded in planetary worlds emo's feed ego, and in return ego feeds emo's.

Emo's are fragmented astral parasites, floating in sub-space just outside the spectrum of physical space. They are the last fragments to shatter from an ego personality at death. Emo's are not living creatures, they are pieces of memory, fragments of psychic attachment, obsession, desire, fear and sorrow. Emo's are the creation of thought, and like the HAL 9000 in Kubricks 2001 - A Space Odyssey, thought thinks it is alive.

[End of Part One]