Thursday, July 9, 2009

Healers of Form

We had to clear the area...

Deep below the rock a schism had formed. The psychic scan showed that humans had forced the wound through some kind of anti-magic. We scanned back and found the group responsible.

A dark low density reptilian form had overlaid itself on what had once been a powerful light harmonic. This was a parasitic force, draining and feeding from the lowest point of the human psyche. It worked both ways - the parasitic human behaviour of those attracted to the location matched the astral entity rooted into the ancient Keltic settlement.

First the Roman Empire had destroyed the settlement, and later the elite had called the astral form from its low-density vibration, superimposing it on the material landscape. There it hid, for hundreds of years, feeding and strengthening the corrupting frequency that held mankind enslaved to its path.

We were a loose group of rebels, shifting in and out of the time location we had used to evade the disruption of earth. The serpent beings in our group were surprised to see the low density reptile take form. Not all serpent beings are dark, and they don't necessarily like each other.

Tzolkin and Bezhelah wanted to go straight in and destroy it; but our commander signalled his disapproval... and we all fell back to observe the creature taking form before us.

Athamheh moved forward and crouched to the ground, searching for a local point to scan for the reptilian's field parameters. The creature hesitated, hanging for a moment in a haze of dark sulphur that rose from the ground like smoke from a magic lantern gone wrong.

"It's not living," she said.

The Nordic commander of our group projected blue orgone orbs around the location and we began blasting the area with high intensity radiance. The dark projection wavered and weakened. The apparently solid form rippled into a grey-green steam. We continued to blast. The reptilian form was a projection, an illusion.

As the local area began to suck in Aether from the earth's magnetic field the dark apparition faded and dispersed. In its place a halo of light grew in intensity. The interdimensional fracture in the rock below closed and healed.

A bright figure began to emerge as the dark cloud dispersed into the night air. Cloaked in robes of light, hooded, with the antlers of a stag, the original force had returned. His antlers had become a symbolic crown of thorns, as the distortion took hold of the psyche of mankind. The light was made dark, the truth was cloaked in lies.

They drew on the darkest, lowest vibration - itself a slave to the thoughts of living beings who would give it semi-material form on the surface of the planet. The disorder of man became entangled in the low-density vibration, and the two came to depend on each other for life and form.

The figure of light faded into the local field as we withdrew into our own dimension zone. The planet was transforming itself quicker than we had first realised.

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