Thursday, May 7, 2009

Futures Hidden In The Leaves

It is May 7 2009...
Independent T^Travellers observe all that surrounds them in the moment, as the manifestation of what is reveals the location and the unique Story within that location [acknowledging that all time and space are connected]. 

The sun sets in the West as the silver moon rises low in the East. The air is warm and the cloudless sky is pale blue. The small white blossoms of the Acacia trees begin to open. There is not a breeze to be felt - the trees are completely still. As the light of the Sun withdraws, the light of the Moon grows brighter. The black crows feed their chicks inside the large nest, poised on the church steeple high above the blossoming Acacia trees.

Independent T^Travellers navigate in the now, they apply their observations to an ancient cycle. In this way T^Travellers stay in tune with the original source code origins, as static civilisations draw lines on the shifting sands of time: day one, day two, day three... although Fibonacci observes 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 ...

Is the moon floating, or is something mysterious pulling it? In the distant past there was no moon rotating around the earth and in the future perhaps the moon no longer exists (as people see it now).

As the sun was setting, the forest birds were singing. Perhaps their songs are the real Story. The tall trees were silent. On the forest floor small frail seedlings grew among fallen branches, extending out of a bed of leaves. The small trees seemed to appear out of chaos. Under the dry leaves a rich soil feeds the next generation of plant life.

The Sun, the Moon, the forest floor, the trees and the echoing songs of unseen birds emerge out of the unseen ground of being. Behind all that is vibrations of sound, colour and light mix together - matching the vibrations of The Phenomenon. Magnetic, Sacred Geometric forms combine and recombine in resonant sequences Fibonacci could see. Or does the song of birds sing the unseen into our minds?

When an Independent T^Traveller observes a branch, a leaf, a tree, a flower or a crystal, they see the unseen sequence of growth that underlies reality. The flight of the moon, the rising and setting sun, the air pressure, the flow of water and air all relate a sequence of movement so subtle that the mind has to be incredibly sensitive to observe it. .. Interesting!