Sunday, July 4, 2010

2110 Soul Spill Technology

"Here comes another one!" .. " BeeP .. B**P .. BeeP ..

The pulse beam signalled entity "soul-spill" positive as a red target lit up on the indigo-blue holographic crystal. It was April 20, 2110 - location: North of the Gulf Coast .. landmass .. dramatically changed from the April 2010 timezone.

"Okay, there's more than one .. " BeeP .. B**P .. "The primary soul-spill entity is attempting to incarnate in a soul-vehicle across on the plateau."

"Yeh! I have them!" BeeP .. B**P .. "The others are almost dead .. they don't have the frequency to inhabit physical time-space .. we have to focus on the primary spill .. "

BeeP .. B**P .. BeeP ..

The soul cleanup operators quickly dispersed orgone field orbs to the primary location. The radiant blue orbs located into the zone faster than thought. The blue orgone orbs began a random pattern of dispersion as the weaker dying semi-human entities fled the high concentration of orgone radiation.

"This guy's not moving! Can you see who he is?"
"Yeh! I have him! He's come back to the crime scene .. the anti-rotation is what is driving him now. They don't have much more energy .. "

The soul-spill entities were linked to the "event-field" as they reacted to a radical spirit cleanup that would last another 1,133 years. The predator entities were no longer human, as they attempted to spill into the already incarnate human birth forms. The soul-presence cleanup teams had the technology to predict and scan prime areas for dead-soul entity predator spills leaking into Earth reality.

There was a procedure in place to keep soul-spill entities out of 3D Earth [post 2066]. The red target began to fade as the orgone orbs intensified the protective sweep of their beams.

Beep .. B**P .. bee .. pee .. b .. p .. silence ..

The indigo blue crystal oscillators returned to their radiant form. On every continent across the planet the human spirits inhabiting 3D form on planet Earth could now protect their existence from parasitic entity spills. The last of the planetary parasites were fading and dying, unable to replenish by entering the more vulnerable material reality from which they fed.

The spirit technology was so effective that the future of the Earth was moving into a higher sphere of existence .. it was (it is) essential for any planetary civilization to protect itself from parasitic entities and dying soul entities.

There was initially a theory that the black ghouls seeping up from the underworld were rotting, decaying souls, created by the extreme pressure of corruption and layers of greed. However, it soon became apparent that this was not a natural formation. Remote Seers located the spill origins as the entities were seen to replenishing themselves through a time distortion fracture. The parasitic entity souls were artificially fed back into the primary 3D reality through some alien technology built by the enemies of mankind.

The primary orgone field technology returned to planet Earth once natural communications were extended between the spirit worlds and the material world of man.