Friday, November 5, 2010

Le Morte d'Arthur

Knights of the round table - the sword in the stone - Arthurian legend - magic - mystery and betrayal - the lady of the lake - the spirit realms - Le Morte d'Arthur .. we had traveled back in time from 2111 .. seeking a legend that had been haunting us in our dreams.

Our society was highly advanced [technologically] .. with interplanetary travel, interdimensional travel and guidance from realms beyond physical time-space. Over a thousand year's of upheaval on planet Earth had created balance, as the planet was reforming it's 3D structure in harmony with the higher energy of the spirit worlds.

Planetary societies existed on all continents as new human habitations began to inhabit the lands which had arisen from the oceans .. Our Remote Seeing teams had been some of the first groups to set foot on the Atlantic New-Isle/Lands, and we were blown away with the active information flowing into our body/minds as we walked across the 'unknown lands'.

That was when the strange dreams began to haunt our Remote Seeing teams .. the strange Arthurian dreams .. filled with Celtic symbols and designs. Filled with the energy of those Celtic symbols and designs.

It was helpful to view the Wiki "Le Morte d'Arthur", from 2010 .. and to see the various expansions of the tales of Arthur across the ages; but we were not interested in his death - we were interested in his energy signature.

We returned to Celtic Arthurian Mythology, where we discovered the source of our strange dreams. Far below us, etched across the landscape of ancient Europe, dolmens, stone circles, henges, standing stones and earth-mounds identified the 3D perspective of the spirit of 'Arthur'.

Arthur's round table was the circular orbit of constellations crossing the (K)night skies. The (K)nights of the round table were the seasonal constellations rotating in perfect harmony around the shared (balanced) circular Arthurian table.

From the Orkney Isles to Southern Spain the Gauls, Picts, Celts and Vikings identified with the mystery of the Arthurian Legend .. as we entered the key location identified as the time-zone area of our strange dreams, we discovered Arthur's ancient source .. The source of our dreams.

Arthur Pendragon from Bootes .. we arrived in Earth European time-space November 2010, where we began our research undetected by the watchers of Earth ..

Dea Artio was a Gaulish Bear Goddess of the Continental Celts. There are inscriptions in reference to the goddess found in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and also Gaul ( France ). Her name is derived from the re-constructed proto - Celtic root word - arto meaning bear. Her name literally means The Bear Goddess. She was considered a goddess of harvest, fertility and wildlife. The Autumn season was considered her time because a female bear usually conceives in the Autumn season and spends her hibernation time being pregnant.

We extracted the information and left .. it seemed that Arthur was based on an earlier Celtic Goddess who gave birth to Gaulish and Celtic Europe, before the male dominance era categorised by Rome spead across the region.