Thursday, December 9, 2010

We Are Time Travellers

The old man was Native American. He appeared like a haze coming out of warm desert sands. Only, it was winter in Northern Europe and the tree branches were covered in snow... Behind him we saw a group of elder men and women.. they were not Native Americans.

One form looked like Druid Merlin in robes of green and white, a woman looked like the ancient depiction of a Hindu Goddess. The many nations people stood so close together we could not make out all nations features in the desert haze.

It was clear that all nations were represented. Wise men and woman from African, Arabian, Indonesia, Japan and China. All stood silent as the Native American walked towards us.

My eyes were drawn to the group of spirits. They danced like a giant flame, looking almost like ancient drawings of Confucius, Zen Masters, Aboriginal beings, Hieroglyphic and Celtic in nature... "We are not spirits," said the old man, "we are time travellers."

He told us of the prophecies passed to mankind over the most difficult periods on Earth. There had been other cultures, other civilisations .. all had died their own death, their warnings dying with them.

"You may find their houses of stone deep under the oceans," said the old Native American, "but you will not understand their writings or their story."

The old master told us that their story was not our story. We came from another time. We were born into our own time. We did not grow from the previous destructions. We appeared on Earth long after the others disappeared. This was more than a different Age, this was a different species.

We had been given many warnings over the centuries. The trail ahead was determined by the trail we took.. the future is now.. The masters of time wove back and forwards to guide us through our mistakes and warn us of dangers ahead, teaching us navigation skills along the way.

It is not the physical body that is learning these skills, but the soul.

"We are time travellers," he said. As he appeared to morph forms right in front of our eyes.

Did we see an owl or was it Thoth? Did he appear to change into a tree or was it a dragon? Did he take the form of a cloud or was it a heron? And why did they tell us this now? In 2010?

Behind the Native American elder an oval doorway crossed from horizon to horizon.

"The human form is simply a manifestation from that source," he said raising his arms in communion with the source, just as his ancestors had done all across the Great Plains.

They were time travellers.. but they were much simpler and more complex than us..