Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Leprechaun Elixir

"I'll drink to that!" said the Leprechaun dancing on my head...
"Let's have a little dram!"
"Ouch!" I shouted .. "That's my head your treadin' on Mr. Leprechaun."
"Just call me Shamus!" he shouted as he pulled a small gold flask out of his belt.
"Don't you mean Seamus?" I asked, hoping he would not bop me on the head.
"Sure, that too..." was all he said, in reply.

Oh! How can I see the golden flask when he is right on top of my head?
"It's magic," said Shamus, "magic!"
"Could you get off my head if you are goin' to drink a dram."
I asked, trying to sound polite.
"An' what ar' ye afraid of?" asked the small Leprechaun.
"Surely, not of a little dram!"

"Sure! What if you get drunk and affect my crown chakra!" I said trying not to sound worried.

At that, Shamus laughed so hard he almost fell off my head .. I felt him tug at the back of my hair as he caught himself; but he did not stop laughing. I tried not to get a headache and like a cat who has fallen off a wall, I tried to appear calm and dignified.

"An, what is this with yer whining?" asked the Leprechaun tugging on my hair.
"Hey, stop disturbing my crown charkra up there! I could lose my enlightenment!"

Shamus just laughed and took a drink from his gold flask...

Oh! No! Knowing the reputation of Leprechauns with their music, dancing and drinking .. it had to be a good dram of whiskey he was drinking down. What influence on my mind would a drunk Leprechaun have - I dreaded to think.

Shamus laughed out loud as I waited for a crown chakra equivalent of a hangover; but instead of that I began to understand...
"What are you drinking?" I asked sheepishly.
"Spirits," said the Leprechaun.
"What kind of SPIRITS?" I asked.
"Haha .. It's an ELIXIR, don't ya know!!" was all he said.
"You mean it's not Irish whiskey?" I asked.

The Leprechaun did not answer, he simply took another dram from his gold flask and then he put back the top and carefully tucked the flask back into his black belt.

From way far away I heard: Elixir was an important part of the Philosopher's Stone, used by alchemists to transmute base metals into gold. Generally, this is not to be confused with the more powerful Leprechaun's dram, which was considered an act of fluid magic in the more fixed 3D world. The Leprechaun's dram remains a secret until today despite attempts by the church to extract and steal their green magic...