Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Little Leprechauns With Green Hats

Oh! No! Now they are attacking, 'little men in green hats' !!

"Ah! Haha.. " laughed Seamus the Leprechaun... "and how do you think those fat humans look from our world? Don't ya know!" he added with a smile.

"I don't know how they look, cos I'm here.." I answered. "Look at the trouble you got me in, you little Leprechaun .. now they are going to say I am taking things called substances." I said as he laughed with a back flip roll.

The Leprechaun, all dressed in green and wearing a black hat, tumbled a triple back somersault and landed on top of my head. Like an ancient Japanese Zen Master he liked to bop me on the head whenever I wasn't paying attention.

"Look at them now! Blabbering about somethin' they don't have a clue about!" Said Seamus laughing.

I had to admit the Little Leprechaun was right. The Catholic and other religious belief priests of the 'established order' common-day-propaganda really were simply following a set system of controls established as the energy cycle fell to its lowest order.

"An' what have you ever takin' in yer entire life?" asked the little Leprechaun.
"Nothing! Not-a-thing," I answered... "but who is going' to believe me!"

Yep! He was right! I was born like this. I had no choice in the matter...
Well, that is not exactly true! I did have a choice .. and I refused to turn my back on the forces of nature who gave birth to my spirit and who gave me a home on this Earth.

With the established religious hierarchy spreading across the entire world, colonizing one culture after the next .. destroying unique cultural perception over thousands of years .. the lowest point was established with the spread of the Roman Empire expanding cultural genocide across the Planet.

"There's nothin' yer can take on this entire Earth that would get the mind as close as ye' ar' .. " said Seamus the Leprechaun.

"An' sure they are gonna try as much as they can .. " he continued, "But that is what religion is, it's a drug alterin' the mind's O' people."

Yep! The Leprechaun was right, sure enough! They are more addicted to their conflicts than they are to peace. Each human family fighting the next, addicted to the adrenaline drug of division, opposition and conflict.

"But! Ya know! It's all fear.. " said Seamus .. "Each human family does not see that the other is themselves and that nature is the key... "

"And what is it they are all afraid of?" I asked.

"Truth!" said the Leprechaun .. and he wasn't laughing at all!