Saturday, December 31, 2011

Leprechauns .. & Lots of Them

It was December 31st, 2011 .. and I was dreaming of leprechauns .. lots of them... I thought to myself that my Scots and Irish ancestors must have been seein' these strange beings all the time .. an' way before I was born.

Since November I had not seen nor heard from Seamus .. and I thought that at last I was free from having a little leprechaun in a green jacket wearing a tall black hat landing with a bump on top of my head. Peace glorified .. until I saw him (and all of them) in my dreams.

The returning leprechauns were not out hiding in some old oak tree in the middle of a field .. but they were hiding in plain sight right in the middle of our human world.

People were wandering around with eyes to see the material world .. but in the dream all the humans were 'blind' and the leprechauns (who could see everything) were dancing and laughing .. unseen by humans in their dense and 'righteous' three dimensional world.

I woke up to an apartment filled with various sizes of leprechauns...

"Seamus!" I exclaimed, "what are you all doing here?!!"

"Haha! Hahaa!" cried Seamus .. "An' may the rainbow shine forever on your path... " he exclaimed.

"What ar' all these leprechauns doing in my apartment?"

"We ar' movin' in .. don't ya know!!"

"But don't we need fields, an' oak trees, an' special cairns .. with squirrels and acorns and maybe a mountain or two .. for leprechauns?" I asked.

I mean .. it's embarrassing to have the magic people of the ancient world without having a magic setting. I always imagine something like out of Tolkien's Lord of The Rings, with Hobbits and Elves and Wizards.

Well, Seamus jumped right bang on the crown chakra of my head.

"An' where do we all live?" he asked.

"On the Earth?" I answered sheepishly.

"An' where does the Earth live?" asked Seamus.

That was a tough one .. where does the Earth live? How should I know where the Earth lives?!!

Seamus did not wait for me to answer the question.

"The Earth lives in yer heart..." was all he said.