Saturday, December 3, 2011

Shift In Frequency

A shift in frequency is all it took...

By 2150 we were already accomplished in various levels of time travel.

Still, no one could figure out who was watching us use the "corridors of time" ...

We would catch a glimpse of them out of the corner of our eyes. Tall beings, cloaked in long grey robes or sometimes rarely in robes of translucent light. Their robes of light did not shine brightly; but appeared to shimmer faintly, merging the beings with the walls of the vortex we were using.

No one felt comfortable seeing a glimpse of the silent observers.

At that time we were like reckless children, running through a tunnel for a dare to show we were not scared. Once inside the tunnel, we carried all our fears with us - no matter where we went.

A shift in frequency is all it took...

I thought of myself as being pretty advanced. We were an elite team using an organic technology to travel instantly through time and space. Looking back at our primitive ancestors of the 20th Century, we could not imagine anything worse than living through that chaotic time. We avoided contact with them just so as not to get contaminated by their insanity.

We were unaware that embedded in the corridors of time are future and past axis that meet, and there stand the silent watchers - those forgotten timeless sentinels of our soul journey.

We call it a time-glitch. I was thrown back to December 2011 .. an era we tried to avoid, because of the powerful vortices merging into a new cosmic cycle. The ending of the old cycle and the beginning of the new cycle has a fifty year disruption range either side of 2012. I knew where I was, because it showed on my watch.

I knew I was looking at myself. These are strange facets of time travel hard to explain. Crows were playing in the turbulent air, the day was overcast... the scene was familiar.

That was all it took. I was instantly back in the corridor returning to my destination.

I knew then I was finished. I would no longer be used for the elite team. The old teams warned us about "meetings". Those glitches that could change our understanding in less than a nano-second.

A shift in frequency is all it took...

Once it hits you .. you are never the same .. animals, fish and other creatures inhabit a defined band of frequencies; but humans inherited the ability to shift across a wide band of frequencies. The DNA in relation to the spirit could rise to the highest frequencies or could fall to the lowest levels. It was all vibratory levels.

By 2150, our fear of certain zones was the chaos and contamination of conflicting vibratory levels. Human populations en mass were inhabiting extreme zones of differing frequency. A shift in frequency is all it took to create balance.

On returning I was moved to a new unit I did not know existed...

The Watchers, silently observed the corridors of time, protecting our shared "future".