Monday, February 13, 2012

Free of Entanglements

Lama sky first appeared .. well .. in the sky!

He was a robust figure dressed (for convenience) in Tibetan robes.

Lama sky had been teaching me most of my life, without me knowing it.

Lama sky stood there in the sky, looking down. Behind him an oval shaped portal seemed to shimmer out of sight. He looked like one of the giant people who could walk on air, from ancient times.

Lama sky had entered the Earth field through the OM portal. He floated down through space like a seed from the spiritual Bodhi tree. The great tree of the universe.

Lama sky bowed his head and extended one arm.

"Let me introduce you to, Lama snowflake... " he said.

A small bright light came floating towards me. A blinding flash closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes a tiny woman floated before me dressed in white, covered in silk robes of ultramarine and turquoise blue.

"Snowflake Lama may appear small, because her power is so great," said Lama sky, "She does not speak - otherwise her voice would fill the whole sky."

Lama snowflake smiled and slightly bowed her head...

With style, speed and agility Lama snowflake quickly made a series of what seemed like advanced Kung Fu moves. A snowflake formed, as endless branches extended from its center. Soon the snowflake filled the whole sky. Tangled icy branches thickened and repeated until I could no longer see Lama sky.

"These are the entanglements a human beings gathers to themselves throughout their lives," said Lama sky.

The branches of entanglement grew and grew until that was all there was. Everything else had been obliterated by their unending growth.

Lama snowflake peeked her head through the middle of the ice and smiled.

Instantly the entanglements were gone, the snowflakes disappeared and I could see Lama sky again.

Lama snowflake bowed slightly as she floated to the left shoulder of Lama sky.

"Just as Lama snowflake created the extension of entanglements from her essential core energy," said Lama sky, "So do all humans create never ending entanglements from their Qi source energy .. lifetime after lifetime."

"But with a bit of practice... " I heard, as Lama sky and Lama snowflake began to fade into the morning sky... "With a bit of practice, you can smile away all those entanglements created and maintained by one tiny source inside you."

... The morning was cold and it began to snow. Soon the roofs of the houses and the branches of the trees were covered in tiny white snowflakes. Large fluffy crystals floated down from the sky above.

Drifting between the free floating clouds of snow were greyish clouds, not to be seen with the naked eye. The more entanglements a person bred from their Qi source energy, the more afraid they were. Eventually, the morning snow melted - and yet the grey clouds of fragmented Qi remained.

Time travel is impossible, unless you are free of entanglements.
[Taoist discourse on Remote Viewing and Time Travel Skills]