Thursday, May 24, 2012

Time^Traveller's Dilemma

Our souls evolve across the illusion of space and time...

Just as a bird leaves the nest and flies - through instinct - into the unknown .. and a baby tiger stalks through the grass of thousands of years .. and a small baby dolphin swims close to its mother .. and where a tiny mouse crawls after its mother into unperceived dangers .. so do humans enter the vast unpredictable Time^ Travellers dilemma of Quantum Space.


The wolf creates the man .. and the man creates ... ??

I was White Wolf long before the white man reached our shores...

Native Americans [the children of Atlantis], respected the wolf, the coyote, the wild cats and the bobcat. Native people knew that their inner inheritance came from the spiritual evolution of Spirit through the ages. They respected us, because we are the foundation of their progressions.

When the arrow pierced my white wolf heart .. I gave myself .. to the void.

Time^Traveller's Dilemma
Who can you trust, if you cannot trust yourself?

In the dark of the night, I crouched as a Ninja...

Who can you trust, if you cannot trust yourself?

The Ninja's of Japan grew from an unknown ancient source.

Did I know then that I was a Time^Traveller? I doubt it!!

All I knew was the agility of my past incarnation as White Wolf...

Our animal brothers and sisters live inside us .. lifetime after lifetime. Does this make us any less than we are?

I paused to consider why it is that I was able [as a Ninja] to command such incredible superhuman powers!!

As White Wolf I was a male .. as my Ninja incarnation .. I was a female .. the Universe balances itself as Quantum reality.

Who is right and who is wrong?

As White Wolf, I brought food back to the wolf pack. I fed future generations of my animal wolf tribe. As a Ninja, I learned to know what is right and what is wrong in the more advanced human world of man. We were part of an ancient culture - far beyond the knowledge of mankind as it exists now.

Can you travel through time and know who you are?

Sure you can...

Apply it!