Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Forge Knives

Close to my body...
I never let the knife out of my sight!

We forge knives .. nous forgeons couteaux .. againn sceana bhrionnú .. forjar ganivets .. Watashitachiha naifu o gizō .. vi skabe knive .. Wǒmen ruìyì dāo .. labanak Agorregi dugu.

Close to my body .. is the knife I forged .. with my own mind.

It was year 2121, 21st of June [Earth orbit time] .. anti-gravity was a reality for our time-zone. Floating ships-of-light hovered high within Planet Earth's gravitational fields. Yes! Gravity fields! Plural...

I climbed to the top of Mesa Verde, followed by my friends.

Close to my body .. is the knife I forged .. each one of us .. we had secretly forged our own knives... Renegades in time .. guided by our ancient Ancestors!

I was 13 years old when I forged my first carbon steel knife blade .. an unknown and ancient technology lost to future technologically advanced generations on Planet Earth 2121.

Quantum computers and advanced robotics did everything for us humans. You could say, we are the perfect society. Something you humans in 2012 could only dream of .. and yet...

I was a high-level Quantum computer engineer .. trained by my society to build, program and repair our highly advanced technological socio-adaptive science. But, secretly .. my passion... I held close to my body.

Close to my body, I never let the blade out of my sight!

Following behind me, a long trail of highly advanced men and women climbed to the top of Mesa Verde.

It was 2121 .. and yet each one of us carried .. close to our bodies .. blades we forged ourselves!

Lifetime after lifetime, we forged the blades of our souls.

I reached back my hand to pull my friend up over the loose stones and sand.

I had forged a strong blue carbon steel Celtic European blade .. my friend had forged an elegant short Damascus, Kanetsune Yuh, Japanese Tanto with 15 layers of folded Japanese Aogami Blue steel.

I pulled my friend up to the next plateau of our journey together, one hundred and eleven of us travelled together on this path towards the ridge...

Ahead of us and behind us were dark obsidan hand knapped blades, ancient agate knives from pre-paleolithic times .. we had done it all .. we knew it all. Stone tools, tucked away into tight fitting pockets. Some of us had travelled back in time to pick up Mammoth Ivory Damascus, lock folding Old Pompe, Callejon forged knives, La Tène blades and primitive stone cutting tools...

Why ... ?

Because across the invisible sands of time, we made them - ourselves!

It was forbidden, of course, to extract artifacts from ancient times...
As renegades, we did it anyway!

Close to my body is the knife that I forged .. lifetime after lifetime.

Was it your hand who knapped the small white agate stone blade lying in the dusty sands of Grand Canyon? Did you beat the rough copper blade before man knew how to cut a fine metal edge? Does it matter if you hand knapped a sharp obsidian cutting edge .. or if you forged a fine metal blade from the sweat of your ancient mind?

So, we hid our blades well in 2121, guided by the strange and elusive Masters, The Invisible Guides.

We forge knives... across the ancient and elusive spirit sands of time.

Know your deep Katana path! Lifetime after lifetime!
[Taoist discourse on Remote Viewing and Time Travel Skills]