Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunlight Reflected On The Oceans

Sparkling light sends out rays that no one sees...

"Wake up, little one..."

Rays of light shimmer across deep blue waters.

"Wake up .. wake up..."

Sunlight ripples on the surface of the oceans waves.

"Don't you hear me?" ... "Wake up..."

A large wave crashes onto the shore .. the bright sand soaks water .. wake up !!

"Oh! I'm sorry... "

"I'm sorry, Master .. please forgive me!"

"What were you dreaming - little one?"

"Why! Nothing! I wasn't dreaming... Please forgive me Master!"

"The Tao is endless and so .. why not dream!"

Sunlight sparkled on the surface of the sea. Wave after wave rolled onto the sandy shore. The Sun shimmered in waving lines across the wet sand as the ocean waves receded. Everything on our world depends on the sea.

"What were you dreaming of, little one?"

The surface of the ocean reflected onto my blue eyes.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep, Master!"

Each wave rolled across the sand and receded. All reflecting light.

"What did you dream of, little one?" he asked.

How can a child know truth, when those around us do not? I bowed my head and closed my eyes. I tried to hide my dreams deep, deep beneath the ocean waves, like the sea cockles and clams buried and hidden deep under the sandy shore.

I did not want to insult my Masters, and so I hid my secret treasure deep beneath the ocean.

"What did you dream little one?" he asked.

"I .. I .. dreamt of the ocean..."

"I saw the sunlight reflected on the surface of the sea."

"And where were you?" he asked.

"I was not .. there was only the vast ocean and the sunlight."

"Then, how did you see both water and the Sun?" he asked.

How did I see both water and the Sun? "I don't know!"

"Consciousness is like sunlight reflected on the ocean of my mind."

"Buddha protect you child... The sea is all consciousness .. timeless .. and the reflected sunlight is awareness. Now, waken up from your dreams," he said.

"May Buddha bless you..."