Friday, December 14, 2012

Sacred Mountain

"Sacred mountain...
All of the Earth is sacred!"

I was born! Inside sacred mountains!

All of the mountains are pure! I remember!

Sacred mountains! Nature! Purity! Truth!

My ancestors came from the mountains .. lived in the pure mountains. Inside my blood .. inside my heart .. inside my DNA. All I know is the purity of the mountains. Both harsh and beautiful .. the mountains are my life.

Many lifetimes .. lifetime after lifetime .. there are mountains inside my DNA. Pure, tranquile, dangerous and enlightening. They are absorbed into my being and I am absorbed into them.

Sacred mountain!

Then! One time being born .. there are no real mountains!

Where am I?

Who am I .. without their presence?

Still .. I had a family who drove to the mountains .. very far away. We drove and drove... To arrive!

I felt sick inside the city .. I felt healthy in the mountains! It only took a few hours to feel enlightened .. to know/feel who I am. In the mountains, days turned to weeks and long term enlightenment.

Perhaps, for a Time^Traveller, ability and balance comes from inner cohesion through developing outer empathy and understanding of inner and outer nature.

Did the mountains test me?

I wanted to stay only there .. deep in Nature .. close to my own being .. close to the source .. close to home. I focused on the mountains .. planned my future .. planned my escape from base human society. I would only live in the mountains! Be alone!

But! That was not to be!

Then came the dreaded day .. the day I did not foresee...

I returned to the mountains to ask for "guidance".

In a way I was arrogant .. confident .. the mountains were part of me .. part of my future! They would talk with me .. teach me .. show me the way and protect me. I was part of them and they were part of me.

The mountains were my future...

When you ask for Guidance .. be sure of your inner direction.

I admit! I was arrogant! Sure of myself!

I would live in the mountains .. I was ready!

When the mountains told me the path .. the way .. I cried.

The mountains did not show me many paths .. they showed me one path.

They did not show me alternatives .. they showed me "what is".

Hey! Little human! Time to grow up!

Whaat ?? !!

You have got to be kidding !!

Sacred mountain in my heart ... ??

Yeh! That was the way it was ,,,

I was headed back to the mountains in the same time they were headed to me. We met somewhere in the middle. I was part of them and they were part of me. The mountains kicked me out when I was ready!

Humans are part of Nature and Nature is part of humans!

We learn to serve rather than to dominate.

Sacred mountain teaches Time^Travellers over millions of years.

How to live, The Way of the Tao.