Saturday, April 12, 2008

Biological Time^Travel

The winter was mild and dry, very little frost and no snowfall. The winter temperatures were not so cold, considering that many other parts of the world were receiving heavy snowfalls, extended blizzards and extremely cold freezes. There is a vortex here that generally maintains a sort of micro-climate. Severe storms can rage all round this area, and yet something deflects the severe weather from this small oasis. The storms swirl around the magnetic outer layer of the vortex. There is a small, but central field where the vortex turns. If you think your weather is local, there is no local weather... The weather systems are governed and guided by key vortices. These giants create the local weather systems. There are primary and secondary vortices and all are linked to the Sun.

The almond shaped portal of light opened inside the primary violet coloured vortex. Two figures seemed to merge with the inner light portal. Behind the secondary portal the night stars filled the sky. People are born and people die, but few of us realise the inner hardware and connections we have to the universe.

Born into a 19th, 20th and 21st Century paranormal matrix type belief/dependence in technology (masculine in nature), means that few people on Earth realise the true bio-tech resonance integrated within the human energy field.

The desire to create an external time travel technology applies partly to interactions with other life forms who lack the abilities earth humans have (by birth). What can they do? They can only build what they build, an extrnal passage with little understand of the internal passage. They lend us this external technology paradigm, which does not suit us.

Independent Time^Travellers do not rely on this external extraterrestrial technology. This is because the inner light knows immediately what is true and what is false. We do not need to build a technological field to travel in time. The ability is encoded into our imagination, and what is imagination other than the skill of manifesting our dreams within the physical-material sphere of existence.

The biology of Time^Travel is equal to the skill of movement without resistance.

Thought can be used to build the most complex technological devices (based on material substance recognition), but thought itself cannot bridge the dimensions. Ultimately all Time^Travellers come to realise that the physical/material is an illusion. Ships of light appear and disappear within the vortex. Who is to say they are material. Perhaps they are our own future, travelling within the inner vortex of light. A superiour biological technology of the higher mind.